Monday, March 31, 2008

Mat Tyson's gonna KO those that attend!

Rocky Bru's Take on Mamat Tyson's warning " Matmat Taib's WARNING: Attend the forum and we'll take you down!

Mamat Tyson gonna give those wanting to attend "the KO punch" lor!!!!

My suggestion to Mamat... "Get the FRU and water canon and tear gas brigade ready! Pound them properly with the full arsenal.. then send 5 of them to Kamunting for "suspicion of organizing terror activities."

And this happens after Pak Lah said "Point taken." What point la??? That people cannot disagree??? Now I am confused.... even more confused when Rocky posted the message that Jean is Missing! We had 1000 police officers looking for Sharlinie... so now? I still wonder what is happening now to the case...

Yeah.. this post is very haphazard coz I am confused.... sorry, but my intention is to confuse you guys as well!

Glory Glory Man United!!

Stroll in the park... yet the biggie in midweek is coming right up!

4-0. It must have been an impressive result by any standards and what about Aston Villa? I guess Martin O'neil was right in that they get hammered because they decided to play football instead of playing for a result. Its the entertainment value and I laud Aston Villa for that. Nothing has changed actually with Arsenal winning at Reebok and Chelsea laboured to a win at Bridge, so it is now 13 points needed to be Champions but more importantly this week is the trip to Rome. With a few injury suspects (Evra, Giggs and Rio especially), I hope we can still blunt the likes of Mancini and Totti. Geez.. getting nervous bout the match already..

On other matters, I really hope Evra signs a new contract with the Red Devils. He has been such wonderful talent with great stamina down the left flank. He is to me the Man of the Match most of the time with his darting runs down the flank and his crunching tackles, he gets my vote most of the time....

Dont Stop The Penang Ferry Service!!

I read with horror from Star Online that Port Authority of Penang wants to close down the vehicular ferry services. Not only horror but anger as I grew up using the services to commute to college back in the days before and after the great tragedy of 1988, the collapse of the ferry terminal in Butterworth. It was still pretty vivid that fateful day when over on the mainland it was St. Anne's feast day while over on the island it was some festival on Kuan Yin. The decks were packed to the brim and the terminal gave way... many perished that evening. I was on the island and was contemplating making my way back to my parents home and decided against it to avoid the traffic chaos.

The ferry services was indeed an Icon as said by Lim Guan Eng, ( I wonder how come it took a Malaccan to tell the Penang Port Authorities just that) it has been synonymous with Penang since the time I remembered. Till today, whenever I make a trip back home, I always make it a point to use the ferry services and the memories just come flooding back on each and every trip I make. On top of that, I tell my kids the stories of the ferry and how I, as a kid made it a point to remember all the names of the ferries. From the old Pulau Pinang right up to Pulau Labuan for the passenger cum vehicular ferries of old and from Pulau Undan to Pulau Payar/Pulau Pinang of the new supposedly 100% vehicular ferry.

Back in those days, the current ones in use were 100% vehicular and I use to wish each time to go on the upper deck as I love the feeling of the wind blowing in my face.... ahh those good old days...

PPC please do not take the ferry services away! I am helpless but I hope Penangnites will rally behind the Chief Minister to keep the services. Please do not let the authorities take away the pride and icon of Pearl of the Orient, instead to spruce it up and make it more appealing to the masses.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

MIC - Malaysian Irrelevant Congress

Well, certainly their head honcho is trying hard not to be... and he is trying hard to make me laugh on a SUNDAY! Laugh I did when I read this piece of news from Malaysiakini.

Samy calls for Hindraf 5's release
RK Anand Mar 30, 08 12:14pm
In a dramatic about-turn, MIC president S Samy Vellu today called for the release of the five Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) leaders held without trial under the Internal Security Act (ISA)......

Responding to a question, Samy Vellu denied that the move to call for the five's release was a publicity stunt.......

"But one of the detainees' fathers scolded me like hell... (the father said) 'Who the hell are you?', 'Where were you when my son was arrested?'
"He ashamed me, it was very unreasonable. But I didn't take it to mind, as long as the students were released and the (attempted murder) charge against the others was reduced," he added.
The MIC president said "many had argued for them because they want publicity." "We only want the truth," he said.

Well, it was a long article and I do not want to bore with with the normal garbage spewing out of the mouth of of the head honcho. Certainly he is trying to be '"relevant". My question is, "Why now?"

Samy my dear, the whole Malaysia has been telling your boss that and he did not listen. So does it need to take a yes man of UMNO to tell him so that he listens? And if he does release the Hindraf 5 I guess you will be taking credit for being "THE MAN" to talk to PM Abdullah? Is that the game plan now to potray MIC as being relevant again in the eyes of the Indians?

My fellow Malaysians, Do you buy his story? I do.... NOT!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Taking a Break! Daddy's Way...

Saturday! At last, my blog is one week old and it saw its highest visitations on Thursday, 79 visits! I hope those who read my blog enjoys it just as much as I enjoy rambling about them. It has surpassed the magical century mark long time ago and I am just glad its Saturday.

Saturday is special.. more so today. Wifey has gone to Labuan for some assignment and I am left home alone with my two boys! Our "freedom" wont be for long though, she will be back tonight. SIGH!! Anyway, for the short time that the "guys" get to be out together, we picked The Curve to be the venue. After all loads of food outlets there for foodie junkie like me and having to pay a mouth less, I guess I can indulge a wee bit. But my boys were a bit reluctant to try new stuff so we ended up in TGIF. Stuffed ourselves silly and then we tucked in for a movie, Dr. Seuss, Horton Hears Who... Animatedn movie seems to be the "in thing" for me these days, after all, the kids wanted to watch it. Was pleasantly surprised by the movie, you leave the theatre with a warm fuddly duddly feeling and a case of who's watching who kinda feeling. Even while they were showing trailers, my boys were already bugging me to make sure to take them for "Get Smart", the Rowan Atkinson's Johnny English type of superspy played by Steve Carell who co-incidentally was the voice of Horton the elephant in the movie we watched.

We are just back from the movies, thought of hitting the pool but the weather doesnt seem to permit. Well time for me to sneak some time and let the boys get busy with the WII... well, dad's style of managing children is pretty different from mommy's style... If its good for the boys... well its good for me as long as daddy is not being bugged.. :). Will be going out for dinner soon and then we are all gonna plunk down to wait for the late late night duel between Manchester United v Aston Villa and I hope by tonight the Red Devils will be 13 points to the coveted Premier League 07/08 title.

Friday, March 28, 2008

City Hall appointments in the King’s hands

I wonder if PM's Abdullah's administration can take another setback if the King decides to appoint a new Mayor for Kuala Lumpur after 10 out of 11 seats fell to the opposition in the recent March 8, 2008 General Election?

In an apparent move, the Federal Territories Minister Datuk Seri Zulhasnan Rafique effectively pushed the ball to the King and left his boss, the Prime Minister, right out there with his pants down. Another Terengganu MB saga in the offing?

Title Run In

Year: 1999
Venue: Nou Camp, Barcelona
Occasion: Champions League Cup Final (Bayern Munich v Manchester United)

How can I forget that fateful early morning. My heart was sinking fast as the clock winds down after Mario Bassler has put Bayern 1-0 in the first half. When Teddy Sheringham and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer came on, I had a tingling feeling that things will be different but as the minutes wind down, I became more convinced that it would yet be a year of so near yet so far. I bet my heart skipped a few beats that morning as the clock ticked into injury time when evergreen Sheringham struck home the equalizer and when I stuffed my face into a pillow to muffle my overflowing joy, I bet my neighbours heard it! Before I even regained my breath, Ole "The Legend" slot home to the roof of the net! Geez... I pinched myself so hard to realize that it was no longer a dream. The holy grail has come home to Old Trafford for only the second time.

This season though, Manchester United is out of the FA Cup, so the treble is out of question but they are still in the running for Champions League and five points clear off Chelsea and six ahead of Arsenal in third place with 7 games to go. We play Aston Villa at Old Trafford on Sunday morning and a mid week Champions League date in Rome, against now familiar rivals, Roma. I hope come May, I will rejoice again in my living room as the team play in Moscow. May we relive the glory of 1999 all over again!

Acute Depression....

See the above? I am trying hard... really really hard... its been ermm... almost 6 days now and the withdrawal symptom is getting more acute by the day especially when I go on my sojourn to my throne room. Nevertheless I still perservere though it (the boycott) has not started yet, I on my own will have started on it. Gosh, after more than 30 years of daily doses, the last six days was excruciating even though you know that they carry half truths to untruths, you still pine to read them... and denying myself these doses really sent me into deep depression... really wonder why..
Yet, this morning out of desperation, I printed a few materials from Malaysiakini and other websites to take into my throne room and it helps a fair bit. I hope I can wean myself off this addiction and lead a new and different lifestyle altogether. Wish me luck! Gotta seek Haris for a better perscription...

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Sulking Continues

UMNO's management committee had a meeting this evening and sigh... it ended in a whimper. Yeah.. yeah... I said I would take a break from political posting.. which I did for erm.... the entire day when the sun was shining...

Exerpts taken here news from, some worrisome words I must say...

KUALA LUMPUR, March 27 – Abdullah Ahmad Badawi will face his day of reckoning this year. The Umno Supreme Council decided that the party will not be postponed till early next year and will be held instead from Dec 16 to 20.
Their rationale: The party needed to allow its grassroots to vent their anger and frustration over Election 2008. Only after this catharsis could Umno realistically embark on a period of reform and move to win back the support of Malaysians.

This decision was not surprising given the fact that the management committee comprising Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and other senior party officials decided unanimously yesterday to push for elections to be held this year. The party bigwigs know that there is a lot of anger and confusion on the ground about the gains made by the opposition at the expense of Umno and the future of the party. Much of the anger is targeted at Abdullah.

What worries me is with the election going to be held in Dec 16 to 20.. well thats fine by me really.... what troubles me is their rationale.... to allow grassroots to vent anger and frustration.. from now till DEC?????

After this catharsis only can they embark on reform?????? I was really like WTF???? So the whole country needs to wait while UMNO sulks from now till Dec?

see here for another variation of their sulking:

I am soooo into it... X11

Xperteleven that is. I have never thought I could be into online game for such a long time but I have to admit. I am an xpert11 addict. When I first started I doubted I could stay so long in the game but this is one game that grows on you. I am almost 1.5years into the game and still strong at it.

My affair with x11 started when a forum member introduced it to me and well it was lets see how it is first... the team that you have just grow with you inevitably grow attached to the imaginary names in your team. Gosh, I never really thought it was possible but there I was ranting about my team in the press, forum etc... getting more and more "intimate" with my team, logging in ever so anxious to know the results of the matches played... this is one game that grows on you and I needed no prodding to sign up as a VIP member where a plethora of statistics at your disposal... I was like "WOW!"

To the uninitiated x11, is a game whereby you are given a team and a budget, you train and nurture your team to build on their skills and form. You can set the tactics as you see fit against your opponent by sizing them up in terms of their strengths and weaknesses etc... pick your team and wallah! Ready for match day! Get yourself into a league of friends or strangers and pit your managerial skills against one another or get into a wacky league like what I am in :). (OWL - Office Workers League) (OWLCL - Office Workers League Champions League)

When you are with a bunch of loonies in those league, fiction looms larger than life. Trust me, get in with the right company, the game is a HIT! Geez... this is like free advertizing for x11 but heck, good things are meant to be shared...

Why England?

Its always refreshing when you are taking a break from commenting on politics. Its getting.... tiresome. Those monkeys are performing the same tricks again and again... and again... well more of that next time but today I want to talk about my favourite pastime - Soccer.

I fell in love or rather grew to like football way back in 1976. Gosh, it was the last century and co-incidentally it was the first live telecast on Malaysian TV. The FA Cup Finals between Manchester United and Southampton. Yes, the result was a shocking conclusion, the supposed giant, Manchester United fell 1-0 that night but I became an instant fan of Manchester United. Back then, not many people supported Manchester United, Man Utd fans were the butt of the joke each time a topic of soccer surfaced. It was the glorious years of the other red team from Merseyside. Yeah, Liverpool with Dalglish, Clemence, Kennedy, Hughes etc were all dominant and yet, there was I and a small band of Man Utd supporters gritted our teeth each time Liverpool raise cup after cup.

Today with Man Utd winning regularly, I do not have any "opponents" to gloat about the success except for occasional class reunions on an annual basis that the "small band" of Man Utd fans can rub salt into the wounds of those so called Anfield faithfuls. But it is never the same when back then it was a daily gloating affair.

Yet, I guess its by default that one's love for an English club translate into support for the English national team by default. Not that I have great belief that they are a good team but somehow there is soft spot for them in every game and tournament that they are in. Geez... thats the topic I would want to dwell in today. Yes.. yes.. do not remind me of Ribery's goal in Paris that tainted the 100th cap of David Beckham. It does not matter really. But why England? I still cant find it within me why I can support England? My only guess is I support England by default as I am an ardent fan of Manchester United. Can any of you identify with this crisis? Certainly when on a global stage, I always find the Samba boys to be always exciting, the French to be fluid footballers and the Dutch to be great entertainers and lately my love for Argentina's brand of football. Yet, it is still very much an England's game that interest me. I just wonder why?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Why BN lost....

Sigh, this topic has been discussed over and over again and in many cases, many people point to the fact that Malaysians are maturing... they are voting OUT of the racial lines or are trying to convince the masses that indeed we have matured. My question is "have we?"

Even after the election, the appointment of an MB right up to the composition of the State Exco is so racially driven. Of course we can all point to UMNO as the main instigator but I believe all the way up the rank and file of PKR, PAS and DAP this has been the point of contention. So, I would still think that Malaysians are still not ready to vote out of racial lines. They are doing it this time round for different reasons really. But, then again its only my thoughts.

The Malays. Well, BN thought they have this segment all wrapped up and that their votes are forgone conclusion. But what BN failed to see was their 4 years of price increases have caused many to be disillusioned. From the excesses of sending a Space Tourist and to the ever increasing cost of living have had an impact on them. Its not that the opposition, in this case PKR has any possible solution to this phenomenon, though they claim they have, can do anything about it but they manage to stir the imagination of the Malays in that they are capable of reducing the burden by increasing subsidy by reducing corruption and curtail excesses of the administration, which I think go down well with the masses, especially the Malays. Hence a chunk of votes gone awry for the ruling party.

The Chinese. I guess, this is the most disenfranchise segment of people who really believed that they have nothing more to lose. MCA is like whipping dogs for UMNO while Gerakan has failed to make their presence felt in BN. 4 years of being bullied may have taken its toll. From arrogant calls to Get lost and cases of religious intolerance by UMNO have given cause to the Chinese to note that it will be no different under PAS, hence the fear that PAS will impose Hudud for that matter makes no difference. They are basically fed up with UMNO's arrogance and MCA's subservience to their bosses together with their perception of sluggish economy and the empty promises of the ruling party is just too much to stomach.

The Indians. To be honest, HINDRAF was very myopic in thier demands and stand but it manage to galvanize a section of the population to finally see daylight. The matter isnt going to disappear anytime soon not with the prolonged stay of MIC's head honcho. This may be the permanent shift the opposition are looking at and it bodes well for the country to have a two party system. Indians in this case pretty similar to the Chinese voted out of feeling of disenchantment.

Now put all these 3 together you get a concoction of a Perfect Storm and it did on 8th March 2008. Many can feel the strong winds blowing except BN. What nobody expected was the extent of damage caused by THE STORM. Now that the storm has blown, the damages assessed, Malaysians will have to take stock on what are the criterias that they will vote the next round.

If BN perform admirably well this term, will it be due to the fact that:

1. They have learnt their lesson and are now more all encompassing?
2. Because the opposition have done well in monitoring and curtailing the administration's excesses?

Will Malaysians still vote in for more check and balance? or will they give the ruling party another landslide in GE13 and to let the whole charade of 2004 replaying itself?

I think if BN perform poorly, the answer is pretty much a foregone conclusion would it?

Pak Lah Understands???

Taken from

'Thank you, point taken': Pak Lah to voters
Andrew Ong Mar 25, 08 4:29pm
The plunge in support for the Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition in the recent general election was a strong reminder to the government that it had not fulfilled its reform pledges, conceded Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.
Abdullah pledged that in his second-term as prime minister, there will be a "bold agenda" to address the people’s concerns.

Wow... after 4 years he realized that people are not stupid. Do I think he will be different? Probably give him 2 months.... by then he would probably be gone.. maybe that is a good thing.

The premier touched on this issue when delivering his keynote address at the Invest Malaysia 2008 conference in Kuala Lumpur this morning.
It was his first major public address since the March 8 polls which saw the opposition taking 82 parliamentary seats and storming into power in four additional states apart from Kelantan.
"The result of the elections was a strong message that I have not moved fast enough in pushing through with the reforms that I promised to undertake.

Mr. PM, we gave u message every now and then but you teargas them and throw those poor flers into jail and worse Kamunting. How can you have heard us when you have yet to release those 5 HINDRAF boys? As a matter of fact, you were very gentle on yourself when you said you have not moved fast enough, the fact is you HAVE NOT MOVED AT ALL!

"I thank the Malaysian people for this message. Point well made and point taken," said Abdullah who was reading through a seven-page prepared text.

You definitely do not know what you are reading as the words do not come from yourself but a prepared text. Need I say more? If you really really have the people at heart, the words will flow from your heart, no need for 7 page text.

'Reform cabinet'
The prime minister said that the new government was already in the process of "rejuvenation" with the formation of his "reform cabinet" last week.
"Half of the cabinet comprises new faces - a number of them are independent personalities appointed to key portfolios," he added.
With the new cabinet in place, Abdullah stated that his main priority now was to support lower income groups who are suffering from surging prices of consumer goods.
"Firstly, we aim to mitigate the impact of rising world prices for lower income households, and limit the wastage and losses caused by subsidies.
"Secondly, we will review the implementation of our economic plans to ensure that its benefits will touch the lives of those who need them the most.
"Thirdly, we will continue our work towards reducing income gaps between and within ethnic groups, while ensuring fairness for all Malaysians," he said.

I dont see much reforms in bringing back the politicians who are long passed due dates.. and what economic plans are you talking about? NEP? I thought for the past 40 years and to be more relevant last 4 years your UMNO have been yelling rabidly that they have divine rights to be guardians of NEP... are you now saying it is flawed? Speak simple language PM.. simple to understand please... "reducing income gaps between ethnic groups?" This one reeks garbage... it should be reducing income gaps in every strata of the SOCIETY damn it!
New and renewed pledges
Abdullah also pledged to "drastically" reduce the crime rate, tackle corruption aggressively, support judicial reform and ensure "a fair number of places of worship for Malaysians of all religions."

Now this one makes me laugh so hard I do not know whether to cry or laugh... I hope I will live to see this. Drastically reduced.... do you need to be reminded that your PDRM is only good for slogans?

"These were the major issues that resonated with voters regardless of ethnicity, background, gender or age," he said.
While anti-crime and anti-corruption campaigns were part of Abdullah’s election pledges in 2004, his pledges on judicial reform and places of worship are fresh.
Opposition parties have been nitpicking on Abdullah’s previous administration based on these issues during the general election campaign.
Meanwhile, Abdullah also pledged to continue federal-backed economic corridors and signaled that discussion with non-BN state governments were in the pipeline.

He has to doesn't he? If those corridors projects are cut off, so do all the contracts to his cronies... and funds for his "re-election" dries up. He cant afford that.. can he?

"I remain, as I have always been, the prime minister for all Malaysians. Our manifesto has clearly stated our commitment to reduce the gaps between regions.
"Therefore, we intend to have productive working relationships with all state governments to ensure that the corridor plans will be successful," he said.

PM dont just talk.. we have had 4 years of crap... Walk the talk. We know you can talk but for 4 years we know you talk when you are awake. Walk!! WALK! For God's sake... WALK the TALK! But I really wonder if you can be for ALL Malaysians after all the threats leading to the election and way before that... when you squeak of nothing in the wake of body snatching cases, apostasy cases and using the term "Allah" etc.

Fuel prices to go up?

At a press conference later, Abdullah said details on his policy on low-income earners will be unveiled in due time.

I guess he has yet to consult those 4th floor flers for ideas since he failed his statistics paper, he will have no idea how to tabulate the poor, the rich and of various ethnic groups... since he still wants to play communal politics.

To a question, Abdullah hinted that price control mechanisms may undergo drastic changes. This includes the possibility of scrapping subsidies for certain goods.
"There are limitations to price control (mechanisms). Of course the market would be the most important determinant," he said.
Abdullah was also non-committal when asked if his administration would maintain present fuel prices.

Actually what he meant to say was, "It remains if my 4th floor advisors tell me to keep it that way, until they squeak, I think it will remain."

"We have to live with the present prices. When we make the announcement (on fuel prices), it is hoped that the situation would have change," he said without elaborating.

What he meant to say was, "I hope another 10 MPs hop over to give us 2/3 then we will raise the price. By then you guys can do nothing but to shut up and pay more."

New Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Shahrir Samad had on Sunday called the current price controlling mechanism "a joke" and has signaled sweeping reforms to come.

Of course it is a joke... coz he is the one laughing now that he has returned to the cabinet. But in all sincerity, Sharir remains one of the more dignified personality whom I believe can make something good out of it for us Malaysians. Still keeping my fingers crossed for him to make the difference.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I smell RAT
New motto, badgeInspector-General of Police Musa Hassan today announced that the police motto of Mesra, Cepat dan Betul (Friendly, Efficient and Accurate) has been replaced with Tegas, Adil dan Berhemah (Firm, Fair and with Integrity). Musa said the change is designed to satisfy current circumstances and public expectations. “The police need to be tegas (firm) in their duties in order to be efficient and respected. Tegas does not mean use of force, but firm commitment in fulfilling our duties and responsibilities,” he explained. In 1994, the police force adopted the Cepat dan Betul motto. This was updated to Mesra, Cepat dan Betul motto in 1999. Musa added that, from today, the police would replace their Saya Anti-Rasuah (I am against corruption) badge with one that reads Integrity Amalan Kita (We practice integrity).

If anything that makes me fall off my chair is that they are CHANGING the badge. It makes me wonder if the Saya Nanti-Rasuah thinggy actually work... well... for one, the police can sure come up with nice slogans.

Malaysian Joe says, "Anti Rasuah la... not Nanti..." "ooops... I smell some badge maker gonna make some money"

Hippety Hop Hop

I am not too sure about other countries, but, Malaysia is a country where after elections actually co-incides with the spawning season of frogs. Many MPs (in this case Member of Parliament) and one should not mistaken it with MCPs, will then be compelled to ditch their cause and their principles for the glimmer of money. So hop hop and away.... they will for their own political survival and to have the needs of their greed fulfilled.

My reaction is KNN! We elected you to be our voice in Parliament la... not to.... (heck I was too naive to think that these flers would actually represent me). But nowadays, these hoppers just dont know where to hop.... hop to Barisan Rakyat, heck.... what is gonna happen to them? Hop over to Barisan Nasional (BN)... what is going to happen in the next 4-5 years? So now we have a party (PKR - Parti Keadilan Nasional) claiming 23 MPs wanting to jump... now they claim 16. My question is.. FOR WHAT?

Then you have these flers in BN pressing the panic button sending the MIBs to snoop on these would be frogmen... and then you have those flers who are said to be frogmen shouting back.."Oi.. you dont trust us ah?"

All these charade, I can only deduce a few things:

1. BN are afraid of their own shadow now.
2. The frogs dont know when to don their frog suit.
3. PKR will embrace the frogs just to be the government, in any case if they dont get it, all are screwed.
4. DAP is too busy trying to undo the NEP that breeds corruption and cronyism.
5. PAS is trying to procure more oil to fan the turmoil in Terengganu and Perlis.
6. BN... poor flers... they might as well give up the whole thing and walk into Kamuting.

For all matters of intent, BN got the government, let them rule the country while you others go and rule the other states and make it HAPPEN! I am sure, if Penang, Perak and Selangor in principle is being run well, the people will give you the mandate the next round. Not unless Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim cant wait.

Then again, me think the frogs are mere pawns in the game of political chess.

Sulking Barisan Nasional

After 13 days of campaigning, March 8, 2008 was supposed to have brought status quo to my country but in a wave of seismic proportions we see 5 states changing hands to the "new government" while the Opposition denied the BN government the magical 2/3 majority. Well, in an oft said cliche, "A political tsunami" I would dwell on my thoughts on how that came about in another topic. Today I would like to dwell on the dark shadows of once powerful BN.

In the aftermath of 8/03, BN has been "trying hard" to "reinvent" to stay "relevant". Note all the words in inverted commas. In actual fact they have not. They are still using their vast machine disguised in various NGOs to sow fear time and again into Malaysian public that without BN chaos would reign. Oh BN.... stop sulking and start working!

You, Mr. PM have formed a new cabinet whom you promised to be leaner and efficient to bring about the desired change, but I still see Mr. 2 Mohd to his name in the list. I see a cheeky person heading the Ministry of Information who is now trying to start on the good side of the bloggers. While you still have Ms. Brickendonburry now heading the Tourism Ministry... err... Is Brickendonburry a precursor to her appointment in Tourism by the way? Well, some positives in Zaid Ibrahim and Amirsham.

I guess that is not the worst thing that you did Mr. PM. Its what transpired in the other states that you lost. Penang, Perak and Selangor whereby your goons organized demonstration which if my memory serves me right were "Not our culture" and the way the Police which the IGP claimed right after the election as "apolitical" were so courteous in not giving your goons a dose of chemically laced water and teargas. That is something "new".

We have also heard how the "diluted" representation of Malays in the new government will be detriment to the Malays. This has been espoused by various "parties" since the election, now you have some NGOs voicing concern that non-Malay Excos in Perak as below:

Malay NGOs worried about non-Malay excos
Azreen Madzlan Mar 24, 08 6:50pm (source:
A group of Perak NGOs are concerned that the rights of the Malays in the state will be compromised in view of the racial composition of the new government’s exco line-up. Yesterday, the 20 NGOs - led by the Young Malay Professionals (Prowaris) - stated that the 6-3-1 formula between PKR, DAP and PAS is not reflective of the state’s population.

Of the 59 state seats, DAP controls 18 while PKR has seven and PAS six, bringing the total to 31. Barisan Nasional controls the remaining 28. Contacted today, Prowaris president Feriz Omar said the state exco must be a racial representation of the state. With regards to the population of Malays, who form the majority in Perak, he said the state should have more Malay excos.

He also commented on the new Selangor exco line-up, saying that although Selangor has five non-Malay excos, it is still more democratic compared to Perak. Selangor has four state excos from DAP, three from PAS and four from PKR. Feriz, who described Prowaris as a non-partisan Malay NGO, said the organisation will support any state leader who supports the continuity of the Malay agenda irregardless of which party the leader comes from.

"Although (PKR de facto leader) Anwar (Ibrahim) has criticised the New Economic Policy (NEP), we can't deny that Anwar, in his arguments, still has some ideas and support for the Malay Agenda, indirectly,"he said.
Perak Prowaris, representing the 20 NGOs, has also submitted a memorandum to Sultan Azlan Shah of Perak to protest against the state exco's racial composition. "We have received good support from the palace, and we will work closely with Istana Perak in the future" said. Feriz.
'There will be conflict'

Meanwhile, Perak Gabungan Pelajar Melayu Semenanjung (GPMS) president Zainal Abidin Mohd Nor said it is only appropriate that a Malay majority state be represented by Malay state excos. "Even in the previous BN cabinet, we had three MCA representatives and one from MIC. But here in Perak, we are going to have almost seven non-Malay state excos. But then again, this is what they call democracy," he said when contacted.
Zainal Abidin added, even though the new Perak MB, Mohammad Nizar Jamaludin, is a Malay, there will be conflict in the state exco when the MB makes a decision over something that will affect the Malays. "The majority non-Malay state excos might not agree with him (Nizar) if he wants to implement something for the Malays. They (non-Malay excos) will override his decision," he said. However, Mohammad Nizar has dismissed this fear and pledged to continue with the 6-3-1 formula.
I fail to understand this line of argument really. But one thing is for sure, while the whole country is persumably on the road to non racial line political party, there is one party that is still hell bent on ensuring the nation is divided along racial lines and will stop at nothing to ensure that the nation stay divided while they plunder. That is BN and when they sulk, they try to raise the ire of 50% of the population but I am sure within the 50% many are not in agreement with what BN is doing right now.
Malaysian Joe says, "BN stop sulking and start working for a better Malaysia."

Monday, March 24, 2008

Government to be Blog Friendly?

When I visited Rocky's blog today, I got a shock of my life. Just as I am getting into blog and be more vocal on what I got to say, there we have it!

PM to be more blogger friendly. I was like... WTF! But, I am not saying the Govt cannot change their stand. At least they know now where they lost it. But, are they genuine? Since they say no Katak in Parliament are they going to throw some $$$$ and have katak hopping all over the blogsphere?

Okay okay.. I am a small fry.. nobody reads my blogs anyway.. its just a ranting page for an average Malaysian family man with 4 hungry mouths to feed and am not actually happy with the current lifestyle.

But, in all sincerity I hope the government do not engage the bloggers but engage the PEOPLE. Bloggers are PEOPLE dishing out news and if the Government is sincere in addressing the issues affecting the people, do something for the people and the bloggers will write about it. I do not see how appeasing bloggers can be equated to appeasing the PEOPLE.

Anyway just my two cents.

Shabby Singh?

Firstly, as a Manchester United fan, I am happy that we manage to silence our perennial rivals Liverpool for the remainder of the season, 2007/08 that is. A comprehensive 3-0 victory at Old Trafford was something to savour. Of course it will not be a match of intense rivalry if the match is devoid of controversies. Last night's match was full of it, from Javier Mascherano's sending off and an odd goal from Wes Brown to Cristiano Ronaldo's phenomenal goal scoring record this season.

However the match was tainted not by the red card to Mascherano but more to the moanings of ESPN's pundit, Shabby Singh. Known to be one of the worst pundit, his rantings about Mascherano's sending off to be harsh and what not does not explain Liverpool's inept display. They were completely outplayed even when they had 11 players. Yes, it would have been an icing on the cake should Manchester United hammered Liverpool 11 on 11 but that was done earlier in the season at Anfield. Today is about Mascherano and Shabby Singh.

Mascherano for all his qualities seems hell bent on getting himself sent off last night and Shabby for all he is worth seem to defend dissent. How could he defend a player that has been attacking the referee since his first yellow card? I am sure everyone and Steve Bennett included would not be able to take the kind of harrassment dished out by Mascherano. Yes, it spoilt the game but it was his own doing and I am of the opinion that should Liverpool fail to take fourth spot this season, Mascherano should shoulder most of the blame. Firstly, for gifting the match to Manchester United and secondly denying Liverpool his services for the crucial Merseyside derby with Everton next week.

Nothing to quibble really, Liverpool was on overall second best in both the encounters and they can whine all they want about their luck good and bad of it. But the truth is Liverpool is at best good for fourth. This season however, I think Everton is more deserving of Champions' League action next season.

Friday, March 21, 2008

My Entry into Blogging World?

I have wished to start blogging for a long long time, but have never found the time to. It was mainly down to the fact that I have been active in reading other people's blogs and ideas. Although I have penned many ideas in there, I now feel it is time I raise my own voice which I hope will also be the voice of others sharing the same ideas or contrasting ideas are also welcomed to be shared.

My desire to start a blog for the last two years was spawned by my desire, to see a Malaysia that has great future with their abundant resources and wealth for me as a citizen and for my kids who are growing up to have a great future. It has all somewhat dimmed greatly since 2004 but, 8th of March 2008 brought back the glimmer of hope that there is still hope yet for Malaysia.

It is with that in mind that this blog will evolve. This blog is about what an average Malaysian like me makes sense of what is happening in and around the country. Occasionally take a peek at the world around and within my family and how we cope with the changes. Its a struggle which I believe is shared by many Malaysians and people the world over.

I also hope you guys be patient as I grapple to be more IT savvy.... :).