Thursday, February 19, 2009

Smart Move (2)

Perak Speaker suspended Zambry and all his exco cahoorts... :).

So? How now brown cow?

Here (suspension)

Here (Prof Aziz Bari's take that Speaker has suspension powers) Not difficult to figure as BN has done this umpteenth number of times in Parliament and other state assemblies.. so why cry foul now? Wanna be like this Former Parliament secretary crying foul? HERE.

Some mofos are crying out saying this is high treason that Pakatan does not respect the Sultan's decision.... well, for a start, if they all like good boys follow the constitution and dissolve the state assembly and call for snap election.. then I think the quagmire that Perak is in today could have been averted.

So, what can we Malaysians do?

Sit and wait la... what else can we do?

Aiyo.. don't have to wait long... Sleepyhead has spoken! "They have DISRESPECTED the Sultan!" Fierce... fierce...

The move to suspend Perak Menteri Besar Zambry Abdul Kadir and his six executive councillors can be regarded as disrespecting the sultan's decision, said Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi today.

"The speaker cannot do it (suspend the seven) - the menteri besar and excos were appointed by the Sultan legally. This kind of action can be regarded as not respecting the sultan's decision.

As elected assemblypersons, they have a right to be in the Dewan (state assembly)," he told a press conference in Putrajaya.

Abdullah also urged the Perak BN government to file a police report over the latest twist to the political turmoil in the state.

"We know their (Pakatan Rakyat) tricks," he said, adding that by suspending the seven, Pakatan Rakyat will have the majority in the state assembly.

The prime minister also disagreed with the suggestion that a fresh elections will be the best solution to resolve the deadlock.

According to him, the best solution is for the BN state government to continue ruling Perak to ensure stability.

What a bunch of crap... and expect BN and their lap dogs to go running to the Police to make reports and trust the police to be ultra efficient in discharging their duties...

According to Perak Umno Youth chief Zainol Fadzi Paharudin, the police report will be filed under the Sedition Act whereas the MACC report will be on Sivakumar’s alleged abuse of power as speaker.

Now... what gives him the bloody idea that BN government can ensure stability? How can a party that was REJECTED by people of Perak ensure stability?

Najib and his flips and flops...

One can equate Abdullah to be the HP6 PM and the man of flip flop... the crooked bridge and dissolution of Parliament for the 12th GE tops my mind.. well you guys are free to further enlighten me on their flip flops...

But we SHOULD also equate Najib to be the biggest of flip flops eh?

1. I do not know Saiful!

I guess he flopped big time on that especially after he admitted being Saiful's trauma counsellor.

2. Sale of IJN!! Wow!

Oh well... for people's sake we won't sell... did he flop?

3. Labu LCCT...

Build? On? Off? Flop again??

4. Malaysian economy will not be hit by the global economic turmoil! Wow! Said with such bravado....

Today he flopped.. we will have to revise our 3% GDP growth.. I must say, we have known or have been harping on the economic turmoil affecting the livelihoods of Malaysians long before this bufoon realizes it.. or maybe he was too busy being a sodomy counsellor and spending millions of the "STIM"ulus package to consolidate his power base in Kuala Terenganu and Perak. Fortunately for him, Perak's raid proven to be fruitful but in the process had the whole Exco suspended... gee... so? MB and Exco got barred from State Assembly.. how lar? Proclaim the current assembly unlawful? Start a new one? ScUMNO is pretty good at that I must admit! Wanna bet that scUMNO will do just that? They have a kangaroo court that will rule everything in their favour... they can faithfully call on Zaki and Mr. Paul to do their bidding for them...

Maybe.. the only thing that he has yet to flop is his "explosive relationship" with one Mongolian beauty... that I think, is a MUST NOT FLOP CASE at all cost... hmmm....

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Concerted Effort to Discredit PKR?

The events that unfolded since GE12 seems to point to that direction... aint it?

1. First they say Anwar sodomises Saiful...
2. Then PKR unveils PI Bala!
3. Then scUMNO make PI Bala make a U-TURN.
2. Then they say PKR reps in Perak makan luit....
3. Then they tell these PKR reps that has corruption hanging over their heads to join scUMNO.
4. Then they label Arumugam of Bkt. Selambau a bigamist... and make him defect.. but PKR acted faster.. make him resign..
5. Then they probably paid heaps to this jilted ex-bf of Eli Wong to hand over pics of her sleeping naked... (That makes me wanna check with all my ex-gfs to see if they still have nude pics of me in their posession...)

Notice that they target PKR reps?

Have you ever wondered why?

My 3sen... well inflation la... 2sen cannot survive... need 3 sen now... worth of thoughts.

PKR is the lynchpin that holds DAP and PAS together. GE12 has been a revelation of sorts for PKR and with their strength, they seem to be the glue that holds DAP and PAS in a cohesive force and BN knows fully well that a cohesive Pakatan spells trouble for them. So, instead of taking out DAP and PAS.... which may prove difficult unless they can find a sulker who wants a Camry badly... they would probably will not find it easy to tempt people in these two parties... moreover, breaking DAP or PAS would only "weaken" Pakatan.. but if they succeed in taking out PKR... they will bring Pakatan down. So, BN went about their simplistic idea that with MSM in their hands, they work tirelessly to discredit PKR leaders in the eyes of Malaysians....

So far, I am afraid they have failed..... MISERABLY.. not unless there are converts out there who would now believe BN lock stock and barrel that they are the best government, they are the cleanest and the most righteous choice now that PKR leaders are prone to be easily corruptible and have "loose morals". But before these people come up and tell me.. "see... these flers.. hopeless..." Lets just take a short trip down memory lane...

1. The former MB with two Mohd to his name... with MILLIONS of dollars in Australia...
2. Toyo with all the "gifts" from PKNS.
3. Former Malacca CM's sex scandal..
4. Current Malacca CM who believes that scUMNO alone is enough to govern Malaysia.
5. KerisMudin keris act...
6. Soon to be PM, bathe blood in keris act.
7. Soon to be PM explosive scandals with a Mongolian, Scorpene, Sukhoi...
8. Soon to be PM who is a sodomy expert..
9. Soon to be PM who became Choi San before CNY in KT..

list are endless...

So.. have they succeeded in any way to paint PKR as a not so viable alternative?

It has not to me.. most unfortunate to BN.. but has it changed the perception of others? That I would like to know.

I do hope to see a by-election at Bkt Lanjan and would love dearly to see BN fler roundly hammered by the learned voters of Bkt. Lanjan.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Smart Move

,Could I call it a stroke of genius?

Here the MB for Selangor to seek "Royal Guidance" on Eli Wong's predicament. With Toyo frothing in the mouth calling for her resignation which she did but yet to be accepted, the Sultan of Selangor is called into action for his wise advice.

From Malaysiakini.

The Selangor government will seek the views of state ruler Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah on how it should deal with the controversy surrounding executive councillor Elizabeth Wong.


In a statement today, Selangor Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim said: "I shall be seeking an audience with his royal highness to brief him on the issue and seek his guidance." "It is most unfortunate that certain elements have resorted to such despicable acts to smear her (Wong's) name and integrity.

"I am sure Malaysians and the people of Selangor will reject the use of such shameful tactics and join me in condemning the people responsible."

Yes my MP... I am with you.

Well, take this episode that fell on Ms. Eli Wong and the sodomy case by a dropout on Anwar Ibrahim.... consider the fact that the DPM at first denied meeting Saiful, then admitted to meeting him at some God forsaken hour at his house... right down to his swearing at a mosque in Permatang Pauh regards to Altantunya...

Question: Do you believe our DPM? Do you think that this one ex-boyfriend met the DPM or some scUMNO bigwigs at his house at some God forsaken hour to seek his views whether he should distribute the pictures? Do you think that a powerful hand is behind all these charade?

I am sure Anwar understands the trauma, hurt and anger at this juncture and he I am sure he was speaking from his heart when he said,

Speaking to reporters at the Parliament lobby, he said: "I can only use the strongest possible terms to condemn the smear tactics used against her.

"One can only wonder to what depths the people behind this will stoop to achieve their ends."

Seriously Eli, stay the course.. let not these people cow you into resigning. These despicable acts MUST stop. The gutter politics MUST end. Can we have the most enlightened view of the Sultan of Selangor?

Royal Pain

Perak. Probably one word describes them all.

But I think the issue has gone beyond that and it started way way before the fiasco in Perak. Lets for a minute digress from the fact that Hee was sulking that she did not get her Camry.. lets for one minute forget the fact that the "Super Frog" can switch his allegiance in such simplistic manner and also lets forget the fact that the two "tainted" PKR reps was looking after their own arse.

After all the hope.. with Royalties giving speeches of righteousness.. has really whet our appetite that we the downtrodden rakyat has something to look forward to. A monarch that really knows and understand their subjects but I guess all that came to ZERO after the Perak fiasco. Today, we have the King shortcircuiting the process by asking Abdullah to have a smooth transition of power... What the fuck? What transition? Abdullah is only stepping down as head of UMNO.. he has not said that he will quit as PM of Malaysia! Has he? No doubt by virtue of being head of UMNO becomes PM, the 12th GE specifically picked Abdullah as the PM and not Najib! Is the King now working hand in glove with Najib to force another coup at Federal level?

Abdullah has one last throw of the dice, that is to dissolve Parliament and to call for a fresh election and I call upon him to leave a legacy of of Bapa Reformasi Malaysia!

Now back to the sulking frogs... the media was trying to paint the hopping culture as being started by Anwar Ibrahim and equating their coup in Perak just as that. Damn MSM... why did they not point out that Anwar promised an election 6 - 12 months after taking power? After they have cleaned up the electoral rolls? Najib meanwhile make Taking Perak as his no.1 priority after taking charge of Perak UMNO.. tunjuk garang ka?

Then fate has it that there would be two by-elections... hereby nicked.. the tale of two Bukits.. one Bukit Gantang and the other Bukit Selambau... Bukit Gantang is a direct battle between PAS and UMNO.. one which UMNO would play Pakatan's "derhaka" to the fullest.. lets see what garbage they will dish out.. "If you love your Sultan, you should reject those misfits who has durhaka your Sultan!"

Bukit Selambau meanwhile with a huge disgruntled Indian population, its very dicey for BN but.. VOILA! A few million from the "STIM"ulus package will do the trick... "Lets have a few Indian independents to join the fray to dilute the support for Pakatan!" Read today's Sun, at least 20 aspiring Independents! Wow.... all believe they can do a better job than V. Arumugam?

Meanwhile, my call to Pakatan is, lets unite and be viable. I do not support Pakatan, but I believe they are definitely a better alternative than the critically ill BN.

Beyond All That Stench...

How much lower will our politicians in BN stoop?

Well, lets recap.. (I will write about the Perak fiasco later, this will have to go first):

1. EC being the BN stooge conveniently decides on the dates of the 2 by elections(which by the way was conveniently set right after UMNO election) and dear DPM in waiting, Muhyidin gleefully tells Pakatan to not contest if they are not happy!? Gee.. even a dead man can smell rat here...

Golly... they are that desperate to win the seats uncontested! Surely they believe that they will be thrashed if a contest takes place....

2. The biggest sex scandal since Chua Soi Lek.. or so BN would want to make it out to be... Elizabeth Wong, the ADUN for Bukit Lanjan.. I really feel for her.. and what is this idiotic Toyo saying? Gosh, BN politicians really talking nothing but crap that insults our intelligence. Please read this carefully Toyo... Ms. Wong was photographed by her ex-boyfriend while she was sleeping! And you have

From Malaysiakini.
Toyo the idiot saying, "The former menteri besar said the Pakatan Rakyat leader should quit as state cabinet member as well as state assemblyperson for Bukit Lanjan.

"This is a moral issue. Previously, (former health minister and MCA deputy president) Dr Chua Soi Lek had also resigned over a similar incident," he told Malaysiakini.

Mohd Khir said when the MCA leader's video-clip surfaced, Pakatan leaders had urged him to relinquish his post."So why not now (ask Wong to quit). Don't have double standards," he said, adding that Wong, who is also PKR Wanita publicity chief, should quit "as soon as possible".

How the fuck did can he equate this to Chua Soi Lek? Ex-boyfriend (at the point of being photographed - boyfriend while she was asleep) Chua? A married man... in a hotel room with a lady acquaintance doing action on bed? Even for Chua, I still believed that its a family thinggy.. if the family forgave him.. who are we? And this botox-ed Toyo... geez... wonder what makes the composition of his brain.. a Dentist is suppose to have less brains than a Doctor but I never suppose it would be polluted by SHIT.

I do not think that Elizabeth deserves the crap that she is getting... and our great police force has only "taken a statement" from the ex-boyfriend? And... Police who has been so "efficient" in detaining those peaceful vigilers was "YET TO IDENTIFY" the person responsible for distributing these pictures.... my.. my.. my...

"We are still in the process of tracing the person," he added.

Earlier, Arjunaidi said the police will also be calling a journalist who informed Wong about the photos.

"So I hope everyone will be patient until we complete our investigations," he was quoted as saying by Bernama.

I smell RAT! Big rotting RODENT! Wonder how much money was paid from the "STIM"ulus plan to set this up?

PAS rightfully with their high Religious standing made a statement saying the culprit worse than a prostitute... According to her, such voyeuristic practices were against the teachings of Islam, especially with the motive of ruining a person's credibility.

She also expressed regret with the action of the media in playing up this issue.

"Whose photographs would be circulated after this? It is as if these people (who circulate such photographs) have nothing better to do," she said.

But, Elizabeth Wong has held her dignity and offered to quit. Selangor will lose a wonderful representative whose stand on environment has not budged. My view is that she need not do so. She did no wrong and I stand by Ms. Wong on this and condemn the man to hell! He does not deserve to be called a man nor a human being... resorting to such cowardice after being dumped... Dickless and spineless... you bring SHAME to the male population!

MalaysianJoe thinks... the only crime here actually is not screwing a prostitute... or being photographed naked while asleep.. the crime is blowing up someone after screwing that person..