Saturday, May 23, 2009

So... has the dust settled in Perak?

Anwar cry foul.... here

Disappointed but not surprising.. well.. yeah... the result would go no other way.. with the bench selected by the powers in BN themselves... how would one expect the judiciary to bite the hand that fed them?

BN would claim the courts have made them legal...

Well the charade is over but some glaring issues were raised... I found this article in Malaysiakini rather interesting.. here

Decision on sultan's 'absolute power' unprecedented

Humayun Kabir | May 23, 09 3:39pm
The Court of Appeal judgment giving the sultan absolute power to dismiss the menteri besar is setting a dangerous precedent for a non-elected monarch to dismiss an elected head of state without going through the process of the state legislative assembly, said Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin’s lawyer.

If only the political commentators take a little longer and think a little deeper, the answer to why the BN government is allowing all these to happen is pretty much a simple deduction.. would it not?

After all the years of the old man stifling the Monarchy... today, BN is turning to the very folks that they have been trying to silence to prop them up and keep them in power... why?

Why are they forcing the courts to go against the constitution?

To me, its a straight forward and simple purpose...

See, BN will lose power in the next GE.. or they would perceive they will.. but their warchest runs into billions of ringgit which is most capable of inducing some elected legislators to don the frog suit.... hence, in future, the monarchy and the courts will be called into action again to keep BN in power... how? Just as how they have done it in Perak. Believe me, it will be re-enacted in Malaysia after the 13GE if BN were to lose power and marginal enough for them to buy over some frogs and would go the same route of getting the King to declare that the PM have lost confidence of the majority and have reinstated the leader of Umno back to the seat of power. Just as the Perakians have lost their voice due to the monarchy and judiciary... Malaysians will lose their voice in the same manner a few years from today.

True, that the predecent set is a very dangerous one, but, BN will stop at nothing to keep themselves in power. Pakatan, I hope you all know what you have set yourselves up for in the next GE. Be prepared.... and Malaysians... it has to be ONE voice and by that I do not mean the 1Malaysia that our PM is proposing... its ONE Voice to tell BN.. ENOUGH!... NOW.. GET OUT! convincingly.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

From Mat Cemerlang to ....

Police have said it. HERE

Mat Rempit are no longer Mat Cemerlang... instead they have a less glamourous name to go by... Samseng Jalanan... or road thugs.

How fast things have turned around... is it a good thing?

Well until I see these "road thugs" being cleared off the roads on weekend nights, I will still think that all the police do is cakap only.. and the best they can do is hide at one blind spot and catch motorist who committed a very very minor traffic offence... easy ma... no need to chase.. just step out and STOP!

While I still see these "road thugs" still rule the road with impunity.... while Police cars drive idly by.. I am yet convinced that the cops are hell bent on eradicating this menace. In fact, they are more prone to arrest opposition politicians holding candlelight vigil than to go chasing after thugs. Easier ma.. no need to chase... oops.. am I repeating myself? Well, the signs are ominous.. look at their belly!

D Day for Nizar

Tomorrow, the Appeals Court will hear if Nizar is still the rightful MB of Perak after the illegal MB Mamak manage to get a stay on the High Court decision that ruled in Nizar's favour within 7 hours.. but poor Nizar will have to wait 10 days for his case to be heard.... welcome to Malaysia.

Many Malaysians will be hoping for a miracle tomorrow... whatever it is, Perakians suffer. I however do not hold out such hope.. knowing fully well of the capabilities of our judges... well, I would not generalize, lets just say majority of our judges... learned? Impartial? I reserve my own views on them.... when the former Lord President can't even seem to get it right what would you expect of people in the frame like Auguswine Paul?

Lets have a snap election for Perak! Lets have the frogs stand in their respective constituency under the banner of BN.. since they are BN friendly.... and since they have done so much for BN, BN should use their machinery to help campaign for them! And not shun them like lepers!

Najib must head the whole election task force for BN and not "delegate" it to his deputy. This is because he was the architect of the coup.. therefore, he should face the people and seek their mandate. Zambry... well he can be the kopi boy la for all I care.

Let the people of Perak CHOOSE! and END this madness ONCE AND FOR ALL!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Making sense of the Madness

I know.. I have been a bad bad boy.. have not been writing for some time. Maybe I have been procrastinating but to be honest, I really have to much to say until that I am lost for words.. really. Looking at the action in Perak in the last few days left me.... speechless.

First they drag Sivakumar out... my.. hardly befit the word CIVILIZED. I mean, of course with all the help of the supposedly impartial civil servants, they manage to evict Sivakumar from his seat.. literally and put on Ganeson as their speaker, so the BN proclaim that they have rightfully taken over power... in between, Hee aka The Biatch... told lies after lies.. I wonder if its symptomatic of flu caught on by frogs hogging over to BN. First she said, she pointed the hotel card card and not pepper spray... then when she was caught red handed, she has the audacity to say it was not hers... and that its really surprising that she could have conveniently mistaken the hotel key holder for a pepper spray, yet hold the pepper spray as a pepper spray should have been held... hmmm...

Want more joke on what this biatch said? Read The Star .. here.

IPOH: Yet another version has emerged of the so-called pepper spray incident during the Perak State Assembly that involves Jelapang assemblyman Hee Yit Foong.

This time she insisted that someone else had thrown the pepper spray and a hardcover edition of the standing orders at her during the fracas at last Thursday’s assembly.

“I thought it was a key ring but when I realised what it was, I was scared.

“I was shocked because this was not something that everyone could bring in (past the tight security). Only when the assembly was over did I dare leave the hall,” she said at a chaotic press conference at the state secretariat here yesterday.

When caught with her pants down.. I mean skirt down.. she told another story.. now WHO DA LIAR????

Now after all that, Zambry was declared the squatter MB.. and Nizar has been reinstated... Have you ever wondered why Justice Abdul Aziz is not a Tan Sri or Datuk or what not?

Today, the drama is set to unfold... now BN will appeal.. they will put a "friendlier" judge? All remain to be seen.. most of Federal Court judges are.... friendly tho...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dei.. Police.. Nothing better to do?

A couple of days back, we read of news in Penang that the police are now checking for pirated CD's or DVDs in vehicles at their roadblocks...

I was like.. eh.. no better thing to do ah? People getting mugged.. house being broken into... snatch theft on the rise, rapists are lording the streets and even their own are using C4 to blow people up. I was pretty disgusted really when I read the news... but today, they got better!


No joke! No need warrant! They knock, they barge in, find more than 3 DVDs and they fucking fine you and take you to jail!

Well, Malaysians.. do you want to unite and tell these flers to FUCK OFF? If they are really intent on making this their rice bowl, might as well, we, 99.99% of Malaysians surrender ourselves to the good folks of PDRM... as we all would have in our posession a few dozens of pirated DVDs and CDs. Only the good folks of PDRM will buy all original discs based on their honest day's work paycheck.

If the police were to arrest any Malaysian for this crime, I ask if any other fellow Malaysian will stand up and offer themselves to be JAILED as we too have sinned. We bought a DVD because the price of an original DVD is sooooo FUCKING expensive that I cannot afford to get the originals!

Just because they cannot curb the seller.. they come after the buyer... and knowing the police that have no balls to face the felons are picking on docile Malaysians like you and me now.

PENANG (April 14, 2009) : If you think it is harmless to keep a few copies of pirated discs at home, be warned. The police can knock on you door anytime, China Press reported today.

Penang police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Wira Ayub Yaakob (pix) told the daily police are discussing with copyrights holders and relevant units on steps to be taken to crack down on music and film piracy

He said police can launch a crackdown anytime.

Ayub said police have been carrying out raids on sellers of pirated discs but are unable to stem out the scourge.

He pointed out that where there is demand there will be supply regardless of the number of raids.

This is giving police a headache, he said, adding that the only way to solve the problem is to deal with the consumers (to stop them from buying pirated discs).

Read the news and get really pissed... I am.. are you? For me, if you carry out your tasks of ensuring that the streets are SAFE and Malaysians feel SAFE, then you can work on putting other things in place... when you can't even get your fucking act together... don't come and give us this piece of CRAP!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Aiya.. Misquoted again...

Would you believe it?

DPM Muhyidin Yassin calling the Chinese ingrates despite all the money poured in to the community during the Bukit Gantang by-election.

Then today in Malaysiakini he said that the Chinese press had twisted his words... Ya la.. you blardy chinese press do not understand Bahasa Malaysia! HERE and HERE

Okay.. okay.. we do not understand Bahasa Malaysia... so? Government has failed.. why? Because they have instituted that we ALL learn Bahasa Malaysia and pass the subject with at least a credit to get Grade 1 or else if you fail Bahasa Malaysia, you fail the entire exam!

So lets see what he said.

He also denied saying the Chinese were ungrateful in the interview.

"No, no (I didn't say ungrateful). Did you read my Bahasa (Malaysia)? Even (deputy education minister) Wee Ka Siong knows Bahasa.

"In Bahasa, I said 'seolah-olah tak menghargai' (‘They seemed to be unappreciative').

"Tak menghargai" - Not appreciative... ungrateful... about the same to me.

"If you don't understand Bahasa, I can send you to school to understand it," he said.

Wow! He must be pretty mad... baru berapa hari saja jadi Timbalan Perdana Menteri dah nak tunjuk belang....

Then we read this HERE, where the speech was quoted in verbatim.

One of the questions posed to him, reproduced verbatim here was this: “Tetapi bukankah setiap kali pilihan raya kecil, permintaan kaum bukan Melayu dipenuhi, malah di Bukit Gantang walaupun peruntukan RM1juta diberikan tetapi kaum Cina tidak juga menyokong BN?”

Lets see, let me put his reply in layman's english, "Come on la.. everytime by-election, non-Malay request has always been fulfilled ma... even with 1mil instant noodles.. they still won't support us?

Oh.. so only during by-election you fulfil non-Malays requests.. other times you screw them for all they are worth and you expect them to support you... pretty interesting point of view.

His answer, among other things, was this: “Ya, kadang-kadang kita berasa terpedaya juga kerana zahirnya nampak macam ‘ok’, sambutan dengan tepukan gemuruh tetapi mungkin sudah ada tertanam dalam hati iaitu sesuatu tidak mudah hendak berubah, pokoknya masalah isu Perak terutamanya di kalangan masyarakat Cina yang mungkin telah dipengaruhi dengan sentimen simpati kepada Datuk Seri Ir.Mohamad Nizar Jamaluddin, kononnya dia ‘dijatuhkan’, lepas itu kononnya dasar memberi pegangan tanah selama 99 tahun dilihat dasar yang menguntungkan.

“Ini yang mungkin menyebabkan sukar BN mendapat sokongan walaupun kita fikir bila mereka hendak sekolah Cina dibantu, kita bantu, sepatutnya mereka membalas budi.

"This is what makes getting support tough for BN, when we think ah.. they need help for their Chinese school, we help.. so.. they should repay back with support ma"

Aiya.. DPM, like that ah.. your help NOT GENUINE.. expect something in return. But difficult la.. Ah Din.. you screw all these while and we have to wait for someone to die before we get something...

“Pada waktu itu, kita pun tidak berharap sokongan kaum Cina akan meningkat 40 peratus dan sebagainya cuma kita berharap ada peningkatan sedikit tetapi apa yang berlaku ia mencatatkan penurunan, macam tidak ada penghargaan terhadap apa yang kita lakukan.”

"Like not showing any gratitude to what we have done for them!" That is my translation... I wonder what other translation is there? Maybe Ah Din must attend english and chinese class to understand the other languages better or rather he take up Bahasa tuition to ensure that he uses more proper words la..

And where did the seolah-olah tidak menghargai thing come about?

Muhyidin, you fit the profile of an Umno member 100%. So, for us to hope for you to change your racist profile... I guess is non-existent. Keep up the good work. I am sure Malaysians will be able to see through you for what you are worth.

And, one more thing Ah Din.. OneMalaysia? Chew on it.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Justice Has Been Served

The murderers of Altantunya Shaaribu to be HANGED!

Justice has been served and may she now rest in peace.

Well, everything is well in Bolehland... they can now go out and tell the world that the judiciary has discharge their duties judiciously and that everything is okay. Justice has been served on the pepetrators. They will be HANGED! So scream the headlines....

So, Malaysians, go back to your routine and stop screaming about who the murderer is... these two flers have been found guilty by our honourable judiciary. We must believe that these judges after deliberation of the evidences put forth by the learned prosecutors have made the right decision. After all, we do not want our country to be perceived to be unfair to foreigners blasted to bits in our country. The murderer/s must be caught and charged with the highest penalty. That they have done their part. Fantastic.

The "lover" was exonerated of the charge of abetting the murder. The someone who instructed these two flers to do it also walked free and I wonder who... coz if you look at it... these two flers do not know Altantunya yet blew her up to bits while they cannot conclude if the lover is involved nor investigate the matter if "someone" actually gave the order. It does not really matter really as from the word Go, the prosecution has been trying real hard to conceal evidence.

So, these two loyal personnel will take the fall for it. Everything is back to normal folks. Stop griping about the case anymore. The courts have made the decision.

Wonder how will the international community take to this decision... but it doesn't matter. This is sovereign Malaysia.. everyone else can butt the hell out of our matters. Its none of their bloody business.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spin after Spin

Wonder how many of you watched the TV after the election results were announced at about 10pm last night? Well, I just scan through the channels, favoured amongst which I watch 501.. not Levi jeans la... Astro Awani, 502 Bernama TV and 101... the ULTIMATE.

The spin and excuses came in fast and furious, but I must congratulate Awani for being the LEAST bias.. although they came up with alot of reasons chief amongst which was highlighted by DPM Muhyidin Yassin which was quoted in the Star today. "Maybe they are not used to the new leadership."

Hmm... trying to blame SPR? Lets see, if the election were to be held right in the midst of their Umno election.... See, SPR, I am sure you are happy being the lackey of BN and take the blame and big fat cheques for it. The spinning has just gotten more and more vicious, isnt it?

Lets start with Bernama TV, a caller from Pahang called and gave his honest opinion... chief amongst which he said, the voters at Bukit Gantang was clever but less smart.. in his words, Pandai tapi kurang cerdik.. now, this guy hails from Pahang and the state of you know who telling people of Bukit Gantang that they are stupid to fall for the talk of Pakatan. He went on to say that Malays must unite under Umno as ONLY Umno can champion the cause of Malays... now.. where did I hear that before. I switched over to TV1.. the "Premier BN Organ".. and they lived up to their name... the moderator asked the guest what does he make of BN's defeat at Bukit Gantang.. and lo and behold he rattled at machine gun pace the following: (Let me just give the gist of what he said in point form) mind you, he said all these in under 2 minutes:

1. Bukit Gantang does not represent the voice of Perak.
2. Nizar fished in murky waters and garnered sympathy votes.
3. Pakatan played news that is nice to the ears... I really wonder if Instant noodles isn't better news?
4. Its an isolated case where Pakatan fielded a giant while BN fielded a minnow and the increased majority isn't impressive.
5. People still do not understand the new administration as the by election was held right after Umno election so they were not prepared.

I switched back to Awani right after hearing all those excuses.

I would not comment much but suffice to say, BN can ignore the signals of the two bukits at their own peril. You decide if those "analyst view" in your opinion is accurate. But for me, I hope BN believes him 100%. After all, they won Batang Ai, didn't they? With bigger majority! That is a BIG endorsement for BN and people in Peninsular as noted by the caller to BRTV, is not as bright and smart as those in Pahang.. particularly in the Pekan constituency where they are all clever, smart and enlightened because they voted BN!

While as long as we are more developed and progressive than the caller, I would not mind be called less smart... call me anything! Coz I will have the final laugh.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tale of Two Bukits and One Sungai

Well, I do not wish to title my blog entry as two bukits and one batang... sounds too corny... but at point of writing, PKR has already conceeded defeat at Batang Ai where unofficial results show that BN has won the seat with increased majority...

I wonder if Najib is jumping for joy with this win? With vast machinery and money, BN has certainly manage to hold the Ibans ransom for their votes but then again, I would not take the glory away from them. BN won N29 Batang Ai. That would mean that Pakatan must now relook at their approach to East Malaysia. Many would argue that lack of big guns from Pakatan caused the loss but, the question is, would it make a difference? On the hindsight.. maybe.. but then again.. there are lessons to be learnt here and Pakatan could well do with a defeat to bring them down to earth and make a more concerted effort to win over the Dayaks and Kadazandusuns of East Malaysia.

But, I really wonder if Najib is really happy with what is going on in Perak and Kedah?

At time of writing, it looks like the RIGHTFUL MENTERI BESAR of Perak is giving BN's candidate Mr. Okay a roasting..... previously, PAS won this seat through the late Roslan Shaharom by 1566 votes, at current moment, PAS is leading with 2377 votes!

PAS:11375 BN:8998 IND:29 SPOILT: 137

While in Kedah it was reported by Malaysiakini

7.13pm Bukit Selambau Unofficial results After counting five out of 22 polling centres, PKR's Manikumar is leading by 990 votes.

Previously, V Arumugam who was an independent but with a huge dose of help from Pakatan, won the seat with 2362 majority...

And going by the result coming in.... me think Najib got DUMPED....

Lets see if I have to eat humble pie...

Update 9.00pm...

Guess not... Pakatan won both the seats with increased majority... well at least the unofficial.

8.58pm Manikumar wins Bukit Selambau

With all 22 polling boxes counted, Manikumar retained the seat for PKR by winning with a 2,396-vote majority, a slightly higher margin than in the 2008 general elections.

8.50pm UNOFFICIAL PAS wins Bukit Gantang PAS 20,021, BN 17,076, Independent 56. Majority 2,945.

Well, I would like to see how the 13 independents fare in the election... wonder any of them got the BIG FAT ZERO?

By the way, this result baffles me...

8.10pm from BS - Tmn Ria Jaya to PKR by majority of 941.

From one polling station 941!!! The folks there must be really pissed with BN.

With 13 in the fray and a weekday, BN must surely fancy their chances but my learned Malaysians at Bukit Selambau and Bukit Gantang has spoken and shown us the way!


By the way, the source of all the above are from:

1. Malaysiakini
2. Zorro Unmasked
3. People's Parliament

Thank you to all Barisan Rakyat Bloggers for making this possible.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Triple By-Election

Tomorrow... a referendum of sorts will take place at N29, Batang Ai (Sarawak), N25, Bukit Selambau (Kedah) and P59 Bukit Gantang (Perak). Whether enough instant noodles being dished out for BN to wrest the two bukits remain unknown. Whether BN has done enough to keep Batang Ai... well many observers noted that they have.

Certainly the by-elections in Peninsular has robbed Batang Ai off many big guns from campaigning for Jawah Gerang. And that seems to be the gripe that PKR is not serious in Sarawak. My source indicated that BN has air-dropped enough goodies to keep the Ibans with BN this time round but the mood amongst the people are changing.. but just not enough. They are not angry enough to vote a tree stump... thats what he said when I asked him if they are willing to vote anyone aside from the dacing. Maybe that sums up the uphill battle that PKR is pitching in Sarawak.

Back in peninsular, I asked my friend up in Bukit Selambau if the new PM and his feel good announcements have swayed voters. He noted that while some are willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, many do not trust him to do the right thing. I guess, the feeling is mutual. He has to do more than just release 13 from ISA and revoke the ban on Harakah and Suara Keadilan to prove his point. Although MSM went on the overdrive to potray Najib as the man for change, his visit to Brickfields, Petaling Street and a chinese newspaper hardly tells you anything except that its a publicity stunt. Malaysians are mature enough not to fall for such skimpy and weak public relations stunts anymore.

My buddy up in Taiping was asking me why did they send the expired old fart up to campaign for BN? And when I asked him if things are going BN's way, he seem to indicate that there are uncertainty in the Malay voters... many seem bought over by BN's Nizar is a DAP stooge story and that tilted the delicate balance for tomorrow.

However, I remain hopeful that Malaysians WILL do the RIGHT THING.


My learned Malaysians in Bukit Selambau, Bukit Gantang and Batang Ai. Tomorrow, you bear the hopes of the nation on your shoulders to vote for CHANGE. To vote for a more audible voice in the country. We have done half the work back in March 08... lets continue the change! Malaysia needs to change if it is to exist for our children. Let us work as Malaysians.. let us VOTE as Malaysians... Let us vote PAKATAN RAKYAT!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Saint we do NOT trust...

The Saint.. who signed the release of 13 ISA detainees.. two of them from Hindraf but yet to see any bayang of them leaving KDC today... news has it that they need to settle the paperwork. Guess, it must be a few volumes of paperwork that need to be settled before they can walk out of KDC (Kamunting Detention Camp).

The Saint with his big big 1Malaysia speech yesterday failed to galvanize the people to trust him.. at least not tonight from Dewan Hock Seng in Kedah where Anwar announced that 6000 PPP frogs are leaping over to PKR after they dissolve 6 divisions and 62 branches... obviously they do not think highly of Najib and his "vision".

Top on the list that defected tonight was PPP's Vice President V Nadarajan... will this swing the momentum over to Pakatan in Bukit Selambau? Or can the old man who will "turun padang" tomorrow add a new twist to the turn.

Maybe the "shocking news" isn't the kind of shock that we were expecting but nevertheless, 6000 is a huge huge number considering the fact that the MSM (Mainstream Media) played the defiance of Kalaivanar and 500 members as if that the whole PKR in Kedah has resigned en-bloc to join BN.

To many who thought that the news is not big... think again... if 500 is such newsworthy item on MSM for so many days... don't you think 6000 deserves more?

Saturday, April 4, 2009

We have gotten ourselves... a SAINT!

Upon being sworn in as a PM, he (Najib that is) announced that 13 ISA detainees which include 2 Hindraf leaders to be released... lifted the ban on Harakah and Suara Keadilan as well as announcing that ISA will be reviewed!

"I would like to announce that the government has decided with immediate effect to remove the temporary ban on two news publications, release 13 detainees from ISA detention, and conduct a comprehensive review of the Internal Security Act," he said in his first act after taking office today.

"These decisions are timely as we move to enhance the confidence of our citizens in those entrusted with maintaining peace, law and order," he said.

In one swift sentence, he turn SAINT.

So now... who is the bad guy?

Abdullah of course... he was the mofo that sent the Hindraf flers to ISA... he was the one who instructed Hamit botak to ban the two publications...

Think a bit before we jump into the bandwagon and said Najib is the PM... he is my MAN! ONE MALAYSIA.. wow! Its a new concept and we should embrace it wholeheartedly now.. UMNO is no longer the racist party they were, they are now all encompassing, compassionate and understanding of the whole Malaysian psyche!

Wait... Abdullah knows he is stepping down... he knows that even if he released those Hindraf boys, it won't win him anything.. so, my take is this, Najib needs Abdullah to be the fall guy.. to do all the bad things just before he leaves office, so that when he take over it will look good on him when he undo the tasteless acts done by his predecessor...

But has anything changed? My answer my friends is a vehement NO!

Since March 08, Abdullah is a lame duck PM and with him at the helm for the last one year has been through Najib's grace. Najib has been calling the shots... Hamit Botak is just a pak turut.. so is Abdullah. Whatever being asked to do.. they did it like what all good dogs do... OBEY. So now that Najib has taken power, he smell like rose but trust me, a bunga tahi ayam will never be a rose.. it will forever be bunga tahi ayam.

Sure, it will hoodwink alot of voters in the 3 by-elections.. and it has gotten tougher for PR to deny BN a clean sweep at the by-elections. BN surely is now holding the upper hand as everyone would be so pleased with Najib for saying all the right things.

But before I go, please consider what Param Cumaraswamy noted... I concur with him wholeheartedly.

Param Cumaraswamy, constitutional lawyer/ former UN special rapporteur

Najib's statement calling for the release of the 13 ISA detainees is similar to what Dr Mahathir Mohamad did when he came to power.

He released 22 when he took his oath of office in 1982. In 1987, he used ISA to detain 106 (under Operasi Lalang).

Lets forget what others say and just dwell on this statement for sometime.... Who is behind Najib's ascension? Who has been calling for AAB to step down and let Najib take over.. and who will go down to the grounds to campaign for BN? Eerie similarities? or merely co-incidental?

All these are taken from HERE.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

And I thought this was HARAM!

They have such strict codes for TV programs.. everywhere must cover.. but read here.. Garb in miniskirt and fishnet stokings... with Dacing background.. and all these while we were led to believe that they are really people with high religious morals.. well, once in a while in desperation, one is however allowed to turn to the most despicable and crooked means of garnering support.

And guess who is the leader that is "enjoying" the show?

Malaysiakini has this to report:

Among the top leaders enjoying the show was Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, the newly-elected Umno vice-president and Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department in-charge of Islamic affairs.

Also present were Gerakan deputy president Chang Ko Youn and BN candidate Ismail Saffian.

So, I guess if to win an election, they can do the most Haram-est of actions? ah?

Read on, it says this:

Food and hot women are not something new in BN by-election campaigns.

At last year's Permatang Pauh battle, MCA organised a series of free dinners across towns which featured lucky draws and scintillating dance performances by beautiful girls.

It was also reported that PPP had held a similar dinner on Tuesday for 50 tables, which included even sexier singers.

Why was I never present when such shows are on? Well, I do not think my wife will allow me the pleasure of watching it anyway.. :).

Back to the topic... not to be outdone, PPP goes a step further.. :).

Well, Zahid must be enjoying himself immensely as he said this:

When pressed on whether such performances would translate into votes for BN, Ahmad Zahid said that they were a "part of the Chinese tradition."

"In my constituency, we did not win by holding such performances. However, we also respect Chinese customs. In fact, we should respect the customs of all races.

KONON! Respect customs of all races... are you saying then that Chinese tradition is to have skimpily dressed women singing on stage? What the fuck are you talking about customs? If you respect customs then for a start, stop stealing dead bodies from families!

RETARD! Chinese tradition... What the fuck do you know about Chinese custom... or are you merely talking about MCA contractors custom?

Lets Go For A Holiday!

Many of us would dream of a lavish holiday... yet to many it is just pipe dream.. lavish.. where one can take the entire family to not one Disneyland but TWO! Having a recon team to "check" out and ensure the itinery is perfect.. Ah... I would love to have one... wouldn't you?

The icing on the cake however, is to have the holidays paid for by the people who dreams of having such holidays... wouldn't you be pissed? Here you are dreaming of one.. yet unable to have one and YET, you are paying some arseholes for one...

State Agency Funded Khir's Disney Tours...

'State agency funded Khir's Disney tours' Syed Jaymal Zahiid | Apr 1, 09 12:18pm

Former Selangor Menteri Besar Dr Mohd Khir Toyo along with his family and other state officials spent almost RM1.6 million on two overseas trips which included a tour of Paris and Orlando Disneyland.

The expenditure list included a 2004 visit to the Disneyland Paris and a four-day transit stopover at Dubai.

This was revealed by an inquiry being conducted by the state's Special Select Committee on Competence, Accountability and Transparency (Selcat) today.

Among the other revelations on the overseas trip which took place from Dec 17 to 24, 2004 were:

  • Joining the trip were Khir's wife Zaharah Kechik, their three children and a maid.
  • The official delegation spent a total of RM416,000 for the trip.
  • A 'reconnaissance team' which went to make arrangements for the trip spent RM366,000.
  • The four-day stopover in Dubai cost the state an additional RM10,000.

All the expenses were covered by state investment arm Perbadanan Nasional Selangor Berhad (PNSB) revealed its chief executive officer Khairiyah Abu Hassan at the inquiry today.

When asked by committee chairperson, Selangor state assembly speaker Teng Chang Kim on the objective of the trip to Morroco and Paris, Khairiyah said the trip to Morroco was an exposure visit to study the architecture in the country.

“We wanted to see the architecture there as they reflected the glory days of the Islamic empire and we had wanted to try and adopt it here in Selangor,” said the PNSB CEO.

Read the rest by subscribing to Malaysiakini and click on the link above.

Read the Star today on some obscure column... it says RM1mil.. Read The Sun it says RM1.7million front page headlines. Thats the reason why I have stopped reading BN goon's Chun Wai's Star anymore...

Further on, the inquiry revealed that no outcome from the visits... and more importantly, if you are leading a state delegation to Disneyland for a "Study"... don't you think it is only appropriate that you actually have a series of meetings and not bring your entire family for the trip?

What came out of it? ZILCH!

This botox-ed arse just screwed rakyat's money for his family's pleasure!

It is also revealed that for the same purpose, Khir’s entourage spent another RM648,841 of PNSB’s money for a nine-day trip to Honolulu, Hawaii and the Disneyland in Orlando, United States from Dec 23, 2007 to Jan 1, 2008.

Out of the total sum, about RM110,000 were spent on Khir’s lodging alone while RM171,000 were spent on six single supplementary rooms with some of them housing Khir’s children

HAWAII? For what??? Learn how to turn Bagan Lallang into Surfer's Paradise?????

And how much more irresponsible is this botox arse? He and his wife refused to attend the inquiry.... just need to see how much more he wants to defend his actions now. By the way, Pakatan would be waiting in vain for AG to prosecute Botox's wife... and while they refer Botox to Priviliges Committee.. may I recommend that he be suspended 2 years without pay and his assets is Selangor frozen to facilitate investigation as to the origins of his wealth.


Tuesday, March 31, 2009

An Interview with Ismail Safian - Mr. Its OKAY!

To those uninitiated... Ismail Safian is BN's candidate for P59 Bukit Gantang. He will be facing Pakatan's Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin in the by election. I cannot help but put the full interview up here... gleaned from


Lets explore his entire interview...

Q: You will focus on the Chinese areas first before the Malay areas?

Ismail: Ya, ya. A part of my strategy.

Gosh... which idiot will have a strategy to alienate a particular area?

Q: How is the feedback from the community?

Ismail: It’s good, it’s good. It’s been a good response. They’ve been very supportive and I hope it’ll translate into votes on polling day.

Q: What is your main message to voters?

Ismail: Okay, I want to help them, help solve the problems they face, if I can be chosen to be their MP because I’m the government candidate. Certainly I’d be able to help them.

Q: What’s the main issue for non-Malay voters that they’ve told you?

Ismail: Okay, in 2004, they voted for the government, for Barisan Nasional. But in 2008, they shifted and voted for Pakatan Rakyat. But I think they’ve realised they’ve not gotten any returns from that so I think they will return to support the Barisan Nasional. Okay, okay.

This guy.. thinks that 2004 - BN, 2008 - PAS... by-election BN... what kind of mentality is this? And.. he want to help solve problems because??? He is a government candidate.. macamla.. others cannot help solve problem... and what makes you think he can solve problems? When he cannot even understand a simple question and give a simple answer? Orang tanya lain.. dia jawab lain pulak... What's the main issue for non-Malay voters that they have told you? He replied.. I think they realized.. maybe he is too chicken to say that they did not tell him anything or rather ask him to fly kite...

Q: How confident do you feel?

Ismail: I’m confident.

Q: You’re facing a former mentri besar?

Ismail: It’s okay. I’m a local. I was born and grew up here. I’ve got many friends, many acquaintances. I think it’s an advantage.

Q: Do you consider yourself the underdog?

Ismail: It’s okay, it’s okay. It’s good.

And he is not even answering the question.... do you consider yourself an underdog? and he says its OKAY..... and to the question of HOW confident.. he gave an answer to a question that asked him IS HE confident... and to question that You are facing a Menteri Besar.. he says its okay coz he is local... baffling.. baffling...

Q: There have been claims you’re too dependent on Barisan leaders.

Ismail: We work together as a team so there’s nothing wrong for me to walk with MCA, Gerakan to get closer to the Chinese community. That’s the spirit we have in Barisan Nasional. They are Pakatan Rakyat. They don’t have that unity in Pakatan Rakyat. They only exist during elections.

Q: What’s the biggest challenge in going down on the campaign trail? The weather?

Ismail: Ya, ya. The weather is a big problem. Daytime, rain. And also sometimes at night, it’s raining. But it’s okay, it’s okay. I have no problem.

Q: Any changes in your campaigning schedule because of it?

Ismail: Of course there’ll be some changes in the strategy just to fit with the weather.

This guy.... ish.. ish.. ish... the weather???? What the FUCK? Country's economy is in tatters.. jobs are being LOST.. and his biggest challenge is the weather????

If people of Bukit Gantang vote this man in... you can be assured of only ONE THING... "suffering". Coz this fler doesn't even know how to express his ideas if he has any that is.. let alone listen to your grouses? He cannot even understand a question and give a direct answer for goodness sake! He is CLUELESS... but I suggest you guys to subscribe to Malaysiakini and surf for the interview with Nizar.

So, people of Bukit Gantang... is this the man, Ismail Safian going to be your choice MP? Read the interview and laugh till you weep!

This cannot.. that cannot...

Dark times... gets darker.. indeed.

BN started their campaign for the two bukits and one batang by-election long before nomination day.. yet, when PR wanted to hold ceramahs in those locations, they (BN) used their might in the form of police and FRU to force the ceramahs to come to a premature end. Then they went about to ban Harakah and Suara Keadilan... then they say, cannot talk about Altantunya.. cannot talk about the Sultan...

I guess next they would say, you cannot talk about Rosmah. I am sure you all know which one I am talking about...Crucify me if I make a wrong assumption.. 15 candidates for Bukit Selambau! Wow! BN must be "rejuvenated" by the 60bil "stimulus package" in that they could finance so many candidates to throw a spanner in PR's efforts in Bukit Selambau. Not to be a wet blanket to PR, I sense Najib is out to show you guys who is BOSS... he wants Malaysia to know that HE is the BOSS. They have to win at least 2 of the by-election.. AT ALL COST.

Why? Simply that two of the 3 by-elections are held by opposition.. winning one of them would be a moral booster to his impending PMship of the nation. Now, imagine what he would say.... "The country has accepted him as PM", "The people has rejected Pakatan", "BN is the choice government.", "I have the endorsement of the people!"

Nevermind that he loses... they have already put up excuses in that "This is not a referendum" But watch it if they win 2 out of 3... BNs tune WILL change!

Now back to the topic.. really... why has our country become a country full of taboos... this cannot.. that cannot... if you make a list of things that one cannot do or say in Malaysia.. I can bet you if will be quite a loooooooooong list.. don't you agree? Non-Muslims CANNOT use the word "Allah". We CANNOT discuss "sensitive" religious issues.. we CANNOT discuss racial issues but BN can mouth racist statements.. its okay.. but sorry.. others cannot la... we CANNOT hold candlelight vigils against draconian laws as ISA.. we CANNOT now talk about Altantunya and the Sultan... please refresh my mind on what else we can or cannot do.

Of course, if we are with BN there is no such thing as cannot.. because it is in their terms.. BOLEHLAND.. hence everything also CAN! Can dish out instant noodles contract while saying they wont... Can say Anwar play backside.. while saying they will not play dirty... Can say Nizar is puppet to racist DAP but ask others to shut up and not fan racial sentiments...

With all the odds stack against Pakatan.. I shudder to think that they can even win 1 of the by-election... Najib and co must have set out with the agenda to win at all cost.. and I call upon the people of Bukit Selambau to stand steadfast behind Pakatan.. no doubt they have selected a candidate not of your choice but heck... there are so many la... pick this also wrong.. pick that also wrong.. they have to choose one and we must stand united behind the candidate. Honestly.. I do not know him. But if I am a voter in Bukit Selambau, I will vote for Manikumar!

To the people of Bukit Gantang.. I love the rest area, I love the durians and fruits on sale at the rest area. Above all, I call upon all freedom lovers and people of Bukit Gantang to send Nizar to Parliament. It will send a message to BN that racial politics played by BN is obsolete. We are Malaysians... Kita Rakyat Malaysia... if we want to progress as a nation, we MUST stop bickering about the colour of our skin.. the global market will not give you 30% because you are a crony-Bumi company..

To the people of Batang Ai.. remember this. You have given BN and Taib Mahmud sooooo many years... and what do you get for all those years of blind support? Your land taken from you.. the riches of your land being plundered to fill the pockets of the very few.. and of course those in BN share the spoils.. otherwise Taib would not be sitting comfy in Sarawak that long. Wake up! Wake up! My fellow Malaysians... for once lets all Malaysians say BOLEH! We can make a difference.. we can CHANGE for the better.. we CAN... we BOLEH!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Now .. This is Funny

Malaysiakini and a few others were "not given passes" to cover the Umno election... however, to clarify the matter, they were NOT BANNED... just not given passes... (GRIN)

Go on.. click on the GRIN for the news in Malaysiakini.. I laugh so hard I cried reading the news.. then I thought to myself if I was actually crying.. well, to those who are soooo stingy and did not subscribe to Malaysiakini.. here are parts of the news.

Online media have been barred from covering the ruling party's annual conference, a day after the government suspended two party organs for three months.


The opposition has said it fears a media crackdown is under way, after action was taken against the two political newsletters for "inciting hatred" against the government.

Inciting hatred... I wonder why is Utusan being let off the hook? Oh.. I forgot.. Utusan only inciting hatred amongst races and stirs up religious issues.. they are however not inciting hatred against the government but against the opposition..

Five news websites told AFP that they had been denied access passes, including prominent news portals Malaysiakini and Malaysian Insider.

Umno executive secretary Husainay Hashim said the decision was made was because their coverage of previous Umno meetings was "not friendly".

"From our experience with Malaysiakini for instance, they are not too friendly with us, they are not helping us. You have to report based on facts, not distorting the story," he told AFP.

"We just don't give them the passes, it is not a ban. They can get information from elsewhere."

Get this... This is Umno's maths... NOT FRIENDLY will get you BANNED!!! ooops.. Not given passes la.. not banned.. LOL.. but wait.. Ku Nan was more forthright...

Party secretary Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor gave a clearer explanation later during a press conference by party president Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

"They are banned for irresponsible reporting. If your report responsibly, we will allow you to come.

"The way you report about our leaders (and) our party is 'sickening'," he added.

He gives a clearer view on what is NOT FRIENDLY... its in their view.. SICKENING and IRRESPONSIBLE REPORTING... gosh.. let me see... how twisted your mind is on what is defined as irresponsible reporting.. by reporting the truth? Yeah, let me remind you that Botak once send a lady reporter to Kamunting to some really irresponsible reporting on the pretext of ensuring her "safety" after she reported one racist from your party who was spewing racist remarks at the Permatang Pauh by-election... so, I presume your meaning of IRRESPONSIBLE REPORTING = REPORTING THE TRUTH?

I trust and believe that these mofos in dUMbNO still do not get it... but I guess its good that they are still living in denial.

When dark times get Darker...

In my previous rant, What would you expect of Najib... I guess, I underestimated this C4 Champ... indeed, with the start of this man's reign.. dark times can only get DARKER.

A hypothetical situation whereby I equated his coup in Perak could lead to a 2/3 majority in Parliament as he set about spending 60bil of our money to buy over his 2/3 majority.. I mean, after having successfully enticed 2 crooked and greedy PKR men as well as a DAP lady who is most obsessed with owning a Camry together with a "super frog" that goes both ways and singing different tunes on both occasions, I thought that he would start his reign with buying over MPs.. Never in my mind that this fler can be more cruel and filthy than the filthiest shit hole in the whole wide world.

Lets see lately what he has done:

1. Suara Keadilan and Harakah BANNED!
Here and here.

According to Botak, they were punished for spreading hatred against the government... gosh, botak.. oh botak... you spray these flers with chemical laced water and tear gas them at their events and you expect them to love you? Reap what you sow botak!

From malaysiakini.

Two opposition newsletters that have been banned for three months were punished for inciting hatred against the government, Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar said.

According to Syed Hamid, the party organs had threatened the stability of the multiracial nation, particularly with their reporting on a struggle for control of Perak, which erupted in January.

And threaten the stability... wonder which idiot carried out the coup-de-tat there?

Certainly it is to muzzle the information disemmination on the crucial events of Umno election as well as the impending 3 buy-election by BN la... botak.. you think we stupid meh?

2. If its not enough... they fired tear gas at a PKR rally in Bukit Selambau, a constituency where a by-election is about to be held...

Now if you haven't yet noticed the heightened level of intimidation by BN on their political foes.. but we cannot fault them.. really.. Bukit Selambau (N25) is a state seat in Kedah with only 35,000 voters. Expecting a turnout of 80%, one could be looking at 28,000 voters at best.

Read this news from Malaysiakini

Volleys of tear gas were fired into the crowd minutes after Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim took the podium in a ceramah tonight at Bukit Selambau, Kedah.

ccording to eyewitnesses, the police fired tear gas and unleashed chemical-laced water on about 5,000 people who had gathered in an open field opposite the PKR election operation centre for the ceramah.

The ceramah, which kicked off at 9.30pm, was to feature a number speeches by top Pakatan Rakyat leaders including Anwar.

“After a 10-minute introduction, Anwar went up on stage and in less than a minute after he started speaking, the police fired tear gas and doused the people with water,” said Saiful Izham Ramli, who is Bukit Selambau PKR election director and party’s supreme council member.

Saiful said that no warning was given by the police. The crowd began to disperse soon after but at least 19 people were arrested.

They fired the teargas, before Anwar took the podium... and later it was also reported that no warning was given by the police. I mean, can you imagine their fear? 5000! 5000 people were at the ceramah.. certainly there cannot be more than 1000 outsiders.. rite? But for a constituency of 35000.. heck, 15% of population was out there wanting to listen to Anwar? Must be a records of sorts... now, I really wonder how many would turn up if Mr. C4 or Botak were to show up... maybe they can get the crowd if they were enticed with free dinner and an ang pow to go with it.. eh?

Level playing field BN.. if you have the guts.. why not fight the contest like a MAN! Stop using your puppets in the police and FRU to do your dirty job for you.

Those events.. my guess is that its just the tip of the iceberg of what Mr. Dark Times can do... within his party, he has exercised his power in reducing some potential powerbrokers to by-standers.. one racist Mohd Ali Rusty and another upcoming cahort of current PM, Norza.. probably dealt the death knell on Azalina and Khairy... it is a procession of all the coming PM's men come this Umno election. Do you have the guts to live through these dark times? Its just about to get darker... gee.. talking about taking a roller coaster ride in total darkness...

Saturday, March 21, 2009

What would you expect of Najib?

I know.. I know.. I have been away for far too long... well, not too far away really. I have been reading keeping abreast, and the only reason why I was not writing or blabbering as much was due to the fact that the events that unfurled since the hostile takeover of Perak has been too nauseating.

In Parliament we have the Deputy Speaker Ronald Kiandee saying that the Speaker has wide ranging and absolute powers! In Perak, MACC is investigating into the Speaker's abuse of power... and the State Assembly Secretary seem to have wide ranging and absolute powers...

In events whereby an innocent tree or rather a plaque placed under a tree has been vandalized... by one would expect to be from you know who... and the "friendly" MB from BeeEnd had wanted to chop down the symbolic tree...

Then you have those in UMNO that deem that money politics is not corruption... and while racist Ali got what he deserved.. well, read RPK's reminder on what this monkey said during a PPP's event in Melaka.. that UMNO can rule Malaysia without their partners and that PPP can get lost from BN. Well, if Kayveas is reading.. I can tell you KV, its a bloody good advice! Too bad you are too chicken to say no to your master.. :).

While KJ has been given a "warning!" Wow... I am a wee bit confused.. are we saying that the quantum of money politics determine whether one gets suspended or a warning? And Toyol been found "not guilty". This is a wonderful country... really.. look at the sandiwara, the shadow play and all.. FOR FREEE!!!!!

While not forgetting, Karpal Singh being abused by a bunch of hooligans... the cops just watching.. compare that to when Hindraf organized a give the PM flowers event, you have thousands of FRU lined up the road leading to Parliament and peaceful gathering of anti-ISA vigilers in PJ getting harrassed but the police seem oblivious when their "paymasters" do the harrassment.. wonder when will they ever learn that scUMNO is not their paymaster.

Yeah... I have been babbling about all the events which I did not write or care to write as I was too disgusted with the turn of events but I have so far cleared my head and did some soul searching and found that I need to write to warn PR of an impending chain of events.

Rightfully, many people are concerned with Najib taking over the helm of the country. Some claim that we are descending back into the dark ages... some are more optimistic in saying that he is the end of the legacy.. a prophecy propagated by our first PM.. the name RAHMAN.

Look back at the events... when the Bota super frog hopped over to PKR, Najib took over the helm, he bought over some YBs.. the corruptible ones of course and promising one biatch more than a Camry... he took over the state on the technicality that his government now has majority in the house.

That was Perak... when he took over Umno leadership in Perak. Imagine what he would do when he becomes PM? More frogs? More corruptible MPs hopping over to give BN 2/3 majority? Why are people talking about 13th GE? There won't be ONE! We won't be seeing the 13th GE... while those that prophesy that its the end of a legacy... maybe they should take it one step further... the end.. kapish?

Aiya... don't la be so gloomy.. maybe its not Armageddon.. but for what he has done in Perak... do you for one moment think that he is not capable of doing just that at national level?

PR.. watch out.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Smart Move (2)

Perak Speaker suspended Zambry and all his exco cahoorts... :).

So? How now brown cow?

Here (suspension)

Here (Prof Aziz Bari's take that Speaker has suspension powers) Not difficult to figure as BN has done this umpteenth number of times in Parliament and other state assemblies.. so why cry foul now? Wanna be like this Former Parliament secretary crying foul? HERE.

Some mofos are crying out saying this is high treason that Pakatan does not respect the Sultan's decision.... well, for a start, if they all like good boys follow the constitution and dissolve the state assembly and call for snap election.. then I think the quagmire that Perak is in today could have been averted.

So, what can we Malaysians do?

Sit and wait la... what else can we do?

Aiyo.. don't have to wait long... Sleepyhead has spoken! "They have DISRESPECTED the Sultan!" Fierce... fierce...

The move to suspend Perak Menteri Besar Zambry Abdul Kadir and his six executive councillors can be regarded as disrespecting the sultan's decision, said Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi today.

"The speaker cannot do it (suspend the seven) - the menteri besar and excos were appointed by the Sultan legally. This kind of action can be regarded as not respecting the sultan's decision.

As elected assemblypersons, they have a right to be in the Dewan (state assembly)," he told a press conference in Putrajaya.

Abdullah also urged the Perak BN government to file a police report over the latest twist to the political turmoil in the state.

"We know their (Pakatan Rakyat) tricks," he said, adding that by suspending the seven, Pakatan Rakyat will have the majority in the state assembly.

The prime minister also disagreed with the suggestion that a fresh elections will be the best solution to resolve the deadlock.

According to him, the best solution is for the BN state government to continue ruling Perak to ensure stability.

What a bunch of crap... and expect BN and their lap dogs to go running to the Police to make reports and trust the police to be ultra efficient in discharging their duties...

According to Perak Umno Youth chief Zainol Fadzi Paharudin, the police report will be filed under the Sedition Act whereas the MACC report will be on Sivakumar’s alleged abuse of power as speaker.

Now... what gives him the bloody idea that BN government can ensure stability? How can a party that was REJECTED by people of Perak ensure stability?

Najib and his flips and flops...

One can equate Abdullah to be the HP6 PM and the man of flip flop... the crooked bridge and dissolution of Parliament for the 12th GE tops my mind.. well you guys are free to further enlighten me on their flip flops...

But we SHOULD also equate Najib to be the biggest of flip flops eh?

1. I do not know Saiful!

I guess he flopped big time on that especially after he admitted being Saiful's trauma counsellor.

2. Sale of IJN!! Wow!

Oh well... for people's sake we won't sell... did he flop?

3. Labu LCCT...

Build? On? Off? Flop again??

4. Malaysian economy will not be hit by the global economic turmoil! Wow! Said with such bravado....

Today he flopped.. we will have to revise our 3% GDP growth.. I must say, we have known or have been harping on the economic turmoil affecting the livelihoods of Malaysians long before this bufoon realizes it.. or maybe he was too busy being a sodomy counsellor and spending millions of the "STIM"ulus package to consolidate his power base in Kuala Terenganu and Perak. Fortunately for him, Perak's raid proven to be fruitful but in the process had the whole Exco suspended... gee... so? MB and Exco got barred from State Assembly.. how lar? Proclaim the current assembly unlawful? Start a new one? ScUMNO is pretty good at that I must admit! Wanna bet that scUMNO will do just that? They have a kangaroo court that will rule everything in their favour... they can faithfully call on Zaki and Mr. Paul to do their bidding for them...

Maybe.. the only thing that he has yet to flop is his "explosive relationship" with one Mongolian beauty... that I think, is a MUST NOT FLOP CASE at all cost... hmmm....

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Concerted Effort to Discredit PKR?

The events that unfolded since GE12 seems to point to that direction... aint it?

1. First they say Anwar sodomises Saiful...
2. Then PKR unveils PI Bala!
3. Then scUMNO make PI Bala make a U-TURN.
2. Then they say PKR reps in Perak makan luit....
3. Then they tell these PKR reps that has corruption hanging over their heads to join scUMNO.
4. Then they label Arumugam of Bkt. Selambau a bigamist... and make him defect.. but PKR acted faster.. make him resign..
5. Then they probably paid heaps to this jilted ex-bf of Eli Wong to hand over pics of her sleeping naked... (That makes me wanna check with all my ex-gfs to see if they still have nude pics of me in their posession...)

Notice that they target PKR reps?

Have you ever wondered why?

My 3sen... well inflation la... 2sen cannot survive... need 3 sen now... worth of thoughts.

PKR is the lynchpin that holds DAP and PAS together. GE12 has been a revelation of sorts for PKR and with their strength, they seem to be the glue that holds DAP and PAS in a cohesive force and BN knows fully well that a cohesive Pakatan spells trouble for them. So, instead of taking out DAP and PAS.... which may prove difficult unless they can find a sulker who wants a Camry badly... they would probably will not find it easy to tempt people in these two parties... moreover, breaking DAP or PAS would only "weaken" Pakatan.. but if they succeed in taking out PKR... they will bring Pakatan down. So, BN went about their simplistic idea that with MSM in their hands, they work tirelessly to discredit PKR leaders in the eyes of Malaysians....

So far, I am afraid they have failed..... MISERABLY.. not unless there are converts out there who would now believe BN lock stock and barrel that they are the best government, they are the cleanest and the most righteous choice now that PKR leaders are prone to be easily corruptible and have "loose morals". But before these people come up and tell me.. "see... these flers.. hopeless..." Lets just take a short trip down memory lane...

1. The former MB with two Mohd to his name... with MILLIONS of dollars in Australia...
2. Toyo with all the "gifts" from PKNS.
3. Former Malacca CM's sex scandal..
4. Current Malacca CM who believes that scUMNO alone is enough to govern Malaysia.
5. KerisMudin keris act...
6. Soon to be PM, bathe blood in keris act.
7. Soon to be PM explosive scandals with a Mongolian, Scorpene, Sukhoi...
8. Soon to be PM who is a sodomy expert..
9. Soon to be PM who became Choi San before CNY in KT..

list are endless...

So.. have they succeeded in any way to paint PKR as a not so viable alternative?

It has not to me.. most unfortunate to BN.. but has it changed the perception of others? That I would like to know.

I do hope to see a by-election at Bkt Lanjan and would love dearly to see BN fler roundly hammered by the learned voters of Bkt. Lanjan.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Smart Move

,Could I call it a stroke of genius?

Here the MB for Selangor to seek "Royal Guidance" on Eli Wong's predicament. With Toyo frothing in the mouth calling for her resignation which she did but yet to be accepted, the Sultan of Selangor is called into action for his wise advice.

From Malaysiakini.

The Selangor government will seek the views of state ruler Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah on how it should deal with the controversy surrounding executive councillor Elizabeth Wong.


In a statement today, Selangor Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim said: "I shall be seeking an audience with his royal highness to brief him on the issue and seek his guidance." "It is most unfortunate that certain elements have resorted to such despicable acts to smear her (Wong's) name and integrity.

"I am sure Malaysians and the people of Selangor will reject the use of such shameful tactics and join me in condemning the people responsible."

Yes my MP... I am with you.

Well, take this episode that fell on Ms. Eli Wong and the sodomy case by a dropout on Anwar Ibrahim.... consider the fact that the DPM at first denied meeting Saiful, then admitted to meeting him at some God forsaken hour at his house... right down to his swearing at a mosque in Permatang Pauh regards to Altantunya...

Question: Do you believe our DPM? Do you think that this one ex-boyfriend met the DPM or some scUMNO bigwigs at his house at some God forsaken hour to seek his views whether he should distribute the pictures? Do you think that a powerful hand is behind all these charade?

I am sure Anwar understands the trauma, hurt and anger at this juncture and he I am sure he was speaking from his heart when he said,

Speaking to reporters at the Parliament lobby, he said: "I can only use the strongest possible terms to condemn the smear tactics used against her.

"One can only wonder to what depths the people behind this will stoop to achieve their ends."

Seriously Eli, stay the course.. let not these people cow you into resigning. These despicable acts MUST stop. The gutter politics MUST end. Can we have the most enlightened view of the Sultan of Selangor?

Royal Pain

Perak. Probably one word describes them all.

But I think the issue has gone beyond that and it started way way before the fiasco in Perak. Lets for a minute digress from the fact that Hee was sulking that she did not get her Camry.. lets for one minute forget the fact that the "Super Frog" can switch his allegiance in such simplistic manner and also lets forget the fact that the two "tainted" PKR reps was looking after their own arse.

After all the hope.. with Royalties giving speeches of righteousness.. has really whet our appetite that we the downtrodden rakyat has something to look forward to. A monarch that really knows and understand their subjects but I guess all that came to ZERO after the Perak fiasco. Today, we have the King shortcircuiting the process by asking Abdullah to have a smooth transition of power... What the fuck? What transition? Abdullah is only stepping down as head of UMNO.. he has not said that he will quit as PM of Malaysia! Has he? No doubt by virtue of being head of UMNO becomes PM, the 12th GE specifically picked Abdullah as the PM and not Najib! Is the King now working hand in glove with Najib to force another coup at Federal level?

Abdullah has one last throw of the dice, that is to dissolve Parliament and to call for a fresh election and I call upon him to leave a legacy of of Bapa Reformasi Malaysia!

Now back to the sulking frogs... the media was trying to paint the hopping culture as being started by Anwar Ibrahim and equating their coup in Perak just as that. Damn MSM... why did they not point out that Anwar promised an election 6 - 12 months after taking power? After they have cleaned up the electoral rolls? Najib meanwhile make Taking Perak as his no.1 priority after taking charge of Perak UMNO.. tunjuk garang ka?

Then fate has it that there would be two by-elections... hereby nicked.. the tale of two Bukits.. one Bukit Gantang and the other Bukit Selambau... Bukit Gantang is a direct battle between PAS and UMNO.. one which UMNO would play Pakatan's "derhaka" to the fullest.. lets see what garbage they will dish out.. "If you love your Sultan, you should reject those misfits who has durhaka your Sultan!"

Bukit Selambau meanwhile with a huge disgruntled Indian population, its very dicey for BN but.. VOILA! A few million from the "STIM"ulus package will do the trick... "Lets have a few Indian independents to join the fray to dilute the support for Pakatan!" Read today's Sun, at least 20 aspiring Independents! Wow.... all believe they can do a better job than V. Arumugam?

Meanwhile, my call to Pakatan is, lets unite and be viable. I do not support Pakatan, but I believe they are definitely a better alternative than the critically ill BN.

Beyond All That Stench...

How much lower will our politicians in BN stoop?

Well, lets recap.. (I will write about the Perak fiasco later, this will have to go first):

1. EC being the BN stooge conveniently decides on the dates of the 2 by elections(which by the way was conveniently set right after UMNO election) and dear DPM in waiting, Muhyidin gleefully tells Pakatan to not contest if they are not happy!? Gee.. even a dead man can smell rat here...

Golly... they are that desperate to win the seats uncontested! Surely they believe that they will be thrashed if a contest takes place....

2. The biggest sex scandal since Chua Soi Lek.. or so BN would want to make it out to be... Elizabeth Wong, the ADUN for Bukit Lanjan.. I really feel for her.. and what is this idiotic Toyo saying? Gosh, BN politicians really talking nothing but crap that insults our intelligence. Please read this carefully Toyo... Ms. Wong was photographed by her ex-boyfriend while she was sleeping! And you have

From Malaysiakini.
Toyo the idiot saying, "The former menteri besar said the Pakatan Rakyat leader should quit as state cabinet member as well as state assemblyperson for Bukit Lanjan.

"This is a moral issue. Previously, (former health minister and MCA deputy president) Dr Chua Soi Lek had also resigned over a similar incident," he told Malaysiakini.

Mohd Khir said when the MCA leader's video-clip surfaced, Pakatan leaders had urged him to relinquish his post."So why not now (ask Wong to quit). Don't have double standards," he said, adding that Wong, who is also PKR Wanita publicity chief, should quit "as soon as possible".

How the fuck did can he equate this to Chua Soi Lek? Ex-boyfriend (at the point of being photographed - boyfriend while she was asleep) Chua? A married man... in a hotel room with a lady acquaintance doing action on bed? Even for Chua, I still believed that its a family thinggy.. if the family forgave him.. who are we? And this botox-ed Toyo... geez... wonder what makes the composition of his brain.. a Dentist is suppose to have less brains than a Doctor but I never suppose it would be polluted by SHIT.

I do not think that Elizabeth deserves the crap that she is getting... and our great police force has only "taken a statement" from the ex-boyfriend? And... Police who has been so "efficient" in detaining those peaceful vigilers was "YET TO IDENTIFY" the person responsible for distributing these pictures.... my.. my.. my...

"We are still in the process of tracing the person," he added.

Earlier, Arjunaidi said the police will also be calling a journalist who informed Wong about the photos.

"So I hope everyone will be patient until we complete our investigations," he was quoted as saying by Bernama.

I smell RAT! Big rotting RODENT! Wonder how much money was paid from the "STIM"ulus plan to set this up?

PAS rightfully with their high Religious standing made a statement saying the culprit worse than a prostitute... According to her, such voyeuristic practices were against the teachings of Islam, especially with the motive of ruining a person's credibility.

She also expressed regret with the action of the media in playing up this issue.

"Whose photographs would be circulated after this? It is as if these people (who circulate such photographs) have nothing better to do," she said.

But, Elizabeth Wong has held her dignity and offered to quit. Selangor will lose a wonderful representative whose stand on environment has not budged. My view is that she need not do so. She did no wrong and I stand by Ms. Wong on this and condemn the man to hell! He does not deserve to be called a man nor a human being... resorting to such cowardice after being dumped... Dickless and spineless... you bring SHAME to the male population!

MalaysianJoe thinks... the only crime here actually is not screwing a prostitute... or being photographed naked while asleep.. the crime is blowing up someone after screwing that person..

Monday, January 19, 2009


Another award....

This time the PROXIMIDADE AWARD tag by Calvin! Thanks mate... Now to find time to spruce up my blog..

This blog invests and believes the PROXIMITY - nearness in space, time and relationships! These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers! Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.

To be given an award is a recognition and I thank Calvin for the tag... its double jubilation given the fact that BN got thumped in Kuala Terengganu.. ermm... to the voters in P036, Kuala Terengganu..



Wednesday, January 14, 2009


What does one do in desperation? When one need to win at all cost? (Probably a piece of news which MSM will deem it not newsworthy)

Najib handing out contracts to Class F contractors ala Lucky Draw!

In the most daring act to 'bribe' the electorate of Kuala Terengganu (KT) to date, Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak dished out 583 government contracts in a “lucky draw” fashion to each and every Class F contractor present at the Wisma Darul Iman in Kuala Terengganu on Jan 10, the fifth day of the KT by-election campaign.


These contracts (valued between RM30,000 to RM200,000 each), which were claimed to be for infrastructure works in the local township, were distributed in random by having the contractors come on stage to click on the computer.

And upon pressing the button, a contract would be awarded to the contractor, details of which - nature of works and contract price - would instantly appear in a big screen in the hall. Thus the contractor would walk home with his “prize” (a contract with a pre-determined price), with no question asked on his track record or suitability for the works assigned.

Najib, who launched these innovative awards, proudly claimed this as “a world record”, saying that: “In this lucky draw, everyone wins. Everyone gets a contract.

He further added that if Barisan Nasional wins in the coming Kuala Terengganu by-election, there would be more and bigger such contracts, so that the Class F contractors (confined to Malays, for small contracts) would “continue to make money and the country’s economy would continue to grow”.

Every one wins? Stupid statement indeed... poor mofos like us taxpayers loose you big MORON! The only fucking winner would be BN who will have an open cheque to continue to fuck the people. Gosh, I never imagine I would have to use such words to describe my feelings. And mind you this is the fler who will be PM!

And in an attempt to bait people with development... if they win this by-election.. gosh.. how many donkey years have BN been in charge of Terengganu? Why la now only development? More Monsoon Cup and Crystal Mosques? More contracts to contractors without looking at their track record or expertise? Just dish out contracts? What happen la if an electrical contractor gets a drainage project?

What a government we have in BN... I weep for Malaysia.

KTgites... you be the judge of this fler. My advise is.. Give this fler the BOOT! Kick him out of KT and then we kick him out of the Government.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Vintage Man United!

Monday was kinda sleepy... can't blame me though.. watched the match to the end and the adrenalin flow was so intoxicating that I could not sleep till its way past 4am.. that explains why I did not write about it yesterday.

Manchester United 3 Chelsea 0

What a game. Chelsea parading a midfield par excellence in Deco, Ballack, J Cole, Obi Mikel and Lampard! While Fergie lined up a shocker in Giggsy and Fletcher with Ronaldo and Park. I was aghast but Giggsy and Fletcher did not disappoint. They were simply awesome, Giggs was a pleasure to watch and Evans was fantastic as a replacement for Rio. Gazza and Evra as ever no nonsense and simply great going forward. Berbatov though I wished he would be involved more but its his style really that he poked and prod with his grace is simply vintage. Manchester United at their best! Chelsea meanwhile just disintegrated.. Carvalho and Terry who?

The goal I liked best? Wayne Rooney's poking between Ca$hley Cole's legs! Serves him right for just wanting to shield the ball instead of whacking it wide for a corner or throw in! No wonder Rafa is worried that he let fly a tirade accusing Manchester United of everything... hahaha...

Watch out Benitez... them scousers ain't gonna stay top for much longer! You will crumble as magnificently as the great Kevin Keegan did when he was manager of the Magpies.. :).

Friday, January 9, 2009

What Double Standards?

According to the police... NO ILLEGAL GATHERINGS.. NO CANDLE LIGHT VIGIL... NO DEMONSTRATION... or so they say...

Demonstration against the Zionist... HERE.

Whether Israel's current clobbering of Palestinians and Hamas is right or wrong, I do not think I would like to get myself sucked into a never ending discussion. It will be a whole lot easier if these two bickering group take their war to the moon. I think, the world then would be a much more peaceful place to live in.

Now, 5000 started their march from Tabung Haji building.... towards US Embassy... no FRU? no water chemical laced water cannon? no senseless clobbering of demonstrators?? Key word I found in the article

This group was largely made up by Umno Youth members from the Titiwangsa division.

Then the article shows the picture of burning of flag.. which is symbolic of anger... its okay to burn Israel, US flag... but not Umno or BN... I now hope that the police come out with guidelines as to what we can demonstrate against illegally and what we can't.

Then we have the freaking old hag of an ex-PM calling upon Malaysians to BOYCOTT! yeah.. BOYCOTT US made products as these buggers are said to be supporting the Zionist cause... GOOD! BOYCOTT! But why stop at McDonalds, Coca Cola and Starbucks? Think further.. what else is American? Intel, AMD, IBM, HP... boycott also Astro Channels.. most of them are American anyway... do not use.. Google, Yahoo, MSN.. gosh.. throw away your computers as it is using Microsoft OS and programs and please delete your profile on Facebook!

Why stop at McD? Poor old uncle Ronald... and why not KFC? A&W? Ownership of the brands? I just wish that the old man would just ease into his retirement gracefully .. has he not forgotten that he paid a Jew to be photographed with his arch enemy, President George Bush Jr? A man with an elephant's memory does have selective memory loss at times...

Okay, I have completed my rantings... I think I shall go out later and get a coke from a 7-11, then I may adjourn to Starbucks for a frappuchino and surf the net on my Acer (isay.. Taiwanese brand) which uses an Intel core-duo processor operating Windows Vista and using my trusty wireless logitech mouse... then for dinner, I might just pop into McD for a Prosperity Burger with Coke! While having dinner, I might call up my wife (who works in an American Bank) with my Nokia (yeah.. its Finnish) running on Symbian OS... After all, CNY is around the corner.... and I shall not patronize any mamak stall that does not sell my favourite beverage! Made in Malaysia's COCA COLA!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Change is About to Come to Malaysia!

Sorry for my long long silence... firstly we have the friendly IRB team coming in for a field audit right before year end and then I have a bunch of relatives deciding to come back home from all over for holidays and then its Christmas.. and then.. its new year.. and then its all budget meetings for the new fiscal year and then school reopens! Yeah, busy is an understatement.

So many "and thens" have taken so much time and it is difficult to gather my thoughts and pen a decent article down... so I thought then that I should not write something which is half baked. (I call it procrastination). But having made my new year resolution to continue to yak about all thats gone wrong in our country.. I intend to keep to it.. at least crystallize one of my resolution and for good measure too...

Since my last post, Sime Darby has since abandoned their idea of buying a stake in IJN despite government saying that they are putting it on hold... I hope that ends the "interest" of Najib and co to sell IJN and make a tidy profit after the failed Euro-cocked up deal.

These days, I guess the focus have shifted to East Coast, Kuala Terengganu to be precise and blogger Zorro has called on the boycott of MSM. I second that any day! Reading them make me puke! So BOYCOTT! I have been boycotting MSM since long before March 8... so it makes no difference to me, but I would like to sincerely call onto others to do the same. Reading lies and enriching the people telling them is just the most horrible thing we can do as human beings. So, boycott it is! I will take some time off today to have the logo displayed.

Zorro talked about the crowd during nomination (and here) but I think Pakatan should not get too over confident and cocky right now. They have to ensure another win for Pakatan and further reduce BN's thin majority in Parliament. Maybe its the encouragement they need to have those undecided froggies to decide that its time to hop. With that in mind, I also share Harris's thoughts that Najib should not be PM. Kuala Terengganu voters should not be bluffed into thinking that the so called "rift" in Pakatan (i.e the recent spat between Manicakvasagam in PKR and Santiago in DAP) to be manipulated into a crumbling Pakatan. If there is any if you ask me, I think it is healthy that all the disagreements are discussed and debated and solutions sought unlike in the past where Umno practised the You Must Not Object unilateral decision making where they lord over the kuncu-kuncu in MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PPP etc. Instead as Haris rightly pointed out that the so called "rift" is actually democracy at work!

Kuala Terengganu could be the last nail in BN's coffin if the decision is overwhelming, it will just go to show that the tide of March 8, is not a one-off but a growing tide that will sweep the country..... eventually... I hope. It is not that I think Pakatan will be the choice of government, but, I would think that they can do no worse than BN. So, my fellow Kuala Terengganu voters, this is the time to send another message to BN. They have failed to "listen" during March 8... and they thought Permatang Pauh was a one off since it was an "Opposition Stronghold". Now, lets send a loud and clear message through the "Bastion of BN" in the Kuala Terengganu by-election that Change is about to come to Malaysia!