Thursday, December 18, 2008

What a week!

Well, its only been about a week since I was gone from the blogging world yet... so much has happened.. and although I was away from rambling about the world and Malaysia in particular, I was never far away from a copy of newspaper or my tiny device that I use to read news... sometimes I feel that am getting old, the fonts seem "blur"... haha..

Now with some breathing space in between now and Christmas, am feeling Christmasy but sadly the events lately shows that we are far from it. Top of my mind was... guys, remember the guy? Nick Leeson? The famous one man that brought down Barings Bank with his rogue trades? What we have heard these few days probably made Leeson's folly to be a kids stuff... Bernard Madoff. I mean, how can one man command USD50billion worth of funds? Maybe his resume is impressive, but while it is understandable that gullible Malaysians will fall prey to "get rich quick" schemes, it is unthinkable for international banks to fall for the same or rather more impressive scheme helmed by the ex-boss of Nasdaq? If the financial market has not suffered enough, one man himself commanding the funds more than enough to save US automotive industry! And considering the fact that Washington is debating for weeks on a USD30+billion rescue package, we then hear of one man squandering USD50billion.

Then while all that has been happening, outgoing President Dodge Bush... dodged a pair of size 10. I bet my bottom dollar that Bush was the star dodge ball player in his days!

Closer to home, we have the MACC and JAC bills that has caused much concern to Malaysians. While I think the MACC was a commendable effort, the JAC reeks of about the same shit in different pail. The executive still holds power in appointments over the judiciary? I rest my case. Many people have talked about it and it sounds stale, so I let the others talk about it while I try bitching about other matters... let me put on my thinking cap to see what else I can bitch on and return later... for now, I just need a break, its been a rollercoaster week and my body is screaming out for a break!!!


Calvin Soo KJ said...

alas....been waiting for your latest post. ive been wanting to post on the same issue for the last 2 days. i just cannot imagine a solo act laundering USD50b thru a somewhat pyramid scheme. maybe bush got his hands dirty as well, trying to give the hell of a time to obama before signing off. and im done bitching about malaysian politics..end of story, close the book, skip to the next chapter.... :)

anyways, i tried to put your blog into my blogroll but tak boleh lar. dont know why. everytime it comes out feedburner....damn frustrating.

Malaysian Joe said...

uik? why lidat? it should be just my url shld do the job.. :(. anw.. am a dungu when it comes to IT.. literally.. LOL..

yeah that 50bil got me stumped... and for it to happen in the US.. remembered a talk I attended.. when the speaker talked about Prime Loans = good loans.., sub prime = bad loans and these monkeys in US are exporting it.

Anonymous said...

Hohoho... back for good ah? :-P Anyway, I really need to thank you lah, Kevin. If not because of your blog, I wouldn't know Aunt Iris. She's such a nice lady and helped me alot by just being there for me during my rainy days. LOL.

Hmm... talk about Bush... he was in military, is he not? That is why he dodge the shoes so effectively. Salute tht feller la... can dodge so well. Anyway I wonder how much that pair of shoes is worth now? Must be millions. History item lehhh...

Malaysian Joe said...

Hopefully its for good.. :).

But as usual the rush up to CNY, gotta manage stock building and stock dispensation is optimized. Tough life ahead. After that its our audit... then a few months of breather.. hopefully before going back into 3rd quarter build up and 4th quarter blitz... bla bla bla... life goes on.

Anonymous said...

I know the busy shits... CNY coming need to work harder so that can extort money for boss so that can afford to feed outlaws and the family and devils who is lurching for our angpows... DAMN!