Saturday, December 20, 2008

IJN - To sell or not to sell...

Our DPM announced triumphantly that IJN would be sold to Sime Darby.

Trail of the news can be found here which many thought culminated when DPM announced that it would be sold...

PM says takeover only if poor taken care of. A very caring PM if you asked me but I think he left his brains somewhere. How can you sell off something and hope to influence or retain control on how they are being run?

Then Sime Darby came out with a statement that the fee structure will remain! WOW! What a Stupid statement... are you telling me that it will remain forever? Or was it a deceptive statement to cheat? HERE.

Of course another idiot and apple polisher in the form of current health minister who has been at best disgusting when the whole melamine scare hit dairy products, he needed an "advice" from ex-health minister Mr. Gigolo to tell him to accept Singapore's list to reduce the ministry's tasks as good, and at the moment, he is still unable to tell if 100 deaths from denggi is not enough to kick the butt of his ministry into action. Well, his introduction was a bit long, but this is what he said.. Govt will continue to REGULATE IJN's fees.... err... like how they regulate electricity tariff is it? Or toll concessions? Or payments to IPPs? Even the roti canai seller?

Well, the above news are all just mere whines from me. The crux of the news is here.


I commented in Cikgu's blog the other day, that our dear Najib is trying to find more creative means to patch the hole caused by the failure of the EuroCOCKter deal gone sour... for now... or so it seems that the DPM is trying to exert his influence and make a pre-emptive statement ahead of the PM in this matter.

Then the mother of all spin came out...


and in a face saving spin, they depict the government as caring and sensitive in that they will have to deliberate it further.. HERE. The thing here is what is Najib trying to say? First sale, then no sale and his excuse is this...

Najib, who is also Finance Minister, said the study would focus on the interests of the rakyat, especially in guaranteeing that the Government’s social responsibilities towards the people would not be sacrificed.

The deferment, according to Najib, was made due to the negative reaction from the public following the Government’s announcement that it had agreed in principle to the takeover plan.

The statement made his sound as stupid as he looked. As if he did not conduct a comprehensive study and survey before he made the SALE statement. Ooops, I forgot, they are BN.

Now two questions:

1. Why did the DPM made the statement of sale then made a U Turn just a day after making it?
2. If the cabinet is caring and sensitive, the idea should have been dead a buried there and then? Why must it yet to be discussed?

Now, let me try to understand why the statements were made in that order. Najib is DPM and PM in waiting. He would have thought, he commanded the respect or wanted to see who in the cabinet are his YES men and who are not. Making the statement would weed out those who were not so co-operative and if he were to assume the seat next, his task of choosing his cabinet is made much easier. And while it is being deferred, it is being deferred until he assumes office in March 09. The deal will still go through come March 09. Make no mistake about it.

Scenario two takes a small twist. DPM made the statement, trumping his No.1... for want to show power, but when PM made the "caring" statement, he decided to muscle the cabinet into denying his No.2 glory for now. Can we assume that there is an acute power struggle from within? Can it be seen that DPM does not have the sort of absolute support that he seem to have as depicted by the Umno nominations for position of Presidency?

Thursday, December 18, 2008

What a week!

Well, its only been about a week since I was gone from the blogging world yet... so much has happened.. and although I was away from rambling about the world and Malaysia in particular, I was never far away from a copy of newspaper or my tiny device that I use to read news... sometimes I feel that am getting old, the fonts seem "blur"... haha..

Now with some breathing space in between now and Christmas, am feeling Christmasy but sadly the events lately shows that we are far from it. Top of my mind was... guys, remember the guy? Nick Leeson? The famous one man that brought down Barings Bank with his rogue trades? What we have heard these few days probably made Leeson's folly to be a kids stuff... Bernard Madoff. I mean, how can one man command USD50billion worth of funds? Maybe his resume is impressive, but while it is understandable that gullible Malaysians will fall prey to "get rich quick" schemes, it is unthinkable for international banks to fall for the same or rather more impressive scheme helmed by the ex-boss of Nasdaq? If the financial market has not suffered enough, one man himself commanding the funds more than enough to save US automotive industry! And considering the fact that Washington is debating for weeks on a USD30+billion rescue package, we then hear of one man squandering USD50billion.

Then while all that has been happening, outgoing President Dodge Bush... dodged a pair of size 10. I bet my bottom dollar that Bush was the star dodge ball player in his days!

Closer to home, we have the MACC and JAC bills that has caused much concern to Malaysians. While I think the MACC was a commendable effort, the JAC reeks of about the same shit in different pail. The executive still holds power in appointments over the judiciary? I rest my case. Many people have talked about it and it sounds stale, so I let the others talk about it while I try bitching about other matters... let me put on my thinking cap to see what else I can bitch on and return later... for now, I just need a break, its been a rollercoaster week and my body is screaming out for a break!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Landslides and Tragedies... whose fault is it anyway?

My heart goes out to families whose members perished in the landslide in Bukit Antarabangsa.. anguished by the thoughts of people losing people they loved... also to those whose lives were taken by the terrorists in Mumbai and closer to home some unwarranted deaths on the roads like the one in Tangkak that claimed so many lives.

I just wonder what has the government done to avert all these disasters. Much as I was busy and too busy to write, my heart tells me that I need to write something on all these. News over the past few days really akin to rubbing salt onto the wound. While we see needless deaths due to negligent drivers and ill maintained express busses, we have the authorities telling us that the fourth passenger in the car need not buckle up. And their freaking excuse was only 5%-6% of vehicles carry the 4th passenger. They need not be issued a ticket either.

Try reading between the lines.... the laws should have been black or white... either you break the law or you did not. Right? Now, if the 4th passenger would not be issued a summon, then he/she is not breaking the law.. right? Then why must 3 flers at the back buckle up and the 4th be exempted? Now, do we have the statistics that say that rear passengers who do not buckle up had caused more deaths than the motor cyclists that carry an entire family on their two wheelers? Or deaths to motorcyclists without crash helmets? Are there any statistics to show that vehicles that zipped past traffic lights after it has longed turned red caused more deaths? Or could it be that cyclist or motor cyclist nipping in a one way traffic or riding against the flow of traffic causing more accidents on pedestrians than rear seat passenger do to the two in front? I was at best flabbergasted by the news that came out. It seems that the authorities just wanted to make some money from retrofitting some cars with rear seat belts at best in coming up with such a ruling.

Imagine you are driving... two kids in the rear seat. I think all the more these two would be "brazenly" breaking the rule. Now would the police expect:

1. The driver to be focussed on the road or
2. To be busy looking back reminding their kids to buckle up and be less focussed on the road?

Which is more important?

That aside really, coz I thought it was a big issue.. but not after I read our PM and DPM's oh so holy statement that all hillside developments be STOPPED. I was like wow... "should this not have stopped since Highland Tower tragedy? Isn't this too little too late?" Then... there was this piece of news today which compelled me to write. HERE.

Looting by the authorities and refusal to help buried victims.... and of course the police deny it. No one will know for sure... but if its coming from the victims who were there first hand... who would you believe? I would believe the authorities naturally if they had in the past held the high moral ground and proved themselves blameless and honorable but am afraid, the scars of their past does not allow me to believe them... and with statements coming from CPO Khalid, I am all the more suspicious after his statement on the detention of the candlelight vigil in PJ.

Indeed there are many things to write about... just too busy to do all that at the moment. At the top of my mind too was the Jerit folks who were arrested in Johor and their machines "torched" by arsonists... co-incidence? Arsonists working hand in hand with the police? And I am suppose to believe and trust the police? Gimme a break!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

A day's silence...

Much as I would like to comment on what is happening in Malaysia, I think I would like to reflect on what is happening around the world today and what Malaysians are doing or are going to do to face the impending doom... if it ever happens.

India is the latest country now be ravaged by terrorism. More than a hundred were killed with scores other injured. Thailand... paralyzed after demonstrators took over the airport. The financial crunch is crippling Europe, America and the world over...

Well, one can say that we do not have any terrorist attacks wut.... well... yeah... but isn't the ease of attacks by these small pockets of militants drive fear into us? As cities grow, the need for security and the cost of it escalates exponentially if we are to ensure that our way of life is not being threatened by this phenomenon. The question is, who is going to bear the cost of it?

An attack on Mumbai is probably just a reminder of how vulnerable these places are. This come after a similar attack in Pakistan... prior to that, Bali, Indonesia. I guess, the question now is.. where are these terrorist going to attack next? How well are we protected against all these?

As if the economic quake is not bad enough, we have to grapple with the fact that there are a group of people who will stop at nothing to inflict more misery upon others regardless of color or creed. Where is the unified voice of the world in denouncing this? Where is the voice of moderates who claim that they form the majority? What would they do to prevent these perverted acts of carnage from happening in the future?

My heart goes out to the families of those perish in Mumbai. Whether its the government that has been unfair does not justify such acts of cowardice. This and other acts of terrorism are nothing more than acts of cowards. Show yourselves if you dare... stand for elections if you dare. Let the people judge you.

While all this is happening, I do hope that the Indian authorities do not conduct another slip shod investigation and point the root of matter to Kashmir militants. That seem to me has been their favourite punching bag all these years.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

No Liquor? No Problem.

It seems that Pakatan is having a problem... Alcohol Ban!

Wow... must be something serious... But on the flipside, I think its a wonderful proposal. For one, if you flip through your newspaper on a daily basis, one can see that there are many licenses issued for the sale of liquor to individuals... I do not think that they cannot sell, but, there must be a place and location to do all these businesses.

How many times you come across a drunkard while having your dinner or supper at a coffee shop? I have... many times... and with kids around, its definitely not a pretty sight. And, is it good for the economy??? Well, making such stuff easily available certainly makes some money for some people.. but at the end of the day... is it good? I think not except for those people that sells and make money out of it.

While I am not a drinker, I do drink occasionally. Not beer but I love a good whiskey or red wine. Certainly I do not like to do this in a coffee shop. A pub or club or bar would be nice but definitely not a coffee shop. So was PAS really wrong in proposing that? I think they have done reasonable homework to come up with this. If we go through the BM version HERE... there are exclusion clauses..

Bagaimanapun, tambah sumber-sumber, semakan semula ini tidak melibatkan premis lain seperti hotel, kelab malam, kedai ubat Cina, pasaraya besar dan jualan oleh pemborong.

To a certain extent, I like that ruling... it makes sense. Bad news for drinkers though... a good rule to help them kick the habit... make the roads safer for all... and with that in mind, I also hope that the state government do something about the Mat Cemerlangs...

Monday, November 24, 2008

What else is important?

Anwar's motion on economy rejected.

"I am rejecting the motion to discuss, although it is specific and of public interest, it is not necessarily an immediate concern.

"Already during two different instances - the Trade Minister Muhyiddin Yassin on Oct 30 and the parliamentary committee on Nov 20 - have already dealt with this issue," said Kiandee.

See Kiandee, as long as it is being debated, I am sure the issue has not been dealt with comprehensively, and we are talking about an issue that will plague ALL Malaysians maybe with the exception of cronies.

What else is more important then???

Banning yoga... making tomboyism illegal... snooping on couples rather than catching criminals? Well maybe that is... in Murder is a Lesser Crime than Sodomy.

TIME: How does Islam perceive homosexuality?
Abdul Kadir: Homosexuality is forbidden in Islam.
It is a crime worse than murder.

Wow.... I am speechless. So, blowing a person up with C4 is a lesser crime than playing with another consenting butt?

TIME: What about those who say that people have a right to choose who they want to be with?
Abdul Kadir: What right are you talking about? This is a sin, end of story.

This Kadir fler... playing God? But somehow from this interview, I get the feeling like he is talking pretty much like the Mamak Zam during his interview with Al Jazeera and that Al Botak in his interview with BBC Hardtalk...

TIME: What about gay women?
Abdul Kadir: We have never arrested lesbian women. There are no complaints, maybe because it is difficult to gauge who is a lesbian.

Now, who says Islam does not discriminate women? Maybe they do not understand them enough to not discriminate them.. maybe its an advantage eh?

Now for the jewel in the interview...

TIME: What happens when gay men are arrested?

Abdul Kadir: We charge them in court, but before that we put them through what we call Islamic counseling sessions. They recite the Koran everyday and we will tell them they have committed a grave sin.

TIME: Do these people change?

Abdul Kadir: It is difficult to make them change; it has to come from within. I know there is very little effect. Out of 100 people, only one will change.

TIME: If your approach is not working, then why not abandon it?

Abdul Kadir: No, we have to tell these people they are doing something very wrong in the eyes of Allah [God]. It is a major sin. Gay people think being gay is a fashion.

We can't change them, yet we are doing it.... what he is not telling them is that its money down the drain.

Secondly, these mofos do not have any other ideas to educate the people who are being "fashionable". Don't you think that this interview makes him look.... Utterly STUPID? Any word to describe?

Weekend Getaway...

Its been a hectic month and with holidays coming at a premium, I thought, since it was school holidays, I might as well take a break and give my kids a surprise. After all they were asking if we were going anywhere at all these holidays.

Its early though we do have something planned this December so, my wife and I thought it would be great to have a short weekend break up on a hill resort... so Camerons it was. Was a short 3 hour drive from KL to Camerons... it was about 18 months since we were last up there. But this time round, we thought we would give Equatorial a miss and decided to try something new... we gave Century Pines a go this time round.

Booking for the hotel was a breeze. It was just a click away. However, to truly experience Malaysian hospitality, we just need to be Malaysians. I am sure many of us have gone on holidays and the norm would be check in time to be at latest 2pm. This hotel is simply out of the world. I was told to check in at 3pm when I arrive at the reception table! No greeting, no smile, just an unexpressive look and... "your room is not ready. come back at 3pm. We are fully booked." Then I glance around the parking lot, its... well.. empty. Then I drove down to their basement park, its... well... empty.

My wife was aghast... it was 12.15 noon and we thought we would check in, put all our stuff in and then go off for the evening for lunch and some walk-a-bout in the cool weather. So, being a "diplomat" I asked the duty manager what are their policies. He dutifully told me that he would work on it and promised to call me back by 2pm to tell me my room is ready. We went off for lunch and 2pm came and went... no calls..... (typically Malaysian).

We went back to the hotel, well, now it has become their policy that they do not greet anyone and there were now a few more guests checking in/out.... and the mono-syllable girl now would not even dare to look up at me, while the other gave me the same reply when I asked her about my room... then I asked for the Duty Manager... and well, this reply is a gem.. "He has gone out to buy some groceries." My jaw dropped and was speechless for a few seconds, then I asked for the GM...

As usual her task was to do damage control as I rattle off a flurry of comments.... In Malaysia, after all these years, I learnt a few things... if you do not demand for your rights, you will be sidelined. I got my room in 10 minutes... and a free extra bed+breakfast thrown in as well...

This post is not to rant about the holidays or what you could get for being a pain in the arse but, really, its more of the level of understanding their job that is important. Imagine one being at front office, you are the face of the organization and if you show a face that in cantonese, looks like being tiu-ed a thousand times the night before, that is not going to endear you to the guests, would it? Your "guests" expect to be treated with respect and dignity. After all, they pay your monthly pay-check and I am sure they expect to be accorded some level of service.

The term, one can take a person out of the kampung but you cannot take the kampung out of the person sums up the whole episode. Had the same experience in Langkawi early this year as well, when the staff was apathetic to the cause when you have cockroaches crawling all over, instead of appeasing the guests by offering an upgrade without any fuss, they handed a bottle of Mortein to the guest. And guess what happens when you spray insecticide into the nest??

Now, back to my "experience". I find it really disheartening... really.. Century Pines is a wonderful hotel with a lot of promise but delivered little. Its great location, wonderful lush garden... with a bit of landscape and some fun activities for the guests and family activities at the hotel proper would have given much value to the hotel. The rooms were adequately appointed, I think we loved the super king sized bed... the timber flooring gave it warmth and felt cleaner than carpet... the coffee house with a portion of al-fresco dining area is great under such weather condition. I think everything else stopped there.

I would really recommend the hotel to everyone if they do not mind the rude front office staff attitude and just wanted a clean and comfy room for the evening at Cameron Highlands... just nice for a family of 2 adults and 2 kids.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Double Whammy...

First Government went on the offensive that wow! Petrol Price goes DOWN!!! They kept their promise.. then... WE WILL DECLASSIFY TOLL CONCESSION AGREEMENT!

WOW!! WOW!!!

Then, the whammy... Sharir talking nonsense.. and PLUS after years of screwing us rakyat with more than 100% increase in toll charges since its inception is "helping out" by dishing out 10% discount on toll charges for usage from 12midnight to 7am..... 10%??? I leave it to your imagination if the 10% is an insult or a gift.

I guess we rakyat cannot do anything but feel glad and thankful to BN.... so guys.. go down on your knees and give thanks and praise to BN for being so thoughtful! Petrol price DOWN... Toll DOWN.. that must call for a celebration... uncork the champagne folks!!! We are gonna save so much money!!!

Great! We pay more for fuel!

Is that it?

Sharir says that Govt has ceased petrol subsidies!

Adding salt to injury, he says that the government is making "some money" if fuel is at RM1.92. (ie the already increased price before the lunacy of the government brought the price to RM2.70/liter).

Now see if this statement made any sense.

At present, the cost price of RON97 is below RM1.61, said the minister. This means that consumers are currently paying 39 sen above the actual price.

Shahrir said even after considering the 19 and 12 sen revenue per litre going to the energy companies and kiosk operators respectively - the government can still marginally profit from pump prices at the RM1.92 per litre level.

Moreover, the energy companies and kiosk operators pay the government in the form of taxes.

Now... government realized that they are going to lose revenue from Petronas due to lower prices.. but aren't they saving on subsidies already? How much was it last year? 50+ Billion (or was it RM7bil? The number changes to suit their fancy? Anyway, from my archive of articles I have noted that the reported subsidies were about RM56billion! Anyway... Fine... Fine.. they are paying back in cash to Malaysians this year... how bout next year? So, isn't taking out the burden of 7bil sufficient in covering the shortfall in taxes from Petronas? Why do they want to make profit? Are we going to get better medical facilities? Better universities??? Better schools? Better public transportation??? Didn't they say that by increasing the fuel prices they will give us better public transportation??? Have we seen any improvements??? And this nitwit has the gall to tell us that they now want to make some PROFITS????

Now... get this.. the noted statements in RED! Petrol Kiosk operators are paying in form of taxes... and please read it in conjuction with my article yesterday...

Meanwhile, petroleum dealers said they would feel the pinch with the latest fuel price reduction.

Malaysian Petroleum Dealers’ Association acting president Abdul Wahid Bidin said: “We hope this reduction will be the last. Otherwise, we won’t be able to plan ahead and doing business will be very difficult.”

Why is our dear Sharir trying to "protect" the profits of these folks? I am sure if these people find that the business is not rewarding, some other people would only be too glad to take over. Anyway, who are the operators of the petrol kiosks?

They pay taxes????? You make me laugh Sharir... these are all Sdn Bhds.. and do you know what people do with Sdn Bhd???? Its an entity for individuals to evade taxes... wait.. let me rephrase that, evading tax is an illegal action... MINIMIZE taxes...

So Sharir, tell me... you are helping some mofos to keep their profits at the expense of the rakyats??? Is that it? So, we poor rakyats who earn so much more lesser than these petrol station operators, have to pay higher fuel charges so that these mofos can maintain their "profits" so that they can PAY taxes back to the government???? Can you now provide us rakyat with the amount of taxes paid by ALL the petrol stations in Malaysia???

Are we Malaysians so gullible and stupid to even believe Sharir and all the nonsense he is telling us???

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Petrol Down Again...

Is it good news? RM2.00/liter?

Ever wondered if this is about the lowest it will go? Sharir says that they will cap the lowest price to RM1.92... remember that?

Now, does this sound like deja-vu?

Meanwhile, petroleum dealers said they would feel the pinch with the latest fuel price reduction.

Malaysian Petroleum Dealers’ Association acting president Abdul Wahid Bidin said: “We hope this reduction will be the last. Otherwise, we won’t be able to plan ahead and doing business will be very difficult.”

And how could they feel the pinch???? hint.. hint... when the price it at its highest... they were reaping huge profits!!!! Now their profits are down due to lower prices! Bloody profit swines! These buggers just want to make huge profits regardless of situation... selfish rent seekers!

I wonder how would the plan and doing business be difficult when in other countries where market price mechanism is in place? They will just have to plan within the context of volatile prices... if they are unable to do that, then they CANNOT be business folks.. Imagine these are the buggers that complain that credit card commission is eating into their profits when prices are up.. now they are freaking complaining when prices go down... And are they the only ones that is having difficulty doing business???? Geez....

So, do you all think that even if crude goes down to USD40/barrel, they will cap the price at RM1.92?

Wait, before that, lets look at how our DPM and soon to be PM spins on government keeping to promises to reduce price...

He said the people would be angry with the Government because prices of goods were still high.

“The Government had kept its promise but traders are not doing their part,” he said.

My my.... my... my... Its the freaking government's fault in the first place that the prices of goods today remain high! What is there to blame the traders??? Remember dear Najib, traders work on demand and supply.. as long as there is demand.. why should they reduce price? The government in their stupidity has allowed the traders this opportunity to increase price. Don't they know that prices of goods are sticky.. it won't go down after it has gone up? Was he just born yesterday????

Kamunting's Quit Rent....

Perak State Government says that they do not want to collect RM280,000 worth of quit rent from the government for the Kamunting Detention Centre..... Sigh....

To the Perak State Government,

It is already difficult to get money from Federal government... its RM280,000! Even its sin money as what Ngeh Koo Ham says it is.... don't you think that it was paid in blood? Imagine the number of people wrongfully detained there!

I say take the money! Set up a fund and disburse it out to the family of the detained! With the sole breadwinners already under detention, imagine the hardships endured by the family, the money could go a long way to ease the financial burden of the family.

So YB Ngeh, please consider this. While it may be "immoral" to collect the money, it is not wrong to put the money to responsible use. After all, the money the government pays you comes from the taxpayers... Government is paying for the use of a piece of land!

Take the freaking money! And put it to good use!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Polis Raja.....ahhhh?

Polis Diraja Malaysia ka.. Polis Raja di Malaysia?

Sure, the fracas at the field in front of Amcorp Mall tells the story....

Looks like they have not learnt... and never will learn that the people they are dealing with are also peace loving Malaysians. Let alone that the excuse you gave was they did not apply for permit... but the question here is did they get unruly?

I am sure someone there has evidence that the police came in while they were singing Negaraku... I thought nobody is suppose to move while the national anthem is being played? If there are evidences showing the police bearing down on the crowd during Negaraku, this must be shown! Otherwise, I will take it that the police has given respect to the national anthem. But, did the situation warrant them to drag and wallop the crowd? Err... according to this news report that there is indeed a video showing that the police bore down on the crowd while Negaraku is being played.. but in the CPO's own words.. "I AM DENYING IT" Show the video! Prove that the CPO is a LIAR!


What more, the FRU has got no respect whatsoever for the national anthem! Watch it for yourself, HERE and HERE.

When I see these sort of showing of force by the police, I really wonder why there are still people blowing up ATM machines... robbers, rapists and murderers walk free when they are sooooo powderful? On top of that, them shifting out their beat from Chow Kit.....

On a separate note.. BOTAK now getting a bit smart.. he claimed he knew nothing of the antics of the Police last night... Eh? He also claimed that he did not sign the papers to arrest RPK under ISA the last time eh? So... he lied?

Friday, November 7, 2008


The courts have freed him.... here and here.

Is he really free? Our efforts have all paid dividends?

Hmmmm.. and people calling for Botak to resign... you think this numbskull will? For a person who blames the media for causing confusion because they report exactly what he said... will resign?

Who thinks Botak will resign put up your hand.... Who thinks Botak will come up with another silly statement... please show your butt!

But today is a day of sorts for Malaysia... probably an Obama day if you ask me...

RPK walks free... Anwar got his case to be heard in Sessions Court.... Lets see if that Zaki fler will interfere.

Maybe after all these we can say, "There is still hope for Malaysia"

Thursday, November 6, 2008

What are Police for?

A few days back, Botak made another blunder.... laughable?

Yeah.. he talked about the closure of the police beat at Chow Kit was due to fear of criminals and contagious diseases.... As usual, his stupidity earned him loads of "attention".

I forgot where I read the news before but as usual back then I was too busy to write about it and I forgot all about it until today. Malaysiakini carried the news that he has come out to "explain" that he had made a mistake!

A MISTAKE???? Heck! Botak! Seriously if you made a mistake saying what you said, you truly do not deserve to be in the government. Are you telling us that we have MORONS running the country?? I doubt any other idiot out there would give such an excuse to close the police beat down. In the very first place, Chow Kit should by now be a very safe and clean are because of the presence of a "Police Beat" but, I must say, the Police Beat itself is a nest for the transvestites to ply their trade!

Maybe then sir, your fear that your honorable and fearless cops to catch the contagious disease could be true as they could be... no?

Now lets go back to the news report. Did he actually made himself look smart when he apologized for his mistake? Lets read the statement ya?

Asked if he would retract his statement made in Parliament, Syed Hamid replied: "I think I have fixed the mistake. The statement I made was based on a written answer and the officials had given me the wrong information."

Honestly, his answers really had me in stitches! The bolded statement shows that Botak just read the statement without processing the information through his head to find out if it is logical or not!... Maybe it did go through.. just that there were no brain cells left to process the information.

The minister also blamed the media for confusing the public further over the matter.

Now...the best way to not make me look stupid is to blame someone else for it. Yeah! Blame the media for confusing the public by reporting EXACTLY what he said?????? Excuse me?

"Some of the information in the written answer (in Parliament) was right, some of it was wrong.

"The media played a major role in confusing the people by giving the impression that the police are scared of criminals. If they are, then we would all will be in trouble," he said.

Well.. okay... some right and some wrong answers... this shows that those dungus working under you are actually dungus... and you are the BIGGEST dungu for not vetting through the information.. and ahh yes.. reinforce the fact that the media confuse people yet again for reporting EXACTLY what you said....

Hey Botak... I have an idea! Please protect them (the media) because now they are under threat by the police for making them look stupid... May I suggest ISA? Its the best tool to protect the innocent. Right? If you have forgotten, then may I remind you of one Miss Tan Hoon Cheng?

As for the bolded statement, WE ARE ALREADY IN TROUBLE. Look at the rocketing crime rate. Everyday, I hear of people having their vehicle hijacked.. some lady losing their belongings to a snatch thief... and where are the police? Shifting out of crime infested area?

We deserve more than a Draw!

Watched the game early this morning... Manchester United travelled to Parkhead to play Celtic. As for me, I would rather United play some other team than the Bravehearts... they are indeed a hard team to break down and it certainly was.

United wasted a hatful of chances to level and go ahead but it was either repelled by the Hoop's hardwork or sheer luck, but as the saying goes... "The harder you work, the luckier you get." Manchester United did exactly that. After seeing the other English teams falter, Chelsea at the Olimpico to Roma.. (sweet sweet victory for the Romans) and Liverpool prove toothless yet again against Athletico Madrid only to be saved by Stevie G's penalty.. (Sigh). I had a bad feeling that Manchester United will suffer similar fate, but after watching their performance, I must say United played with a lot of determination and heart. At the end, we got what we deserved A DRAW. Yet, we could have won, but in football, its like this la... you do not take your chances well, you may even lose the game.

Berbatov had a golden opportunity to nail it in stoppage time but I guess he was tired and off focus. Many other chances came and went, and it was to a certain extent, the blue feeling envelops me... as if "this is just one of those days that nothing will go right for us" feeling. Yet my droopy eyes peered open and when Giggs nodded in the rebound off a Ronaldo's screamer.. I swear that my physical body was still on the couch while I jumped up and muffled my screams with the pillow... gosh what a relief! I gasped...

So, Manchester United is still undefeated and although technically they have not yet qualified for the next round.. I think it will take a miracle for Aalborg and Celtic to unseat United and Villareal as the qualifiers from Group E. So, its back to the Barclays Premier League where we play perennial whinners... Arsenal next at Emirates. Arsenal brilliant at times but seem to have a weakness.. they cannot have people roughing them up... :). Stoke City did that... can United? Its a taboo for me to predict the scores.. so .. Lets wait till this Saturday yeah?

Euphoria of Obama

With his win in the recently concluded US Presidential elections, many hailed it as a breath of hope. Indeed... the son of an immigrant who married a local is now the Chief Executive of the world's most powerful country. Ironic that many Malaysian leaders from both the divide hailed his victory. I hold no grudges against Obama, but, I think he comes on at the most challenging of times to lead the country and the world.

Interestingly too, the congratulatory message from McCain... who rallied his supporters to back Obama in his speech and called upon his association with Obama, the American which is most valuable and held in the highest esteem. Note that he did not relate Obama as an immigrant (Pendatang) nor as a Black but as an American. McCain being a staunch military man would know that he was well and truly beaten and his discipline held up in his respect for his opponent. I laud McCain for that.

Now... if only those buggers in the Ketuanan Melayu issue will take a leaf out of the events that happened in USA. Mind you, Obama isn't even the 3rd or 4th generation! He is ALL (100%) American. Yet some nincompoops here in Malaysia still regard others as pendatang even though we have been here for more than 3 generations. I wonder if these people know any shame.. while lauding Obama's victory.. wouldn't they at least look themselves in the mirror and question themselves if they have been even half of what McCain is?

Yes, Obama has transcended racism and religion... now... can Malaysia do the same?

Looks like the commentators in Malaysiakini has also commented in the same breath as I have and some has even given a good analogy of how much US has progressed and how much Malaysia has progressed or (regressed) in areas of racialism.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Why is the Speaker being such an Idiot?

Every matter that the opposition has brought up to be discussed in the house has been shot down by this one man... Pandikar Amin Mulia... nothing noble about him apart from his name... and his sidekick..

11.3bil broadband project
1.7bil eurocopter deal
4.26bil purchase of BII by Maybank

and maybe a host of others previously being brought up to be discussed in the August House... all has been rejected...

If these matters are not of public interest, I wonder what is?

US Election... Obama? Mc Cain?

Contrary to many favourites.. they liked Obama... I just thought that he projected himself as too perfect and did not really hold on to his ideals.. that is if he had any. As at present, Obama is leading in Electoral Votes 102-34.. but interestingly.. he is behind in popular votes... 7.63mil to 7.68mil that of Mc Cain... wonder who would win.. :).

I know its too early when projected voter turnout to be 140million.. :). Less than 15% counted but interestingly big time Blue Obama states have reported in their leads while Red Mc Cain States have still to report.

Its like a very exciting basketball match... (in the end... hehe.. it fizzled out!)

Obama pulling clear again... :). I think our Malaysian GE next time round will be just as close.. :)


True... like what Cleffairy commented below... United States became color blind today as Obama took the US Presidential Election by storm today... blowing away the challenge of John McCain by taking some traditional red states away from the Gops.

Obama then proclaimed that Change has come to America.... I reserve my judgement on that whether will the change be good or bad. Personally, I have no favourites but over the period of a year that we saw the battle, I am just inclined to think that Obama pretty much like Anwar.. played along the populist line without really having a clear direction on what his policies are... be it on taxes or the security of US of A. While I never liked Bush's foreign policies, many assumed that McCain would perpetuate and carry on what Bush has done but Obama?

Any way, congratulations President Elect, Barack Obama. You will have your work cut out not only to care for your country but also the world at large. I see you as a well and truly crafted politician, from your gestures and speech... but I pray that above all, you will be a President for all Americans and a leader to all mankind. May God guide you in all your ways and decision and I ask of you to allow that to take place. The world may have been made more hostile by your predecessor.. the world may have just started to experience a great economic turbulence, courtesy of your supporters at Wall Street, but I pray that you will act fairly on all to bring peace and prosperity to mankind in your 4 year tenure as the President of the United States of America.

8% Deduction? EPF?

As usual, when the country's leaders is putting their hand into the nation's coffers, they would then ask Malaysians to spend more to safe their arses! While EPF has been screwed.... I think its a good thing that they seek to reduce the deduction.. and what right thinking Malaysians should do is to put aside the 3% removed from the hands of EPF into something more rewarding than to follow the government's call for heightened spending.

While the call to build more low cost houses is lauded... I really wonder if the ones really in need of these houses will get them... As I travel around the low cost apartments in KL, I do see some fancy cars being parked at the parking lot.. err.. for me, anything apart from locally made cars and the rebadged toy cars are considered fancy.. especially so when the houses that they are staying in is only 1/4 of the price of the cars they are driving!

One way of solving this would be to instead of selling the houses, the government should enforce renting it out to the needy and these people will have to move out upon them owning a car of sorts. If one can afford even a Kancil, he/ she should be able to afford a low-medium cost house by then with prices ranging from 60k-90k... these people must vacate their property. Easier said than done when enforcement is always an issue in our country where corruption is rampant.

The whole winding up speech talked basically on two things:

1. Hammering Anwar
2. Screwing EPF

The other side shows are nothing more than adding salt to the sea..... don't you think?

Monday, November 3, 2008

Err... Have faith you say?

Now he is pleading for us to have faith in nation's ability?

I thought he said that we were "insulated" from the current crisis? But now he said he cannot deny the fact that we cannot escape the turmoil.

Geez.. isn't he a bit slow?

How can he expect us to have faith? When all they wanted was to pillage the EPF... buy Eurocopters at exhorbitant price? Invest in 13billion Broadband? And while the "incoming PM" conveniently sees his buddy being acquitted of murder of one Mongolian beauty? On top of that, you have a whole entourage of people screaming for the head of PKNS to be of a certain skin color. Have faith you say?

Other countries may just have to contend with economic turmoil.... here in Malaysia, we have to contend not only with the economic turmoil but also judiciary turmoi and racial turmoil. Have faith you say? What plans have you got Abdullah? For us to have faith?

Abdullah we had faith in you in 2004... see what that landed us into... and.. Have faith you say?

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Oh What Crap...

Expect this to come from a man who famously told Kayveas off that Umno can rule Malaysia without other support... however, he was lucky that he is still ruling Malacca but, it is Idiots as these that makes Malaysia a recipe for disaster.

Here he again talks of Umno must dictate government policy. Well so he says, in order to regain lost support. He is still sticking to his guns that Umno does not need anybody else to rule Malaysia. I really wonder why all the other lap dogs in BN is doing... I forgot.. they were just that.. and all you need to do is to give a reward for their obedience... a big juicy bone...

"This situation causes Umno members to lose their morale because the party agenda and manifesto is not effectively implemented. Party decisions need to be implemented and if this is done, we can resolve a lot of problems.

Malays = Umno? So, the issue here isn't really that the manifesto is implemented for ALL Malays but for Umno members.... can you all see this fler's argument?

"If Barisan Nasional wishes to regain the confidence of the Malays, the concept of parti menguasai kerajaan (the party heading the government) must be looked at seriously," he said.

Why such perversion? Again! Malays = Umno = BN?

But seriously, I hope for the sake of Malaysia, Umno is populated by only these racoons... and let the smart, clever, intelligent ones leave them for dead and together with other Malaysians start building a more dynamic and progressive country for all.

While this fler froth in the mouth championing what he thought to be his own ketuanan, here we have a very learned man talks about non-discrimination and propagating all inclusive development... Raja Nazrin speaks of it .. HERE.

Governments can no longer afford to formulate policies, laws and regulations on a discriminatory basis and in an ethical vacuum, said Perak Raja Muda Raja Nazrin Shah said.

“No segment of society must be disrespected, discredited and disenfranchised. No group should feel that their efforts and contributions go unrecognised and unwanted.

“We must abandon the ‘silo’ mentality where we only look up at what is happening and not beside us at what others are experiencing,” Raja Nazrin said at the 21st LawAsia Conference.

Bringing this about is one of the greatest challenges of governance today. For this reason, he said that there was case for empowering through the principle of inclusiveness.

“Only inclusive development through empowerment can societies become strong and we can achieve lasting outcomes,” he told lawyers, judges and students of law in his keynote address.

He said that not empowering citizens could lead to “a deep sense of alienantion and hostility” that could cause “ rash acts of violence that fracture societies.”

"This is bad and insensitive politics."

“We cannot morally turn our backs on the fundamental responsibility of ensuring that all stakeholders in our society, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, have a place under the sun.”

“But closing two eyes to the problem does not help build the unity and integration required to face the economic and social turmoil that is likely to result. “Empowerment is a precondition for an integrated and progressive Asia. Interestingly enough, the forces that can connect Asia also have the potential to empower its people.”

He cited five areas that could empower Asia.

“The first prerequisite of empowerment must be to strengthen the rule of law. The law has the capacity to unite and enfranchise the people of Asia like no other.

“The second source of empowerment is greater political participation. One of the essential tasks of Asia’s leaders is to convert residents into citizens and citizens into stakeholders.

“It is only when citizens are also stakeholders will there be the widest sense of ownership of problems and challenges. In order for Asian countries to weather this storm, governance systems must be broadly based and consultative to minimise non-cooperative behaviour.”

A third prerequisite for empowerment is that values and beliefs need to be changed and this is never a straightforward task.

A fourth source of empowerment is technology, particularly information and communication technology.

A fifth source of empowerment is education that breaks the chains of oppressive traditions and extremism.

“Education has paved the way for many to find their way out of poverty and for countries to sharpen their competitive edge,” Raja Nazrin added.

Unfortunately, he said that good quality education was still a dream for many.

Can you all see that all the values espoused by the learned Raja Nazrin was wantonly ignored by our current government?

1. Strengthen the rule of law - ISA, sedition law, police being the tool of the government of the day.
2. Greater political participation - Umno controls ALL.... the rest, biasala... read the above story..
3. Values and belief need to be changed - Hindraf, conversion, meritocracy..... need I list down more?
4. Technology - 11.13billion broadband contract probably 1/2 of it is "commission" just like the eurocopter deal...
5. Education - National Service, Education Curriculum that focuses on religious studies more than sciences... quality of teachers.. free falling status of local universities.... squabbling over uni places each year...

I wonder if Raja Nazrin speaks of all these with reference to his own observation of the state of his country or was he enlightened by the progress and success reaped by countries that practised the above fair values?

Coming Soon....

I wonder if this is a trailer is for Coming Attraction or Distraction or Destruction...

Fatwa on Yoga.

Wonder if these buggers got nothing better to do? They should be galvanizing the Muslims to be focused on building the nation and safeguarding the nation economically. They should help in helping people to integrate and not to further isolate the people with these stuff of peanuts.

The key purpose here is actually to educate Muslims well. I am sure then, they will be able to tell if Yoga is an exercise or something related to religion.

Maybe they, from their religious viewpoint that it is detrimental, but, ahhhh.... can't understand these folks. I am sure Muslims are not that narrow in their view point or so stupid in so much that they need a Fatwa to tell them that they must not indulge in Yoga.

Then again, seeing the folks in PAS and Umno seething over the GM of PKNS..I really wonder.....well, yoga aside, I am sure if there is a capable Malay to lead PKNS, it would be great. But, you have a non-Malay leading it, to help PKNS to make more money so that it benefit Malays as a whole.... heck yeah! If I am a racist, I would be questioning why is that non-Malay doing there as well???? Why can't she put her abilities to better use to enrich the Chinese rather than the Malays??? But as a Malaysian, I think this is indeed the best way for us to help each other along. A co-operation that can benefit the people in general. Isn't that what the Malays want? Isn't that what Malaysians want??? Why is Umno so protective over the position of one individual rather than the position of the majority of Malays who come to PKNS for assistance??

The way I see it, there will be no end to all these squabblings unless we see ourselves as Malaysians ONLY as opposed to Malaysians First... until then we will be squabbling over petty issues such as these.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Must be one hell of a deal... PM announced it a few days after he took over the ministry and now as famous as he is for his flip flop... he DID IT AGAIN. He flopped....

Eurocopter deal is suspended.

At the press conference, Abdullah also revealed that the purchase price for the 12 Cougar EC725 helicopters was RM1.7 billion, and not RM2.3 billion as reported earlier.

Gee... just because someone cried foul... the price sees a 600million discount? If that is not enough.. while PM and Minister of defence said RM1.7bil....

However, in an Oct 17 statement, the ministry’s secretary-general Abu Bakar Abdullah (far right in photo) - who was also present at the press conference this afternoon - said the price offered by Eurocopter was tagged at around RM1.1 billion.

Someone else from the ministry said earlier that it was only RM1.1 billion...

Hello? So which figure is the quoted figure? RM1.1 billion + Someone's Commission + Someone's commission = RM2.3billion? Is that it?

These are the very people that claimed that when cost of crude goes up... government is hard pressed to pay the subsidies... no money..... now that the cost of crude has gone down... the government is saying.. No Money... not enough tax revenue... Malaysians are faced with a government so cock-ed up that only a fool would base a budget on crude revenue of USD125/barrel. Didn't they know that all that goes up will come down?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

We are BETTER than Singapore...

Malaysia slides in the Press Freedom Ranking

Malaysia is ranked 132... while Singapore is BELOW US!!!! at 144. Beat that! Its not usual for Singapore to be seated below us.. but I am thrilled to BITS!!!! (pun intended)

Golly!! We are actually better than Singapore in at least one way.... but now the comparison by our government would be.. "Hey... don't you say that we always compare Malaysia with Myanmar... but we are now comparing with Singapore.. so you guys in MSM... be glad.. and be good otherwise, the fate that befalls Tan Hoon Cheng would probably befall you guys as well. Anyway, you know very well that our intentions are good, we will arrest you under ISA for your own good... really.. trust us."

Another advise to bloggers would be.... well, RPK, Nathaniel Tan, Penarik Beca etc..... isn't that signs enough to tell us that our government really look after our safety?

Between Alor and Kejora

Sometimes I wonder where these buggers put their brains when deciding to change the names of roads. While it is right to change a colonial name to a name that represents the country, but many a times when the road name is changed... it is from a very simple name to something so bloody complicated and long... Why can't they just do away with all the titles of the person when naming the road? Datuk la.. Tun la.. what la.. this la.. that la...

Then recently there was a huge hue and cry when they changed the name of Jalan Alor to Jalan Mercury. I mean Kejora. Sometimes these mofos do not understand the gravity of changing the names of roads... it breeds confusion,.. it costs money!

Wait a minute... some thing sounds familiar here... Money!!!! New roadsigns... new tourist maps by Tourism Ministry... some event to celebrate the name change... its all in the money?

While DBKL cannot make money from dubiously priced helicopters... they are looking elsewhere eh?

Money Politics....

Rais Yatim has claimed that he was asked to offer money for votes....

I really wonder why he has not reported it to ACA? I also wonder if they are going to say that its a "party" thinggy....

Then this morning as I read The Sun, on the interview with Khairy Jamaluddin, it became evident that for anyone wishing to progress in Umno, once has to play by the rules of the party... money. Money is the name of the game. It has been long entrenched and it has to a certain extent being the main cause of Umno's rotting core but the change that has been mooted was at best lip service as no evidence of reforms were present within Umno to change for the better.

Personally, I would think that for Umno to reform and for all parties for that matter... to eradicate money politics is actually quite easy. Make it exhorbitantly expensive to do it. How many of us notice that the power to choose the leader in Umno and ultimately the Prime Minister of Malaysia actually lies in the hands of a few people? Do we realize that it only takes a couple of thousand delegates to choose the PM of Malaysia? These couple of thousand people would earn loads of cash for their votes... don't you think? Okay, one may argue that these couple of thousand people were being entrusted with the responsibility to carry out the branch's decision on who to vote... but, would it not be more all encompassing if they allow each and every Umno member to vote for their candidate? Then there would be 3million or even 5 million members voting... so, how much would it take then to buy the votes? Paying 2 thousand people or 2.5million people? Simple maths really... right? But, No... Malaysia is at the mercy of these couple of thousand greedy delegates that will lap up the money tossed at them... and vote in the person not with the highest integrity, but the person that can dish out the most handsome returns.... fate of 23 million Malaysians lies in the hands of 2000+ Umno delegates.... imagine...

What does Malaysian Joe thinks? Why not endorse United States way of choosing the candidates... and then let Malaysians think who is best to lead Umno... that would open a whole new idea to being a Leader for ALL Malaysians...

Friday, October 10, 2008

Fragility of Life

Its been so many years... sometimes we take a person's presence for granted... when my mom got her stroke when I was in my early 20s and somewhat she survived but with damage already done she was pretty okay until 1999 when she developed end renal failure... it was not until late 2000 that she had to go on the haemodialysis machine.. that again was shortlived... her heart and blood level does not permit and she has to go on peritoneal dialysis from 2001 till her passing in 2006. The pain and trouble that she has to go through, I guess, unless you are in the position, one will not be able to fathom the pain, agony and despair... For dad, he had been a wonderful husband throughout, faithfully caring for her, performing the peritoneal dialysis on mum 5 times a day without fail... of course her passing has been hard on him... the only woman that he had loved and the one that he had lived with for the best part of his life. Yet, those were the days and memory to cherish nonetheless but the pain at times can still be as fresh as the day we lost her...

Today, as I reflect on that and that of my aunt on life support... latest news I had is that she may not last the night. Though her daughter is already here, the son is on the way back from US of A will probably not get to be at her bedside when she leaves this world... I reflect upon the passing of a generation... their years of undying love and passion to see their kids and kids of their siblings grow up to be useful people.. to be successful... never refuse to help when it is required... the number of times, she has helped us emotionally, financially and above all has been so motherly to everyone of us just as my mom is to her kids...

See, we rather she goes off than face the agony of great pain and torture, yet deep inside, the hurt of losing one that you love is so great.. I just cannot explain that right now. No doubt she is just my aunt but on many occasions, she has come about as more than just that and we are going to lose her.... how selfish can I be? How can I? Not have the chance to say goodbye? I was reluctant to because I had wanted her to get well! Am I being selfish? Self centred? Ungrateful? If I do not get the chance to tell her that? She can't hear us no more...

Then again, like my mum, I know she is true to all of us and would have understood our intentions despite no words being said at times... but I cringe now, as I had when I was not at my mum's side when she passed on... for not being able to say what's in my heart when it mattered most...

Guess, I am going now to the hospital to face the inevitable.... I just hope that God will forgive me for being such a hard headed... stubborn man who seldom speak his emotions...

Sharing The Butterfly Award

Cleffairy has awarded my blog with the "Butterfly Award"

Most definitely I will spread the joy and spread the Butterfly Award to other blogs which I am so proud to say that I have been reading religiously for sometime. But that will have to wait as i have to "qualify" them first.. :).

The list of awards that I would give out will be listed on this page.... so hold your horses guys!


Well, its been sometime since I last posted something on my blog but, work and other issues took up most of my time, but I hope I will be back for good! I mean writing and yacking here... :).

Happy am definitely not... not with the situation in the country... the news of Abdullah's flip flop was definitely consistent of him and talking about flip flop... he has "promised" "I WILL COMPLETE MY MISSION"statement where he says he will fulfill his promises on reforms... I was like.. heck, he has 5 years to deliver and he has failed.. now he want to do that in 5 months? That is after even his de-facto Law Minister Zaid Ibrahim quits on him? Another flip flop??? BETCHA!

If there is more to be dismayed, was news like Najib being hailed as The Man to do the job of reforming Umno, BN and The Man to take the coalition to newer heights... well, to me he could well be THE MAN to take them all to newer lows... Here, we have a man, who has C4 hanging all over his head... and the man, whose dad so famously did a "coup" on then PM, Tunku Abdul Rahman... now here is the man who is about to do the same to the current PM.

Now, if that is not bad enough, we also have news that the man with two Mohammed to his name, a man that cannot understand english and who tried to smuggle millions out of Australia has been nominated for No. 2? Does anyone for one moment think that Umno is ever capable of reforming itself? Do they even realize that reforms is not mere rhetorics and words? While, we have Umno trying hard to potray that by having a new captain is a miracle cure? True, Malaysians treat panadol as the cure all pill but do they know that panadol over a long period is detrimental for health? They have been taking panadol since Dr. M's days!

While Umno was busy posturing and "renewing themselves", we have Donald "The Duck" of MCA singing a tune of a progression.. somewhere in The Star today when he said he will go for MCA No2!.... A man who just months ago, compared Malaysia to Myanmar and Pakistan is speaking of reforms in MCA! Bravo! He is indeed going to benchmark regressive reforms to Myanmar and Pakistan! I do hope MCA will realize that Donald Lim is indeed the man to take MCA to newer LOWS!

Anyway, I have been away for sometime and I think it will take sometime for me to collect my thoughts and write about it.. there are alot more to write... just in my friend message me on this!
Prosecution in RPK's trial admitted to "doctoring!" and here. And, would you believe it, reading today's newspaper, a so called prosecution investigating officer noted that the explosive used was NOT C4! But it is somekind of plastic explosive! And he did not know how the explosive was placed on the woman's body... I mean, you are the bloody investigating officer.. and if you do not know what other plastic explosives are there and what explosive is being used.. then the heck, you are a STUPID investigating officer... and how can he conclude the investigation when he is clue-less as to how the murder was carried out? Stupid don't you think?

Am I dismayed? You tell me...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Will PM Quit?

He is to make the announcement today.

But I doubt he will quit.

First and foremost, he would not want to go down as the PM of Malaysia that has failed. His predecessors have all earned a good name for themselves.. well at least in the annals of the country's history. He would like to at least wanted to be remembered doing something good for the country. At the moment, the only thing that he can do is to push ahead with at least the judicial reforms.

Will write more on this later today...

And I was proven right! Hah! Next date to look forward to 13th Oct 2008.... Anwar is so silent about the frogs... wonder if they will ever hatch... but before that 9th Oct... there may be an umno implosion? explosion? self destruction?

Then I WAS PROVEN WRONG!!! What a flip flop...

Now, will we see Najib becoming PM? Will we be comfortable with him being PM? He has yet to apologize for his bathing his keris with chinese blood.. has he? Will umno close ranks? Or will it break and dissipate even further? Are they even capable of reforming themselves? Let alone the nation?

Monday, October 6, 2008

Horrifying weekend.....

Gosh... where do I start? Many things happened over the weekend.... Had many plans laid out for the family but all came undone... :(.

Firstly, I came down with diarrhea... yeah.. too much lemang and rendang... then last night, my aunt was taken to UH and is seriously ill... was at Emergency ICU for almost the whole night.. am on EL today.. just got up from my sleep actually... In many ways, I feel for my aunt as she has been the one that has helped us a whole lot during our childhood days... with her 2 kids now overseas, she really has no one to care for her and it was up to her brother to arrange and care for her.. notwithstanding that he has his own family... so I can't really sit idle and watch so we all chipped in to help in whatever way possible. Not from a big family so, help from family members is scarce. Am still groggy from the whole night's episode.

She has been staying in a nursing home for the last 5 years and recently she moved to a new place despite our objections.. well, she is hard headed.. and that is an understatement. Then the whole thing came apart... a week into the new place where there are no nurses and doctor to care for her, she fell horribly ill last night and we are still not sure of what is wrong with her. Maybe its not a good thing to share her plight here but I just can't help wondering... just like my mum before she passed on, she is living on borrowed time but her faith has kept her going on for the last 15 years and I really admire her for that. I think that if really I was in her shoes, I would have given up long time ago.

Now, the idea of this article is not so much about her illness nor about her faith and will to live... I guess, it really set me thinking what would I be thinking or what would I be doing if I were in her position... what would you have done? Decline all medication and die a painful death? Opt for medication to prolong life that would not improve? What is the purpose? What purpose? I mean, when my mum was taken ill back then, I told my family, that we must do all possible that she leaves only when God say its time... looking back, the question begs answer is, do we know when God says its time? Or are we acting out of our own selfish ends to not lose the one you love by prolonging his/her agony or are we doing the only humane thing possible so as not to lose a life? I have been grappling with this question since my mum's passing two years ago and last night, I revisited the questions and issues... what is humane? what is the right thing to do?

I do not have the answers but maybe some others do... gave life a hard look last night and I came out blank... shrugged my shoulders and told God, "If my time is up, Lord, take me home. I do not wish to face the ordeal. I may disappoint myself and You, God, if you know what I mean."

Friday, October 3, 2008

Departure from Politics....

Well... for the next few days... after all, many of us are still in holiday mood... while a few are already back at work today, yours truly is still pigging at home.. :).

Raya was a great time to chill out in the city... while newspapers splash pictures of crowds at our PM's open house... duh.. maybe to bid him farewell... darn! No politics!

My son celebrated his birthday on 30th Sept while mine the day after so, we sort of had our celebrations together... (save money ma). Anyway, since early September my son, he is 8 by the way has been hyper about him turning 8 for some time now and since he is rather smallish as compared to his 10 year old brother, he is always that impatient to grow up, hence, turning 8 was a big thing for him. The thing with him is, he is a very persistent kid. For the past two weeks, he has been busily calling my wife and I at about 6.30pm every day! Reminding us that his birthday is near and questioning us if we have already got him his birthday presents. Needless to say, we "con" him all the way saying we are not celebrating.. blah blah blah... and that got him rather dejected but the best day was actually on 30th night itself... we got home after work with a birthday cake... sometimes I wonder why do we even bother with a cake! Nobody eats them at least in my family. Soon, he was resigned to the fact that he will not be getting any presents but he sort of perk up with the cake and all and he seem to be consoling himself that its okay if there are no presents, as long as mum dad and bro are with him he is happy kinda stuff...

Pitiful really... then after all that died down, we brought out his presents and I think some expressions are priceless. The look on his face, the glimmer, the smile and the excitement... we got him this time. He got so excited with all the presents.. gathered during the last six months, toys that he had wanted over the year (of course only those that are within our budget).. more presents that he had wanted... then I turn and glanced at the elder brother... he was happy as ever and I seriously believed that he is expecting something of that sort when his comes this 27th December... by the way, did I ever mention that 27th Dec was our wedding anniversary? Well, many co-incidences really, my eldest son came on our FIRST wedding anniversary and the second one came a day before my birthday, he was too impatient I guess...

Now, when I saw my eldest son's looks, I am sure he was wishing... and that brings me back to last year's celebrations... see, its always difficult to celebrate his birthday as it was so close to Christmas.. we normally do it together, and he gets double dose of presents but to him its that it was never exclusive and he felt he was always short changed. So last year we celebrated 30th Sept in Genting and a night of games and ice-cream and everything that the kids want to do.. me? Just pay.. well, they seem to be having loads of fun while I hold up a calculator in my head. So, after the heady Genting trip, my eldest was actually suggesting that we do something similar for his birthday.. obviously he was disappointed when we did not do that... for many reasons, it was Christmas and you know how Genting is like during those festivities, and so we reasoned with him.. being the docile character and right the opposite of his younger sibling, he accepted that we cannot go to Genting during Christmas, so we did one for him at McDonalds! Gee, kids these days, they would need to have a birthday party at McD! I wonder why... Anyway, I guess it was money well spent, he is still talking about it till today but he has given us a pre-emptive notice this year, "I want pressies!!! Loads of it.. just like Kieren!"

Well, we still have 2 months to mull over it. Anyway, yesterday (second day of Raya) was a nice day out, we got up and headed to Ozeki at Menara TA for lunch but it was closed! I was like... WTF... okay.. never mind that, we then headed to Rakuzen at Chulan Square with my brother and his wife... food was so so la... but the funniest event happened after lunch.. one of the staff walked over to our table to "seek our feedback".. while we were having small talk with the supervisor, my eldest son offered his "feedback".. he said "Good Food! Next time have more sashimi on the plate.. not enough!" Knowing him, all chubby, he loves food, he loves sashimi! His bill alone surpasses any of our individual meal! To him, anything edible and tastes good is good enough for him. The bill came up to about RM300+. Decent price considering the serving which was quite decent but I still think Ozeki is much nicer albeit pricier. Sorry, I did not take any pics of our food... not the foodie blogger type but I just love good food... and that brings me to dinner on First day of Raya... It has been sometime since I last had Korean at Kang-san-ae. Thier Kalbee is exquisite... nice portion and decently priced... yeah.. Korean bbq... the restaurant isn't that posh though.. but food is reasonable and tasty... again my eldest son seem to revel in food, from kimchi to cockles.. from tofu to bbq meat, he gobbled them up.. 4 adults and 2 kids, we raked up a bill of below RM150/- decent eh?

Anyway, wifey is back to work and I am hammering away at the keyboard at home... worrying at the back of my mind really on what will happen on Oct 9th. Will Abdullah announce his step down? Anwar's silence so far is deafening.. is he planning an about turn back into Umno? What will become of our country with all the bickering and hankering about Umno's political transition? Does it mean that while they are in transition... we also must follow suit? My first reaction was.. Kanasai... why bother now.. lets go for more makan! Maybe heading down to Kuala Selangor tomorrow.. anyone?

Monday, September 29, 2008

United back in Stride?

Manchester United played Bolton over the weekend... damn.. I still have a grudge against Cristiano Ronaldo but I have to admit, if United were to lose him next season it would be a great blow. On his day, he is a one man demolition team. He seems to improve with every season, be it his game or his reading of the game... I just hope Nani learns from him more and not trying to cook up spectacular goals...

The second goal by Rooney really tell on the quality of Ronaldo although Rooney still has a lot to do, it was plain exquisite, but I guess as long as Rondo is with Man United, he will get my support.. damn.. I will hate to see that lad go..

Anyway many will will still gripe over the penalty but I guess, sometimes its raw justice and we got a little bit of luck there that night and looking at things, we certainly can do with a dose of it. The sight of Chelsea and Liverpool topping the league and United being 5 points back with a game in hand isn't really great but the good thing is we are keeping in touch even with our poor form. But, the last 30 minutes was exquisite United flowing and I think many United fans would want to see the team play that brand of football for the remainder of the season. Scholes was imperious in midfield, customary of his old self, Berbatov was as silky as he is but I guess it would do him a world of good with a goal. Rooney was trying to work out one for him that night but I think with his quality, he will come through it real soon!

Euro night again this weekend and it will be great! As Raya provided many of us with a reason to wake up at unGodly hours to watch the match!

What made my week? Arsenal got themselves Hull-ed UP! at Emirates! Muahahahahaha!

Friday, September 26, 2008

End of Abdullah?

AGM postponed till March to facilitate transition of power...


Writings on the wall? Abdullah stepping down ahead of 2010 timeline?

Whatever it is, I feel it sucks because these mofos put Umno ahead of the nation ahead of the economy... why can't they just give up while they sort the mess in their own house? What right have they got to put Malaysians in hardship just because these greedy and selfish buggers want to clean up their house?


Well, selfish? I asked.. look at this statement:

"This is good for the party," Najib said.

"This follows Umno's tradition and at the same time we have taken into account the views of party members, so I think there is a lot of wisdom in today's decision."

Why is it just for the party? Do they for one moment think that it is BAD for the people and the country?

We are just interested in the country damn it! I don't give a damn if Umno will be here tomorrow or Pakatan will rule this country tomorrow.. I just want a government that ensure the country is safe, prosperous, free and fair! What shit are you buggers griping about good for the party????

Thursday, September 25, 2008

History Repeating?

Dad did it... son doing it?

Najib mum on power transition plan

Umno emergency meet tomorrow

Son going one better than the dad? Dad waited one year.. son suppose to wait 2 years.... 2010 but..

To me its like... "Hell! Don't you have a country to run and the economy to manage? Got nothing better to do that to point finger at Pak Lah? So what if he wants to contest? So what if he does not get enough nominations? Can't you wait till then to decide?"

Hmm.. I am sounding much like Pak Lah himself.. Oct 13 not too long away wut.. why can't you all wait? Similarly... Umno assembly not too far away wut... why can't you all wait?

Sure, you will say that this matters much in Umno's life or death... Hey! Is Umno more important or the nation? Nitwits! Where are their priorities?

NET FDI Outflow

Today another damning report was highlighted.

FDI Outflow at Record High... reads the news in malaysiakini.

Not many days ago... now I can't seem to find the article.. if anyone has please notify me. There was an article that our PM Abdullah claimed that Anwar was speaking rubbish when he claimed what Anwar claimed was untrue... Anwar had claimed there was huge investment outflow from Malaysia. That was dismissed as rubbish and if I am not mistaken Abdullah also claimed that what Anwar had said was destabilising the nation... that was what I remembered, but I am trying to locate the article but can't seem to find it... anyway.. this news came about today... and the excuse was that.. hey! now Malaysians are "investing" abroad...

Zainal Aznam Yusoff, a member of the Malaysian Economic Council, told a the press conference held after the report’s release that the net outgoing was caused by Malaysians investing more of their money abroad.

"Malaysia is actively integrating and going into Asean and beyond," said Zainal, adding that a sizeable chunk of the off-shore investments made by Malaysians went into countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, China and Middle-East.

Building infrastructure, such as telecommunications, agriculture, manufacturing, finance and mining were favoured investments. "We are quite diversified," Zainal said.

He said another reason for the greater outflow was because many Malaysian firms had partaken of cross border acquisitions - a stance in keeping with the government’s call to invest abroad.

"The overall balance of payment is fairly healthy, despite the sizeable outflow," said Zainal when quizzed about the figures.

"So you can’t generalise. You must look at the second and third round effect of the benefit you get from the repatriation of money that comes back here and what you use it for," he said.

If that is true then we should be a very rich country in that we are "moving out"... but is it the case? He (Zainal) did not give any statistics to support the statement!

Abdullah called Anwar a liar on this, but who is the liar now?

malaysia foreign direct investment fdi 2008 250908

Further the report said, This took place despite the fact that the Southeast Asian region recorded its highest ever FDI inflow - which leapt 81.1 percent to RM209.2 billion in 2007 from RM115.5 billion in 2006.

FDI inflow leapt 81.1%! From the graph, FDI inflow into Malaysia was up less than 40%.

The report also noted that our outflow surged 81.9%. I wonder who is sending out the money.. hmmmm...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pump Price Down 10 sen...

As expected, they had to ease the pressure and give some "Raya Cheer".

Pump price down 10 sen.... and Fergie.. I did tell you it will be before 26th didn't I? But I wonder which story is bleaker... whether the above reduction of just 10sen? When crude over the last month has dropped to a low of 90/barrel? Or THIS.

Horror of horrors? Inflation jumps the highest in 27 years!!!! 8.5%!??? The damage was already done... 78sen increase... the damage has taken roots.. no amount of reduction is going to bring down the cost of hawker food... nor cost of doing business as many businesses have adjusted salaries to staff due to the sudden increase in fuel prices.. the cost of doing business has risen! Talk about a brainless government that says, with all the subsidies in place, the increase in fuel cost will not cause inflation!? Now do you remember who said that??? Lala?

So, we are suppose to thank Najib and BN government for being so thoughtful and for reducing the fuel price a few days before Raya.... and all the while they said its end of the month... now anyone care to speculate that the next one if there is any will be done right before Deepavali??? Just to placate the Indian voters? And I just wonder if any in the horizon for Xmas and CNY?? All these events coming just a week before the month end...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A country gone Cuckoo

When Namewee wrote the song and uploaded it to youtube... man.. was the government mad... which led to him issuing an apology which was deemed unacceptable... but then we had one bigot that speaks nothing but racial slurs who will not even apologize and had the DPM apologizing on his behalf and the apologies was shoved down our throats.

Today Namewee was grilled....

CCID cyber and multimedia investigation division assistant director Mohd Kamarudin Md Din said Wee is being investigated under the Sedition Act.

hmmm... Sheih was detained under Sedition Act.. I think Namewee is lucky to be just being called to make a statement... I guess the police cannot afford another boo boo after what they did.. (ie taking the fall for Botak's antics)

In fact, they did it again in RPK's being sent to Kamunting... Botak said that it was Police's recommendations that RPK being detained.. gosh.. Botak, you got no balls to own up that it was your decision and your decision alone?

Meanwhile minister Syed Hamid confirmed Raja Petra's detention under the ISA, stating that he was satisfied with the reasons given by the police for the blogger's detention.

"The detention is due to Raja Petra's articles that ridiculed Islam which could arouse anger among Muslims.

"The police had recommended his detention and after going through the papers, we are satisfied that there are strong grounds for him to be further detained for two years (in Kamunting)," he said.


Monday, September 22, 2008



He must be real proud of himself. To think that he has been "loyal" to Yong Teck Lee... To think that he has been a man of his word in that he does not "betray" his boss when he said the above... rather let me summarize as below:

He said he had pleaded with Abdullah not to arrest Yong as it would be a bad move, and had even gone on television with a plea to allow the latter to speak up.

Tan, who has since quit the party, claimed he had always been protective of Yong and that this has not changed in spite of their differences of opinion..

He has shown his POWAH!!

But I wonder if he thinks we are more stupid than he was?

Firstly, his disobedience stems from the fact that he holds office in the current state government. That in itself shows people that he is greedy. Indeed, he craves for the position and power that would have eluded him if he had chosen to stick with Yong's SAPP when he announced the pullout.

Secondly his declaration of POWAH... as SAPP newly-appointed information chief Chong Pit Fah puts it.. "A Shocking Revelation" in that Raymond Tan indeed has the POWAH to tell PM to not arrest Yong Teck Lee! Beat that!

If Yong is guilty... ARREST HIM! If he is NOT... why would you even bother?

If indeed you, Raymond Tan had interfered with investigation by pulling your "weight" around the PM in urging him to stop ACA's investigation? Are you implying as Mr. Chong says, "This is an admission by a BN deputy chief minister that the prime minister can interfere with ACA work,” Chong said in a statement issued yesterday.

So, it is true that the ACA and Police are under the thumb of the government.... Mr. Raymond Tan has just confirmed what we have said all along.. ACA is NOT INDEPENDENT! And he even implicated PM in obstructing justice! If what he said is true.... anyway....

And, now.. please give the good lap dog a bone....

After the meeting, Musa announced that Tan would remain as his deputy for now.

A final decision on the matter will be made after Musa has met with top BN leaders.

And why am I not surprised if Mr. Tan is indeed a double agent? If he is a lapdog.. I really wonder whose side is he on?