Tuesday, March 31, 2009

An Interview with Ismail Safian - Mr. Its OKAY!

To those uninitiated... Ismail Safian is BN's candidate for P59 Bukit Gantang. He will be facing Pakatan's Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin in the by election. I cannot help but put the full interview up here... gleaned from themalaysianinsider.com.


Lets explore his entire interview...

Q: You will focus on the Chinese areas first before the Malay areas?

Ismail: Ya, ya. A part of my strategy.

Gosh... which idiot will have a strategy to alienate a particular area?

Q: How is the feedback from the community?

Ismail: It’s good, it’s good. It’s been a good response. They’ve been very supportive and I hope it’ll translate into votes on polling day.

Q: What is your main message to voters?

Ismail: Okay, I want to help them, help solve the problems they face, if I can be chosen to be their MP because I’m the government candidate. Certainly I’d be able to help them.

Q: What’s the main issue for non-Malay voters that they’ve told you?

Ismail: Okay, in 2004, they voted for the government, for Barisan Nasional. But in 2008, they shifted and voted for Pakatan Rakyat. But I think they’ve realised they’ve not gotten any returns from that so I think they will return to support the Barisan Nasional. Okay, okay.

This guy.. thinks that 2004 - BN, 2008 - PAS... by-election BN... what kind of mentality is this? And.. he want to help solve problems because??? He is a government candidate.. macamla.. others cannot help solve problem... and what makes you think he can solve problems? When he cannot even understand a simple question and give a simple answer? Orang tanya lain.. dia jawab lain pulak... What's the main issue for non-Malay voters that they have told you? He replied.. I think they realized.. maybe he is too chicken to say that they did not tell him anything or rather ask him to fly kite...

Q: How confident do you feel?

Ismail: I’m confident.

Q: You’re facing a former mentri besar?

Ismail: It’s okay. I’m a local. I was born and grew up here. I’ve got many friends, many acquaintances. I think it’s an advantage.

Q: Do you consider yourself the underdog?

Ismail: It’s okay, it’s okay. It’s good.

And he is not even answering the question.... do you consider yourself an underdog? and he says its OKAY..... and to the question of HOW confident.. he gave an answer to a question that asked him IS HE confident... and to question that You are facing a Menteri Besar.. he says its okay coz he is local... baffling.. baffling...

Q: There have been claims you’re too dependent on Barisan leaders.

Ismail: We work together as a team so there’s nothing wrong for me to walk with MCA, Gerakan to get closer to the Chinese community. That’s the spirit we have in Barisan Nasional. They are Pakatan Rakyat. They don’t have that unity in Pakatan Rakyat. They only exist during elections.

Q: What’s the biggest challenge in going down on the campaign trail? The weather?

Ismail: Ya, ya. The weather is a big problem. Daytime, rain. And also sometimes at night, it’s raining. But it’s okay, it’s okay. I have no problem.

Q: Any changes in your campaigning schedule because of it?

Ismail: Of course there’ll be some changes in the strategy just to fit with the weather.

This guy.... ish.. ish.. ish... the weather???? What the FUCK? Country's economy is in tatters.. jobs are being LOST.. and his biggest challenge is the weather????

If people of Bukit Gantang vote this man in... you can be assured of only ONE THING... "suffering". Coz this fler doesn't even know how to express his ideas if he has any that is.. let alone listen to your grouses? He cannot even understand a question and give a direct answer for goodness sake! He is CLUELESS... but I suggest you guys to subscribe to Malaysiakini and surf for the interview with Nizar.

So, people of Bukit Gantang... is this the man, Ismail Safian going to be your choice MP? Read the interview and laugh till you weep!

This cannot.. that cannot...

Dark times... gets darker.. indeed.

BN started their campaign for the two bukits and one batang by-election long before nomination day.. yet, when PR wanted to hold ceramahs in those locations, they (BN) used their might in the form of police and FRU to force the ceramahs to come to a premature end. Then they went about to ban Harakah and Suara Keadilan... then they say, cannot talk about Altantunya.. cannot talk about the Sultan...

I guess next they would say, you cannot talk about Rosmah. I am sure you all know which one I am talking about...Crucify me if I make a wrong assumption.. 15 candidates for Bukit Selambau! Wow! BN must be "rejuvenated" by the 60bil "stimulus package" in that they could finance so many candidates to throw a spanner in PR's efforts in Bukit Selambau. Not to be a wet blanket to PR, I sense Najib is out to show you guys who is BOSS... he wants Malaysia to know that HE is the BOSS. They have to win at least 2 of the by-election.. AT ALL COST.

Why? Simply that two of the 3 by-elections are held by opposition.. winning one of them would be a moral booster to his impending PMship of the nation. Now, imagine what he would say.... "The country has accepted him as PM", "The people has rejected Pakatan", "BN is the choice government.", "I have the endorsement of the people!"

Nevermind that he loses... they have already put up excuses in that "This is not a referendum" But watch it if they win 2 out of 3... BNs tune WILL change!

Now back to the topic.. really... why has our country become a country full of taboos... this cannot.. that cannot... if you make a list of things that one cannot do or say in Malaysia.. I can bet you if will be quite a loooooooooong list.. don't you agree? Non-Muslims CANNOT use the word "Allah". We CANNOT discuss "sensitive" religious issues.. we CANNOT discuss racial issues but BN can mouth racist statements.. its okay.. but sorry.. others cannot la... we CANNOT hold candlelight vigils against draconian laws as ISA.. we CANNOT now talk about Altantunya and the Sultan... please refresh my mind on what else we can or cannot do.

Of course, if we are with BN there is no such thing as cannot.. because it is in their terms.. BOLEHLAND.. hence everything also CAN! Can dish out instant noodles contract while saying they wont... Can say Anwar play backside.. while saying they will not play dirty... Can say Nizar is puppet to racist DAP but ask others to shut up and not fan racial sentiments...

With all the odds stack against Pakatan.. I shudder to think that they can even win 1 of the by-election... Najib and co must have set out with the agenda to win at all cost.. and I call upon the people of Bukit Selambau to stand steadfast behind Pakatan.. no doubt they have selected a candidate not of your choice but heck... there are so many la... pick this also wrong.. pick that also wrong.. they have to choose one and we must stand united behind the candidate. Honestly.. I do not know him. But if I am a voter in Bukit Selambau, I will vote for Manikumar!

To the people of Bukit Gantang.. I love the rest area, I love the durians and fruits on sale at the rest area. Above all, I call upon all freedom lovers and people of Bukit Gantang to send Nizar to Parliament. It will send a message to BN that racial politics played by BN is obsolete. We are Malaysians... Kita Rakyat Malaysia... if we want to progress as a nation, we MUST stop bickering about the colour of our skin.. the global market will not give you 30% because you are a crony-Bumi company..

To the people of Batang Ai.. remember this. You have given BN and Taib Mahmud sooooo many years... and what do you get for all those years of blind support? Your land taken from you.. the riches of your land being plundered to fill the pockets of the very few.. and of course those in BN share the spoils.. otherwise Taib would not be sitting comfy in Sarawak that long. Wake up! Wake up! My fellow Malaysians... for once lets all Malaysians say BOLEH! We can make a difference.. we can CHANGE for the better.. we CAN... we BOLEH!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Now .. This is Funny

Malaysiakini and a few others were "not given passes" to cover the Umno election... however, to clarify the matter, they were NOT BANNED... just not given passes... (GRIN)

Go on.. click on the GRIN for the news in Malaysiakini.. I laugh so hard I cried reading the news.. then I thought to myself if I was actually crying.. well, to those who are soooo stingy and did not subscribe to Malaysiakini.. here are parts of the news.

Online media have been barred from covering the ruling party's annual conference, a day after the government suspended two party organs for three months.


The opposition has said it fears a media crackdown is under way, after action was taken against the two political newsletters for "inciting hatred" against the government.

Inciting hatred... I wonder why is Utusan being let off the hook? Oh.. I forgot.. Utusan only inciting hatred amongst races and stirs up religious issues.. they are however not inciting hatred against the government but against the opposition..

Five news websites told AFP that they had been denied access passes, including prominent news portals Malaysiakini and Malaysian Insider.

Umno executive secretary Husainay Hashim said the decision was made was because their coverage of previous Umno meetings was "not friendly".

"From our experience with Malaysiakini for instance, they are not too friendly with us, they are not helping us. You have to report based on facts, not distorting the story," he told AFP.

"We just don't give them the passes, it is not a ban. They can get information from elsewhere."

Get this... This is Umno's maths... NOT FRIENDLY will get you BANNED!!! ooops.. Not given passes la.. not banned.. LOL.. but wait.. Ku Nan was more forthright...

Party secretary Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor gave a clearer explanation later during a press conference by party president Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

"They are banned for irresponsible reporting. If your report responsibly, we will allow you to come.

"The way you report about our leaders (and) our party is 'sickening'," he added.

He gives a clearer view on what is NOT FRIENDLY... its in their view.. SICKENING and IRRESPONSIBLE REPORTING... gosh.. let me see... how twisted your mind is on what is defined as irresponsible reporting.. by reporting the truth? Yeah, let me remind you that Botak once send a lady reporter to Kamunting to some really irresponsible reporting on the pretext of ensuring her "safety" after she reported one racist from your party who was spewing racist remarks at the Permatang Pauh by-election... so, I presume your meaning of IRRESPONSIBLE REPORTING = REPORTING THE TRUTH?

I trust and believe that these mofos in dUMbNO still do not get it... but I guess its good that they are still living in denial.

When dark times get Darker...

In my previous rant, What would you expect of Najib... I guess, I underestimated this C4 Champ... indeed, with the start of this man's reign.. dark times can only get DARKER.

A hypothetical situation whereby I equated his coup in Perak could lead to a 2/3 majority in Parliament as he set about spending 60bil of our money to buy over his 2/3 majority.. I mean, after having successfully enticed 2 crooked and greedy PKR men as well as a DAP lady who is most obsessed with owning a Camry together with a "super frog" that goes both ways and singing different tunes on both occasions, I thought that he would start his reign with buying over MPs.. Never in my mind that this fler can be more cruel and filthy than the filthiest shit hole in the whole wide world.

Lets see lately what he has done:

1. Suara Keadilan and Harakah BANNED!
Here and here.

According to Botak, they were punished for spreading hatred against the government... gosh, botak.. oh botak... you spray these flers with chemical laced water and tear gas them at their events and you expect them to love you? Reap what you sow botak!

From malaysiakini.

Two opposition newsletters that have been banned for three months were punished for inciting hatred against the government, Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar said.

According to Syed Hamid, the party organs had threatened the stability of the multiracial nation, particularly with their reporting on a struggle for control of Perak, which erupted in January.

And threaten the stability... wonder which idiot carried out the coup-de-tat there?

Certainly it is to muzzle the information disemmination on the crucial events of Umno election as well as the impending 3 buy-election by BN la... botak.. you think we stupid meh?

2. If its not enough... they fired tear gas at a PKR rally in Bukit Selambau, a constituency where a by-election is about to be held...

Now if you haven't yet noticed the heightened level of intimidation by BN on their political foes.. but we cannot fault them.. really.. Bukit Selambau (N25) is a state seat in Kedah with only 35,000 voters. Expecting a turnout of 80%, one could be looking at 28,000 voters at best.

Read this news from Malaysiakini

Volleys of tear gas were fired into the crowd minutes after Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim took the podium in a ceramah tonight at Bukit Selambau, Kedah.

ccording to eyewitnesses, the police fired tear gas and unleashed chemical-laced water on about 5,000 people who had gathered in an open field opposite the PKR election operation centre for the ceramah.

The ceramah, which kicked off at 9.30pm, was to feature a number speeches by top Pakatan Rakyat leaders including Anwar.

“After a 10-minute introduction, Anwar went up on stage and in less than a minute after he started speaking, the police fired tear gas and doused the people with water,” said Saiful Izham Ramli, who is Bukit Selambau PKR election director and party’s supreme council member.

Saiful said that no warning was given by the police. The crowd began to disperse soon after but at least 19 people were arrested.

They fired the teargas, before Anwar took the podium... and later it was also reported that no warning was given by the police. I mean, can you imagine their fear? 5000! 5000 people were at the ceramah.. certainly there cannot be more than 1000 outsiders.. rite? But for a constituency of 35000.. heck, 15% of population was out there wanting to listen to Anwar? Must be a records of sorts... now, I really wonder how many would turn up if Mr. C4 or Botak were to show up... maybe they can get the crowd if they were enticed with free dinner and an ang pow to go with it.. eh?

Level playing field BN.. if you have the guts.. why not fight the contest like a MAN! Stop using your puppets in the police and FRU to do your dirty job for you.

Those events.. my guess is that its just the tip of the iceberg of what Mr. Dark Times can do... within his party, he has exercised his power in reducing some potential powerbrokers to by-standers.. one racist Mohd Ali Rusty and another upcoming cahort of current PM, Norza.. probably dealt the death knell on Azalina and Khairy... it is a procession of all the coming PM's men come this Umno election. Do you have the guts to live through these dark times? Its just about to get darker... gee.. talking about taking a roller coaster ride in total darkness...

Saturday, March 21, 2009

What would you expect of Najib?

I know.. I know.. I have been away for far too long... well, not too far away really. I have been reading keeping abreast, and the only reason why I was not writing or blabbering as much was due to the fact that the events that unfurled since the hostile takeover of Perak has been too nauseating.

In Parliament we have the Deputy Speaker Ronald Kiandee saying that the Speaker has wide ranging and absolute powers! In Perak, MACC is investigating into the Speaker's abuse of power... and the State Assembly Secretary seem to have wide ranging and absolute powers...

In events whereby an innocent tree or rather a plaque placed under a tree has been vandalized... by one would expect to be from you know who... and the "friendly" MB from BeeEnd had wanted to chop down the symbolic tree...

Then you have those in UMNO that deem that money politics is not corruption... and while racist Ali got what he deserved.. well, read RPK's reminder on what this monkey said during a PPP's event in Melaka.. that UMNO can rule Malaysia without their partners and that PPP can get lost from BN. Well, if Kayveas is reading.. I can tell you KV, its a bloody good advice! Too bad you are too chicken to say no to your master.. :).

While KJ has been given a "warning!" Wow... I am a wee bit confused.. are we saying that the quantum of money politics determine whether one gets suspended or a warning? And Toyol been found "not guilty". This is a wonderful country... really.. look at the sandiwara, the shadow play and all.. FOR FREEE!!!!!

While not forgetting, Karpal Singh being abused by a bunch of hooligans... the cops just watching.. compare that to when Hindraf organized a give the PM flowers event, you have thousands of FRU lined up the road leading to Parliament and peaceful gathering of anti-ISA vigilers in PJ getting harrassed but the police seem oblivious when their "paymasters" do the harrassment.. wonder when will they ever learn that scUMNO is not their paymaster.

Yeah... I have been babbling about all the events which I did not write or care to write as I was too disgusted with the turn of events but I have so far cleared my head and did some soul searching and found that I need to write to warn PR of an impending chain of events.

Rightfully, many people are concerned with Najib taking over the helm of the country. Some claim that we are descending back into the dark ages... some are more optimistic in saying that he is the end of the legacy.. a prophecy propagated by our first PM.. the name RAHMAN.

Look back at the events... when the Bota super frog hopped over to PKR, Najib took over the helm, he bought over some YBs.. the corruptible ones of course and promising one biatch more than a Camry... he took over the state on the technicality that his government now has majority in the house.

That was Perak... when he took over Umno leadership in Perak. Imagine what he would do when he becomes PM? More frogs? More corruptible MPs hopping over to give BN 2/3 majority? Why are people talking about 13th GE? There won't be ONE! We won't be seeing the 13th GE... while those that prophesy that its the end of a legacy... maybe they should take it one step further... the end.. kapish?

Aiya... don't la be so gloomy.. maybe its not Armageddon.. but for what he has done in Perak... do you for one moment think that he is not capable of doing just that at national level?

PR.. watch out.