Saturday, May 23, 2009

So... has the dust settled in Perak?

Anwar cry foul.... here

Disappointed but not surprising.. well.. yeah... the result would go no other way.. with the bench selected by the powers in BN themselves... how would one expect the judiciary to bite the hand that fed them?

BN would claim the courts have made them legal...

Well the charade is over but some glaring issues were raised... I found this article in Malaysiakini rather interesting.. here

Decision on sultan's 'absolute power' unprecedented

Humayun Kabir | May 23, 09 3:39pm
The Court of Appeal judgment giving the sultan absolute power to dismiss the menteri besar is setting a dangerous precedent for a non-elected monarch to dismiss an elected head of state without going through the process of the state legislative assembly, said Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin’s lawyer.

If only the political commentators take a little longer and think a little deeper, the answer to why the BN government is allowing all these to happen is pretty much a simple deduction.. would it not?

After all the years of the old man stifling the Monarchy... today, BN is turning to the very folks that they have been trying to silence to prop them up and keep them in power... why?

Why are they forcing the courts to go against the constitution?

To me, its a straight forward and simple purpose...

See, BN will lose power in the next GE.. or they would perceive they will.. but their warchest runs into billions of ringgit which is most capable of inducing some elected legislators to don the frog suit.... hence, in future, the monarchy and the courts will be called into action again to keep BN in power... how? Just as how they have done it in Perak. Believe me, it will be re-enacted in Malaysia after the 13GE if BN were to lose power and marginal enough for them to buy over some frogs and would go the same route of getting the King to declare that the PM have lost confidence of the majority and have reinstated the leader of Umno back to the seat of power. Just as the Perakians have lost their voice due to the monarchy and judiciary... Malaysians will lose their voice in the same manner a few years from today.

True, that the predecent set is a very dangerous one, but, BN will stop at nothing to keep themselves in power. Pakatan, I hope you all know what you have set yourselves up for in the next GE. Be prepared.... and Malaysians... it has to be ONE voice and by that I do not mean the 1Malaysia that our PM is proposing... its ONE Voice to tell BN.. ENOUGH!... NOW.. GET OUT! convincingly.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

From Mat Cemerlang to ....

Police have said it. HERE

Mat Rempit are no longer Mat Cemerlang... instead they have a less glamourous name to go by... Samseng Jalanan... or road thugs.

How fast things have turned around... is it a good thing?

Well until I see these "road thugs" being cleared off the roads on weekend nights, I will still think that all the police do is cakap only.. and the best they can do is hide at one blind spot and catch motorist who committed a very very minor traffic offence... easy ma... no need to chase.. just step out and STOP!

While I still see these "road thugs" still rule the road with impunity.... while Police cars drive idly by.. I am yet convinced that the cops are hell bent on eradicating this menace. In fact, they are more prone to arrest opposition politicians holding candlelight vigil than to go chasing after thugs. Easier ma.. no need to chase... oops.. am I repeating myself? Well, the signs are ominous.. look at their belly!

D Day for Nizar

Tomorrow, the Appeals Court will hear if Nizar is still the rightful MB of Perak after the illegal MB Mamak manage to get a stay on the High Court decision that ruled in Nizar's favour within 7 hours.. but poor Nizar will have to wait 10 days for his case to be heard.... welcome to Malaysia.

Many Malaysians will be hoping for a miracle tomorrow... whatever it is, Perakians suffer. I however do not hold out such hope.. knowing fully well of the capabilities of our judges... well, I would not generalize, lets just say majority of our judges... learned? Impartial? I reserve my own views on them.... when the former Lord President can't even seem to get it right what would you expect of people in the frame like Auguswine Paul?

Lets have a snap election for Perak! Lets have the frogs stand in their respective constituency under the banner of BN.. since they are BN friendly.... and since they have done so much for BN, BN should use their machinery to help campaign for them! And not shun them like lepers!

Najib must head the whole election task force for BN and not "delegate" it to his deputy. This is because he was the architect of the coup.. therefore, he should face the people and seek their mandate. Zambry... well he can be the kopi boy la for all I care.

Let the people of Perak CHOOSE! and END this madness ONCE AND FOR ALL!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Making sense of the Madness

I know.. I have been a bad bad boy.. have not been writing for some time. Maybe I have been procrastinating but to be honest, I really have to much to say until that I am lost for words.. really. Looking at the action in Perak in the last few days left me.... speechless.

First they drag Sivakumar out... my.. hardly befit the word CIVILIZED. I mean, of course with all the help of the supposedly impartial civil servants, they manage to evict Sivakumar from his seat.. literally and put on Ganeson as their speaker, so the BN proclaim that they have rightfully taken over power... in between, Hee aka The Biatch... told lies after lies.. I wonder if its symptomatic of flu caught on by frogs hogging over to BN. First she said, she pointed the hotel card card and not pepper spray... then when she was caught red handed, she has the audacity to say it was not hers... and that its really surprising that she could have conveniently mistaken the hotel key holder for a pepper spray, yet hold the pepper spray as a pepper spray should have been held... hmmm...

Want more joke on what this biatch said? Read The Star .. here.

IPOH: Yet another version has emerged of the so-called pepper spray incident during the Perak State Assembly that involves Jelapang assemblyman Hee Yit Foong.

This time she insisted that someone else had thrown the pepper spray and a hardcover edition of the standing orders at her during the fracas at last Thursday’s assembly.

“I thought it was a key ring but when I realised what it was, I was scared.

“I was shocked because this was not something that everyone could bring in (past the tight security). Only when the assembly was over did I dare leave the hall,” she said at a chaotic press conference at the state secretariat here yesterday.

When caught with her pants down.. I mean skirt down.. she told another story.. now WHO DA LIAR????

Now after all that, Zambry was declared the squatter MB.. and Nizar has been reinstated... Have you ever wondered why Justice Abdul Aziz is not a Tan Sri or Datuk or what not?

Today, the drama is set to unfold... now BN will appeal.. they will put a "friendlier" judge? All remain to be seen.. most of Federal Court judges are.... friendly tho...