Monday, June 30, 2008

Stained Mattress?

Hey I remembered this was tendered as an evidence in the last sodomy trial of Anwar. Today, I read news that eerily resembles that.. :O!

Malaysiakini carries the following article "Forensic team sweeps luxury condo"

What are they going to come up next? A mattress stained with MAP OF THE WORLD? Maybe Saiful's butt could be tendered as evidence that it has been "abused".

Now back to Saiful, he was seen taking pictures! Yeah.. with Ministers... as well as Najib's special officer Khairil Anas

Rocky's Bru and Sultanmuzaffar have the pictures of the young man who walks the corridors of Putrajaya ... writes Jeff Ooi.

I really wonder if taking pics with VVIPs are that easy..... and what did our DPM gotta say about his ermm... special officer? WTF!!! "When questioned on the existence of a photo of his special officer with Saiful, Najib said it was taken when the 23-year-old came to his office to seek a government scholarship."

WHOA!!!! Apply for scholarship can take pictures with VVIPs!!!! WOW!! I am IMPRESSED! That also scholarship not yet approved... apply only!.... and not that he is an A Grade student.... he fucking dropped OUT!!! Najib.... I thought you should be smarter than make such a statement.

Well, the government may not be at the helm of making this sensational sodomy case, they should then be able to put it to rest? But.. NO? Why then go on with the charade? Police will investigate? Will they be consistent in hunting down the whistleblower?? They hunted RPK right? When he made the sensational Statutory Declaration? They did not hunt down Rosmah right? So... will they hunt down this Saiful for the pittance he is worth or will they hunt down the purported SODOMIZER? Can we see some consistency please? PDRM?

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Weekend of Shocks?

Well, at least the headlines suggest that with Anwar being reported for sodomy.... again??? Which again he denies... And indeed it was news... yeah.. right... Ong Ka Ting will not seek re-election. I wonder what sort of integrity is there left for him to seek re-election.. its time for him to bow out quietly and take responsibility for MCA's historical thrashing at the 12 General Election.

Indeed I was away for the more exciting part of the week... sigh... in the wilderness without internet connection...

Anyway... the PM then denies that the govt has a plot to have Anwar framed for sodomy.... but.. WHY SODOMY??? Wasnt he cleared the last time round off that? Wasnt the sodomy case that brought huge wave of sympathy towards Anwar?? If indeed it is a plot by the Government then I must say it is indeed a shallow, stupid and brainless plot ever hatched. If indeed it comes from the 4th floor boys then all should be fired.

Has the government lost all ideas on how to contain Anwar's rise of late? Instead of pulling such a stunt, they should instead engage Anwar in a debate as to each other's approach to address the fuel increases. I am sure Malaysian public would like to hear Anwar's ideas as to how he intend to lower pump price and yet maintain the subsidies remain within Malaysians. What Malaysians like ME do not like to hear of is political assasination by some stupid allegations.... such as.. sodomy!

Ong Ka Ting? Is he even worth discussing?

Monday, June 23, 2008

SAPP MPs Missing?

It was reported that the two SAPP MPs who were suppose to initiate the passing of no confidence vote are missing from Dewan's sitting today.... a case of tadpoles failing to hatch? or were they.. "hijacked" yet again?

Meanwhile Kit Siang has been given leave to adjourn the sitting to discuss the explosive Statutory Declaration by Raja Petra Kamarudin's allegation that Rosmah was at Altantunya Shaaribu's murder scene. Gee... Abdullah pulling it tighter for Najib? Funny... since the article surfaced, there was not even a squeak of denial to come out from Najib or Rosmah. Elegant silence?

Since the police say they will "investigate". Will they try to skewer RPK yet again? They have failed many times... well the old adage.. try and try again may well be their motto...

A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

The title YB has in the past used to denote Member of Parliament or State Assembly. It was meant Yang Berhormat. Indeed a title that many in the past used to push some envelops and getting their crony's favour done.

Not until the last General Election. The term, YB was used to denote Yang Berkhidmats. Many people who campaigned along that line was endorsed by Barisan Rakyat. These are the people elected by us and thus would have to fulfil their duties in representing our voice in their respective assemblies or Parliament.

Then, there are some from the Blog scene that got elected and hence YB stands for Yang BerBlog!

On the downside... many indicate the stupid statements to come out from some Yang Bodoh... while Chua Soi Lek took YB to real dizzy heights.. then he was told YB stands for Yang Beraksi and Yang Berbogel... but today..... well.... read on..

Today a pic that came on in The Malaysian Insider gave a new twist altogether to the monicker YB. (Read the news tho for why these YBs are on an austerity drive.... ). Maybe Tian Chua needs to buck up on his riding skills he seem to lag far behind those from Kulim and Padang Serai! Yeah!!! My hometown boys are leading the bicycle race!

YB now stands for..........


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Euro 2008 - Part 5 (The Shocks!)

I can hardly believe my eyes..... Russia has handed my favourite Oranje the boot.

The night before Turkey served up another Turkish delight... and...the first night of Quarter Finals, mediocre Germany ditched Portugal.. tonight.... Spain v Italy... I shudder to think if Italy will serve up another shocker on Spain?

While Round 1 serves up few shockers, the quarter finals are all about the ability to rise to the occasion. I thought Netherlands had the opportunity as Russians have never done well in knockout stages in the past... World Cups and all... then again, neither have the Dutch, but I thought they had enough quality to see them through the Russians easily but was I wrong. So there goes my second favoured team, the first being Portugal. Now my only team left tonight... Italy. Italians on my assessment are an aging squad. I do not think for one moment, their oldies of Pirlo, Toni and gang can upset the flair and youth of Torres, Villa and the rest but recent matches have taught me to be wary tonight. I like Italy mainly because they have opted to play more attacking football like Germany. It would be an interesting final should this two teams meet. Then again, what more surprises can Euro 2008 give us? A surprise tonight?

Semifinals that pit Germany v Turkey and Russia v Italy would be all too obvious on who the favourites are... right? But remember, past Euros have always favoured the underdogs.....

Saturday, June 21, 2008

PM on Yong Being Greedy...

When I read the whole article on the above matter, which by the way was due to the recent SAPP's decision to call for a vote of no confidence to the current PM, this is what the PM has to say when he explained on his outburst the other day. HERE

The now famous "I have not been able to satisfy his (Yong's) personal greed." has been explained by Yong but this is the spin that Abdullah has put in. HERE

IF DATUK Yong Teck Lee was not 'greedy', he could have played a significant role in bringing development to Sabah, Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi said.

Datuk Seri Abdullah said on Thursday that when he visited Sabah recently, he discovered that Mr Yong was more interested in what the de facto opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was offering him, the New Straits Times (NST) daily reported yesterday.
'God knows what Anwar is offering him, high post and so on. That's why I said he was greedy.

Mr. PM, isnt what you are saying is just an assumption? How can you base your decision based on an assumption? Hasnt Yong directly declined your offer on the grounds he provided? Read my previous post on this.

'If not, he could have played a role that will bring something for the good of Sabah,' the Prime Minister told a press conference after chairing an emergency meeting of top Barisan Nasional (BN) leaders in Kuala Lumpur.

Indeed Abdullah. That is your part of the story based on assumption. I dared not think further if your decision to increase fuel and make all those feeble deductions on allowances are also based on your assumption? I suppose its easy for you to assume... thats the only thing you could do really when you are not in touch with the people and the sentiments on the ground... why? Coz you have been sleeping for the last four years.... Oooops... I was ASSUMING too... can I? or MUST I?

Real Man of Honor - Part 2

Gee... movies are into sequel. So are my articles.... LOL!!!!

In Real Man of Honor there was this lone Justice Ian Chin who was bold enough to come up with an expose. Fairly so, Dr. M hit back saying no such things while DSAI skirted the issue and said he was never present at any function to talk to the judges. Nothing much came out of it worth writing actually.... not until this, Former judge hits out at Dr. M.

A retired Federal Court judge has lashed out at Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad alleging that the former premier had wanted to amend Article 121 of the Federal Constitution because he wanted the judiciary to be under his control.

“I believe the Prime Minister at the time wanted to become a dictator; I may be wrong but this is my conclusion,” Tan Sri Azmi Kamaruddin yesterday told reporters after receiving ex-gratia payment from the Government for the pain and loss he suffered during the 1988 judicial crisis.

Will more judges come out and speak about the wrong that happened? We, the Malaysians are still waiting.....

This one I like.. Take the money and then tell all.... a good advise to all Malaysians.. if any politicians come a calling to offer you money to vote for them... take the money first. Decide with your conscience... then the money is not a "bribe" but a "donation".

Where I learnt it from? Najib... on the commission for submarine. All you need is to repharse the term and it is HALAL MONEY.

BN got SAPPed?

Our PM said "I have not been able to satisfy his (Yong's) personal greed." the day SAPP through its President, Yong Teck Lee announced that SAPP would move a vote of No Confidence... HERE.

The following day BN announced after their emergency meeting decided not to expel SAPP as it was not a "Party decision." BN through Abdullah was trying to potray that Yong took the decision as all his own and not of the party. Yet the spin was not 100% are in favour of the move. Clever! BN, do not forget that within BN not 100% too are in favour of what you do... right?

Now while Abdullah has yet to explain what he meant by Yong's personal greed... Yong came out with a damning revelation...


Funny that these news can be found in the subservient Star these days.


KOTA KINABALU: SAPP president Datuk Yong Teck Lee claimed the offer of Senator and envoy posts smacks of bribery.

Yong claimed that he turned down the offer to be made a Senator and the envoy task for the BIMPEAGA region as a move to “shut his mouth” over issues his party had been highlighting to the leadership.

Showing the letter marked “rahsia (secret)” he said it was offered to him by Chief Minister Datuk Musa Aman who told him that if he accepted it, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi would announce it.

“I asked him why now. Is it to keep me quiet? He (Musa) said no, but I told him (Musa) I better not take it.

“Better offer it to some other SAPP member,” said Yong.

He said he received the offer letter on June 17, a day before he announced that SAPP MPs would table or support a motion of no confidence against Abdullah.

Well, Abdullah, you do not need to reveal anything. You offered that to Yong on June 17th. And that would have been your response to Yong's greed that he wants more. Smart of Yong to reveal it.. what more.. "RAHSIA" oooooooh... what an expose! Yong has used it against you, dear PM.. Smacks of Bribery... geee.... how now?

Judicial Reforms? Part 2

On April 21st, fresh from their electoral drubbing BN received at the hands of the opposition (where they lost 2/3 Parliament majority), PM Abdullah told Malaysians, "We hear you loud and clear. Ironically two days ago on April 17th, PM in a dinner announced gratuity payments to the judges who were sacked by Dr. M. All these can be found with links in my April 21st blog entry. Back then I did say that all those was the PM's greatest Public Relations stunt. I think I am vindicated.

Yesterday, horrors of horrors. The Star carries this story.... Here.

Titled Judicial Reforms Put on Hold!!!

May have turned my stomach on a Saturday morning but as I read it, my belief was proven. Zaid went on record to say the following in chronological order:

1. “Some people agree. Some people do not agree”

(Now as the de-facto law Minister who claimed that the PM is serious about reforming the judiciary would want to bow down to "some" people? Isnt the PM's word strong enough? Who are the "some" people?

2. “I just need to convince other parties who are equally as powerful as I.”

Zaid, you have the power and some parties are as equally powerful as you? I thought if there were to be any debate it has to be in the Parliament. No? Seriously, I wonder who are these "Powerful" people.

3. “But I am committed to these reforms. I will persuade the A-G, the PM?everybody. These two principles are sacrosanct and fundamental." And if we want to do justice to the country, we will do it.”

AHA! So the people who "do not agree" and are as "powerful" if not more are the AG and the PM? I thought the PM gave you the authority... no? AG is just as "powerful" if not more?

All the above beats this statement which actually tells you that Zaid is just as frustrated....

4. Asked whether Abdullah was committed to implementing both proposals, Zaid said: “I believe so. But you have to ask him. I cannot speak for the Prime Minister.”

So who is the "people who do not agree" and who is more powerful that has to be appease before the Judicial Appointments Committee as well as the reform of Article 121 can be carried out? Without naming names, I think Zaid has told us who is the culprit behind the whole sandiwara on April 17.

Thats the way I see it.... do you?

Friday, June 20, 2008

Mitigate Damage Please

Seriously, with the issues our country is facing, I would want the leadership of the country be determined once and for all. News of SAPP turning the screws on BN with their 'threat" to pass a no confidence vote on the PM may yet seem hollow. They have only 2 MPs but many would argue that they just need an example for the rest to follow.

Indeed there are many within UMNO that are also calling for Abdullah to step down, the latest being the repeat call by Razaleigh himself when he claimed that BN has lost all credibility, meaning that the dissesion by SAPP may be an opportunity for the rest in UMNO to perform a mutiny well before the elections in December. Would they now take to the floor this Monday?

While they play out the long drawn drama, I as a Malaysian hope that the politicians do it good for the sake of the country. If indeed Abdullah is as poor as many make him to out to be, then we really need a good leader to guide the country back to glory, or is he as good as the press gloss him out to be, then we will probably have to get behind him and ensure that he does a good job... damn.. I must be really confused.... but my confusion I guess stems from one fear... I fear the day Najib takes over. Credibility? C4 hanging over his head and his bathe the keris in Chinese blood statement? No... No Najib. To date he has not proven anything, by saying he is a party man only shows his greed in that he wants a party to be strong enough to support his ambition of being PM of Malaysia. He cares not for the people. All he cares for is his position as the next PM of Malaysia must be preserved at all cost even having Abdullah as the PM for the next year or so.

Hence we need to mitigate the damage, but alas it is out of our hands. GE12 is consigned to history. Now we have to work on the results we have in GE12 to move on with changes. It has to come hard, fast and swift. Any long drawn power struggle will drain the country off much needed investments. Uncertainty would cause the bourse to tumble and jobs uncertain. So, Pakatan, do not go on with the mind games anymore. If you have the numbers... JUST DO IT. Do not prolong it and cause us much hardship. If you do not have the numbers... then just let the current government carry out their plans... well, if they have any.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Balkis not Dissolved?

Before that, something on Balkis HERE

I just want to know... now can we take Toyo's wife to court and make her cough back the 10million that belongs to BALKIS and should be used for the welfare of people of Selangor? And probably Penang should take a cue from this and demand the same of Bunga Tanjung?

Taken from The Sun, Llew-Ann Phang

Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim says the Registrar of Societies (ROS) has not approved the dissolution of the Wives of Selangor MPs and Assemblymen Welfare and Charity Organisation (Balkis).

"The state government received a letter from the ROS about a week ago confirming the status of Balkis," he told reporters in a post weekly state exco meeting media briefing today.

"The letter states that Balkis has not been dissolved. We are still collating information on land ownership and management of its assets, like the building (they operated in), to be given to the ROS.

"These serve as an explanation to the ROS as it is important for it to inform those involved in the handling of these assets, should the dissolution be approved.

So there will not be losses or destruction of the assets that were entrusted (to Balkis) to carry out activities for the benefit of the people in Selangor," he said.

Khalid said: "Whatever happens, our activities will continue. I don’t know about a new society but all our welfare activities will continue."

He affirmed that the wives of assemblymen and MPs as well as women elected representatives in the state have held discussions to continue with providing welfare and social services to the people.

Balkis hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons soon after the March 8 general election when the Barisan Nasional (BN) Selangor government was toppled and the wives of former elected representatives quickly "dissolved" Balkis and transferred some RM10 million to Bakti (the national body of wives of Ministers).

On a separate matter, Khalid also announced that the state government has finalised the list of municipal councillors for Selangor.

However, he said a statement will issued today on the breakdown of representation, their professions, their affiliations, the districts and all the local councils.

When met by reporters later, Selangor Local Government, Research and Development Committee chairman Ronnie Liu said the selected individuals were "10-times better than the previous batch".

"They are not corrupt and are willing to try and are willing to serve. We will be providing them with training and guidance," Liu said.

To kick off part of Pakatan Rakyat (PR)'s concern for the poor, Selangor Health, Plantation Workers, Poverty and Caring Government Committee chairman Dr Xavier Jeyakumar said beginning tomorrow, families with monthly incomes of lower than RM1,500 will each receive 5kg of rice, and 1kg of sugar and milk.

"Each (PR) assemblymen will receive between 700 and 800 bags of rice of 5kg and sugar and milk weighing 1kg each in their offices to be distributed to the people in their area," he said.

Asked what his vision was for the next 100 days of his administration, Khalid said: "The test for us is to see how much we provided value to the people of Selangor.

From now on, we are evaluating ourselves to see if we can add value added services to the investment and growth opportunities for the state."

On Selangor Sultan's threat to call off the Sultan of Selangor Cup’s football match should PAS Youth proceed with their protest against the concert due to be held before the July 6 match, Khalid said he met with the state ruler who has agreed to meet the PAS Youth wing for a discussion on their reservations and concerns on the concert.

"I do not think we want to stop the diplomatic friendly games between Selangor and Singapore but I think now it is a good idea for PAS Youth to get an audience with the Sultan for a discussion," he said, adding that it would be organised before the month's end.


With the departure of Rafidah Aziz and the demise of Naza Motor owners and in comes the new International Trade and Industry Minister, Muhyiddin who announced that APs are here to stay.. now give birth to the new AP King... Datuk Shahrin Zahari, 28 years old. He has been given 1200 APs to import Hybrid cars for sale in Malaysia... Now.. Aint that a novel way to make easy money?

PhotobucketNow it makes me wonder... a Datuk at 28? Now what has he done to receive such a "distinguished" accolade?

I wont speak another word... read this in RPKs Malaysia Today for the take.

Apparently, Mofaz Group is making a comeback through Datuk Shahrin?

MalaysianJoe thinks this is just DISGUSTING! Probably another success story of true NEP at work? STINKS!!!!

Tadpoles Maturing!

SAPP has announced the first salvo of possible crossovers. However, they stop short of doing that. Maybe they are awaiting the next move from BN but their departure from BN is unavoidable. Abdullah would not want to be seen weak in not dealing with SAPP firmly.

But Abdullah has chosen probably the most unwise words to describe SAPP's rebellion by targetting Yong Teck Lee, when he said "I have not been able to satisfy his (Yong's) personal greed."

I mean... comeon Abdullah, say something intelligent for once! Before firing off a salvo of this nature justify it and explain it! What greed? The PM needs to understand that the people of Malaysia are more mature now and we cannot stand by a PM that takes pot shots at his opponents just like that!

Talk to any Malaysians la.. Abdullah.. they will tell you ALL POLITICIANS ARE GREEDY.... just that BN ones are greedier... much more greedier.. otherwise how do you explain their bulging stomachs and palace like mansions? Not forgetting the luxury cars they have which many Malaysians can only dream of?

Back to the issue, SAPP raised 4 points as to what makes them decide to raise the vote of no confidence on the PM

They are:

  • No concrete actions have been taken on the issue of illegal immigrants in Sabah. "Our sovereignty is threatened," said Chua.
  • Sabah, being the poorest state, is greatly burdened by the sharp hike in petrol prices. The government has failed to provide "holistic economic solutions".
  • Sapp MPs would fail in their role as elected representatives as issues raised such as poor delivery systems, corruption, wastage of resources, lack of transparency and no sense of accountability are ignored.
  • People have lost confidence in the leadership of Abdullah. Sapp is of the opinion that if the top leadership can't perform, then Abdullah should make way for other able leader to take over.

These problems have been around for a long time. Question is why now? Why not during Tun's time? KNS... Yong has got as much to explain as Abdullah.... and by the way, if only SAPP felt this way, what about the other BN component parties? Time to show Tai-kor UMNO that they should behave as a good Tai-kor and not the big bully they have been!

Sadly MCA, MIC and Gerakan are still licking booties.... but they are not alone... SAPP's Raymond Tan is trying to gain brownie points when he said, '"It is not proper for us to do it when Abdullah is the Barisan chairperson. It is disrespectful to the prime minister," he said. Tan is Sabah deputy chief minister and infrastructure minister.

What a good dog.... pardon my Freudian... I mean.. Dude..

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Euro 2008 - Part 4 (French Fried)

Hehe.. I love this version. Its not that the French were so dismal in their 4-1 loss to Netherlands, but I guess they failed to take their chances when it mattered most and on top of that a Dutch team high on confidence, you have a deadly potion for a high scoring game.

Thats what you get! Gosh... Sneijder was just fantabulous and Robben showed the class with dazzling runs after coming on as a substitute. Van Nistlerooy as deadly as he was when he was with Manchester United. Sneijder would be one good piece of skill to exchange with Ronaldo if he wants to go to Real Madrid... :) (eh)?

Then you have Italy on the brink of elimination after their draw with Romania. Donadoni can claim anything but credit to Romania for coming out fighting and having some chances of their own. Adrian Mutu was both hero and villain missing the penalty... but credit to Romania.. they took the fight to Italy and with aging legs, the Azzuris simply fail to deliver. Even if they do go to the next round, I do not think the Azzuris have what it takes to go on any further.

Last night however was painful for reigning Champions.. Greece. Heroes all of them four years ago, were simply outclassed and outplayed this time round. Playing their ever defensive game which served them so well the last time out, they failed this Euro but I think they gave a good account of themselves. It was a boo boo by their ever reliable goalie Nikopolidis to gift the Ruskies the goal but overall... to be honest, the Ruskies deserve the 3 points. Spain as expected got the 3 points but I felt the Swedes were hard done last night. One point would have done justice for their industry. They really gave the Spaniards a tough time after going 1-0 down and fighting back to their equalizer. But I think they are in pole position to go through together with the Spaniards as the Russians have failed to impress me in the 2 games they played.

Tonight, Switzerland v Portugal. Should have been a meaningful game but is reduced to a match of dignity for Switzerland who was dealt two cruel blows in their earlier games. Despite playing well and having great posession they lost to both Czech Republic and Turkey who would do battle at Geneva for a rightful spot to qualify alongside Portugal. On paper the Czech Republic holds the edge but Turkey have been real tough customer of late. Nice game on the cards? Lets wait and see.

Friday, June 13, 2008

The story about “subsidy”…

Nope.. Again I did not write this but it was popped into my mailbox by a friend.... Thanks Choo..

A man called Maha owns a farm which can produce 10 apples every day.
He has 5 workers to operate the farm.
Each of them eats 1 apple daily and it is enough to keep them operating the farm normally.
The remaining 4 apples, the landlord sells them at RM10 each and he earns RM40.
He uses the RM25 to improve the farm operation and facilities.
He gives RM2.00 to each of his workers and he keeps the remaining RM5.00 as profit.
Day by day, the farm is well developed and all of the 5 workers are happy with the money they can save.

When Maha passed away and there is a new landlord, Abdul comes to continue the farm operation.
He says to the workers:” We need to improve the farm quality and redefine our way of thinking.
From now on all of you only need to pay RM1.00 for each apple you eat.
It is very cheap as the price is RM10 each outside the farm.”
The workers have no choice but to pay RM1.00 for the apple they eat daily.
Their earning decrease from RM2.00 to RM1.00 per person.
As usual, Abdul sells the 4 apples and he gets RM40.
He uses RM25 for farm improvement and pays RM10 to his 5 workers.
He gets RM5.00 as profit. On top of that, he gets another RM5.00 from the apples that he sells to his workers.
In total, he gets RM10 as profit every day.

Soon, the apple price increases to RM20 each.
The new landlord gets a higher profit as he gets RM80 for the 4 apples he sells daily.
Then, he decides to give the farming improvement contract to one of his close friend, Samy.
Samy says:”Apple cost naik, improvement cost also misti naik.”
So, the farm improvement cost increases from RM25 to RM50.
In actual, the improvement only cost RM30.
The remaining RM20, Abdul and Samy share evenly among themselves.

Let’s calculate how much Abdul gets daily:

RM10 (from farm improvement cost)
RM20 (Net profit by selling 4 apples: [Gross profit, RM80] - [Improvement cost, RM50] - [Wages RM10] = RM20)
RM5 (from selling apples to his workers)

In total, Abdul gets RM35 daily compare to RM10 initially when he takes over the farm from Maha.
His profit increases RM25 and the workers are still getting RM1.00 daily per person.
The greedy Abdul does not want to stop there.
One day, he says to his fellow workers:” You see ah, the current market price for one apple is RM20 and you are only paying RM1.
See how lucky you are! I have to SUBSIDY RM19.00 for each of the apple you buy and total I need to SUBSIDY RM95.00.
This will greatly burden the farm and we might get bankrupt if we continue like this.
In order to avoid bankruptcy, I need to increase the apple price that you buy from RM1.00 to RM1.50 and I will bear the remaining RM18.50 per apple as my subsidy to you all. ”
So, greedy Abdul adds RM2.50 to his current profit and the number becomes RM37.50.

After you have read the story, I am sure you have already understood the meaning of “SUBSIDY” given by the government.

The RM95 subsidy never existed in the first place and so was the RM52 billion fuel subsidy generously “given” by the government

Cutting fuel subsidy is actually just a reason to steal money from your pocket.
Are you gonna stand there and let them rob you?

Mat Mat Taib Strikes Again!

UMNO's smartest man with two Muhammad to his name has struck again!

Somewhere in April I wrote this comment on his brilliant take on "level playing field"

Well, he struck again yesterday which made me choked on my lunch when I picked up an odd copy of The Star left by one of the customer at this mamak stall.

He is now sooooo "in touch" with the people that he has concluded that people are now FED UP OF PAKATAN. Interesting he said this:

He said he was confident that the Barisan would take back the opposition states as the rakyat regretted electing a party that had shown nothing in its 100 days in power.

“Barisan had its flaws but we worked for the benefit of the rakyat. What has opposition Pakatan Rakyat done so far?” he added.

Lets see what the Pakatan states have done Matx2.

1. ALL Pakatan states have cut down on their expenditure even before the fuel hike was announced.
2. Penang have embarked on a more transparent administration with open tenders and more open processes via internet.
3. Perak has given out permanent land titles to people that Gerakan and MCA used to beg for an extension.
4. Selangor gave out 20 cubic meters of free water.
5. Selangor has made the state more "religion" friendly.
6. Shoddy land deals that sees millions vanish into the pockets of the well connected have been unearthed.
7. Pakatan MPs have raised various issues to be debated in Parliament only to be prevented by the speaker, BMC-Grand Saga issue, fuel hike, electricity tariff hike etc.
8. Penang has worked hard in trying to woo investors and kudos that they sealed the deal with Ibiden and Honeywell!

Now lets see what BN States have done in the first 100 days.

................... Dei Mat! Care to fill in for me?

Now lets see what the new BN Federal Govt has done...

1. Increase price of rice
2. Increase price of fuel
3. Increase electricity tariff
4. Parking fees in KL on Saturdays and Sundays.
5. Slapping cabinet ministers with a paltry 10% reduction in... ALLOWANCES! While whipping the Rakyat with a 40% hike in fuel and 20% hike in electricity tariff.

With all due respect Mat.... this I would rank as one of another BRILLIANT statement to come out from an Otak Udang. Then again, he was right! What has the opposition done in the Five Pakatan States? I guess here he is referring to BN... Dei Mat.. I give you answer ya... THEY DID NOTHING except trying hard to gain brownie points here and there.... well there you go.

Fuel Hike Demo?

A busybody I am, there were mammoth sized crowd outside Kampung Baru Mosque and I believe this is the crowd that will march onwards to KLCC. Malaysiakini has the news!

People are expecting a demonstration at KLCC today after Friday prayers Today. So to all, please avoid KLCC if you have no intention of being part of the demonstration or if you have no intention of being caught in a jam or in a police net.

Police are expected to deploy 1000 to 2000 personnel to "ward" off the demonstration that sources say may number about 10,000 people. The numbers in itself will tell the Government that majority is unhappy. But I hope the numbers that congregate there are demonstrating for the right purpose. We must demonstrate for greater transparency and accountability by Government and Petronas on their obligation to the country and people at large.

We should be looking at the Charter for Petronas and what it was set up to do. They should manage the Nation's wealth prudently and accountably. It is fair to pay bonusses to the staff but not to the tune of 8 months or so bonusses. We must insist that Petronas MUST report to the Parliament instead of keeping mum on their records. Petronas must come clean.

We must also be telling the government that in order to save the country, protectionist policy for the National Car project must go! We should not be for the sake of saving the face of a few people and the rice bowl of a few thousand put millions of Malaysians at stake. After all, wasnt it the government that says that 100,000 BERSIH demonstrators do not represent the wishes of the majority? Automotive industry in Malaysia MUST grow and PROTON must not stand in the way to hamper the potential job market this industry could bring to the country.

Subsidies MUST GO! YES. BUT, public transportation, education and healthcare has to make quantum leaps in improvement! We must demonstrate for the right reasons! Demonstrate for the sake of getting back the subsidies will not augur well for our next generation. While I do agree that majority are fed up with a government lacking in will, we must also remember that it was us that put them there for the last 50 years.

Before the people can change.... THE GOVERNMENT MUST CHANGE! Either physically or mentally. If they cannot change mentally then we, the rakyat must institute the change physically.

Demonstrate for the right cause. Oil riches are not to be enjoyed by this current generation alone. It is our sacred duty to ensure that our future generation benefits from it as well. It is our duty to ensure that oil money is used to equip our young with knowledge and skills (free/affordable quality education for ALL) to face the future world.

It is our duty to ensure that investors flock to our country to add boost to our economy by generating job opportunities and bringing in new technologies. For that, we need to ensure that the public transportation is par excellence. We would also need to have first class healthcare to ensure our people are well cared for to continue building this country!

Malaysians, 8th of March was a day of history. Malaysia cannot move forward and compete if we are fragmented. We need each and every Malaysian to be competently equipped to face the world as ONE NATION, ONE PEOPLE. We are afterall, in Harris Ibrahim's words, BANGSA RAKYAT MALAYSIA. Indeed MALAYSIA BOLEH, but lets do it for the right cause.

Tadpoles maturing?

Are the frogs donning their frogsuit?

SAPP tadpoles seems to show signs of maturing.... But they are denying the metamorphosis.... I really wonder if it will ever happen now although DSAI have been hinting Sept 16 as the target date, there are no signs of it just yet.

Euro 2008 - Part 3 (Germany Dunked!)

Arguable the first and most spectacular upset in Euro 2008 thus far. The scoreline eerily suggest this could still be the Euro of upsets. Croatia qualified for Euro 2008 in grand fashion by beating England on two occasions to ensure they qualified on merit.

Germany has impressed in their first match against Poland but Croatia was at best tepid in their match against co-host Austria. Both have won their opening matches. Both needed a win to seal their march to the next round.

Dark Horses indeed, Croatia pulled the rug from under the Germans to come away with all 3 points but had to endure the last 10 minutes in agonising fashion despite going 2-0 up courtesy of Dario Srjna and Ivica Olic but Podolski sealed his third in the tournament to ensure a nail biting finish but it was a night the Germans would rather forget as they were made to look second best to a much improved Croatia side who proved yet again their pedigree. They could yet be the team that rises to the occasion to take the cup this time round.

Meanwhile, Poland and Austria kept their hopes alive as they shared the spoils in the other match of the night in a 1-1 draw.

Tonight however its D Day for Italy as they fight for survival and nothing less than a win is required when they play Romania. Long gone are the days of Georghe Hagi but the Romania of today plays a tight game and Italy cannot afford to be defensive. But, the night's match would probably belong to France versus Netherlands. Both teams have real talent in them with France more of a clockwork team against the fluid flair of the Dutch. Its a MUST WATCH game tonight. I will be rooting for the Oranj because of their sense of adventure!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ev(e)ra Great News!

With the uncertainty looming over Cristiano Ronaldo and probably his departure from Old Trafford, Man United fans can at last breathe a sigh of relief over the new contract signed by one of United's most hardworking player. To me he is the Man of the Match everytime Manchester United plays. His tireless runs and brave tackles.... he is....


Patrice Evra today signed a new deal with the Red Devils! That is indeed the best news I hear coming out of Old Trafford in quite a while since we jubilated the night at Luzhniki. Evra will stay at United until 2012 and I am sure he will continue to ply the left flank with a spare tank of oxygen behind his back.

Parking in KL 35% More!


A media liaison officer from DBKL when contacted said that Abdul Hakim had never said that there was an increase and that the media had misinterpreted the entire matter.

"The only new issue here is the implementation of the SLKE and the charge extension to Sundays, public holidays and of the time frame of where the charges are to take place," said the officer who did not want to be named.

So now? Got or not? But whats for sure is weekends in KL will be more expensive! My suggestion, go to PJ or Pakatan land... weekend free parking by MBPJ.

Got this piece of news from Malaysiakini and I think BN through DBKL is trying to punish city folks for the near annihilation of BN in Kuala Lumpur in the March 8, General Election.

Yesterday, Bernama reported KL mayor Abdul Hakim Borhan’s announcement that DBKL will be increasing the city’s parking rate to 80 sen from its initial 60 sen hourly charge beginning Monday due to the implementation of the Electronic Parking System (SLKE).

Apart from the increase, the mayor also said that DBKL will be extending the charges to Sundays and public holidays.

I normally do not bold excerpts from news portal but......

Parking is to be extended to Sundays and Public Holidays? What the.......

DBKL has been earning tonnes from property assessment rates and now they want to increase parking fees? I think it is high time Pakatan look into the possibility of sacking every city hall councillor right up to the Mayor for failing to ensure that the city has adequate facilities for its inhabitants. From hygenically suicidal stalls by the roadside and potholed roads to the frequent floods and pedestrian unfriendly streets of KL, this City Hall has failed!

People are already grappling with high fuel price and in comes DBKL wanting to tap into the RM625 subsidy the government is giving us for fuel?

When can we have an election for KL's Mayor? I will be the first to say...


Euro 2008 - Part 2

In my Euro 2008 Part 1 I was highlighting the "awesomeness" of the big names in the big teams. But most Euros have seen some unfancied team winning the Championship. Denmark in the 80s and Greece in the last Euro 2004.

Greece although still helmed by Otto Rehagel... geez.. cant even spell his name right.. :) will not be second time lucky as they were soundly beaten by an oldish Swedish squad. A team that has to recall Henrik Larsson back to the side really displayed a dearth of talent coming out from the Nordic team long known for being a consistent performer but seldom seen as a contender. I do not think Sweden can take the cup this time round. Nope. This year's Euro is for the top dogs.

After Round 1 of Group stage, all the top teams actually won their first match rather convincingly but we have bore witness to Netherlands luck and ruthlessness in despatching reigning World Champions Italy. We have also witnessed Portugal's flair and power in their first and second match. Sadly, host Switzerland will have to pack their bags and take a short trip back to their respective homes afer losing to Turkey last night. Portugal was ruthless as they showed class in handing an average Czech Republic a 3-1 footballing lesson last night. Deco, Ronaldo and Quaresma irrepressible may have sent a warning out to the other title aspirants.

Tonight, Germany would want to cement their spot in the next round but Croatia will not be easy prey. Croatia, the team that denied England a spot in Euro 2008 may have started sluggishly in their 1-0 win over co-host Austria, but will probably again rely on their midfield star Luka Modric to power the team ahead together with Niko Krancjar, Niko Kovac and probably Ivan Klasnic. Not heavyweights but maybe enough to do the job against a Germany side who for once oozes with attacking flair in Podolski, Schweinsteiger, Ballack and Klose. But, kind of a suspect at the back with Lehman in goal... hmm... good match tonight?

The other match tonight pits Austria against Poland. Match of great stakes, the loser will probably go home early and it will be ironic if the second host of Euro 2008 face the same fate as their other co-host? Poland have some qualities in them but probably they are still living behind the shadows of the great Zbignew Boniek.

Heck, my favourites for the tournament is undoubtedly, Netherlands, Portugal, Germany, Spain. I will be devastated if they do not win the cup. Then again, the ball is always round.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Although he did not say it.... he certainly sounds like he is saying it.

Muhyidin on APs.

We are not changing it at the moment as far as the AP issuance policy is concerned," he told the press conference after the opening ceremony of Kawasaki's new state plant in Shah Alam today.

Of course we are not changing it. We make RM20k at least for a piece of paper and well.... someone else makes much more of it... since Rafidah has made a bundle... I guess its my turn. Isn't that what he is trying to say without sounding impolite?

However, the minister said that his ministry is currently preparing to undertake study to look at the performances of the permits holders which have bumiputera status.

In other words, I think my "supporters" deserve their dose of APs. The axis of power is shifting.....

Muhyiddin added that APs could be sustained for another 10 to 11 years so the permit holders could be prepared to face local competition.

Geez.... I should do this longer... its too short when the government announced that AP would be phased out by 2010! I will extend it! Another flop by someone hell bent on making some $$$$.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Real Man of Honor

Need I say more.

He is most worthy to be addressed as


But this man will definitely be real mad.....

The full text of Sarawak's High Court Judge Datuk HC Ian Chin's speech in court HERE which probably shook the foundations of the judiciary to bits if the VK Lingam debacle had not yet done so.

Borneo Post has this report on the explosive disclosure here.

I am no legal eagle but err.... isnt Dr. M in much hot soup now? What about Eusoffe Chin who was implicated as well? The gloves are off.... signs of frogs are getting clearer.. maybe not the politicians yet but again... judges from Sabah and Sarawak? Tell that to me again?

No comments needed, his statement left me awe struck and dumbfounded. Indeed there are still honorable people around who put facts before him for a possible recussal... care to be reminded who are those who refused recussal?

(Pictures taken from

Euro 2008 - Part 1

After 3 days of Euro 2008, this being my first post on it... sigh.

I never thought England would win Euro... not with the current crop of players anyway. But it must have been jinxed from the start for McClaren to face the unwanted of guiding England OUT of Euro 2008. Yet there are no shortage of quality.

First two days of the tournament ended with all the favourites taking the points although I feel bad for Switzerland, I guess they have to learn that at the top flight, if they do not take their chances well, they would be punished. They were. For all their industry they lost 1-0 to Czech Republic who were at best trying hard to avoid defeat yet walked away with all 3 points.

The big day was of course Day 3 where Euro 2008 Group of Death play their game. Italy, France, Romania and Netherlands. I guess no other team would want to share the same group as Netherlands. They are a team that oozes with class yet, falter spectacularly each time at the last hurdle except for Euro 1988 where they hoisted their first and only major trophy to date. Ever classy, this team seemed laced with the potent self destruct potion during the eve of every major tournament defied all that to lift the cup in 1988 which boasts of names like Marco Van Basten, Ruud Gullit, Ronald Koeman, Wim Kieft etc.

Last night, it was vintage Dutch yet again as they demolished World Cup holders Italy 3-0 to stake their claim as a potential champion this time round, 20 years later. But will the team that shines in group go on to win the cup? I guess its a different question altogether. Yet, it was vintage display by the Dutch. Italy was peppered with members of the triumphant 2006 World Cup winners sans their influential captain Fabio Cannavaro, but looked good enough to compete. Yet the ever reliable Azzuri defence lay in tatters as Van Der Vaart, Snieder and Van Nistelrooy ruled the day making mockery of the champions.

But with the tournament just underway, many teams are staking their claims. Portugal with Ronaldo, Simao and Deco impressive in their opening match. Germany at last looking impressive after last World Cup with Podolski, Sweinsteiger, Lahm, Ballack and Klose. France with Henry, Ribery, Nasri and Benzema. The unfortunate Italians still look formidable with Buffon, Pirlo, Gatusso, Toni and gang. Not forgetting the other of Europe's perennial under achievers... Spain with Fabregas, Torres, Villa will want to fancy their chances this time round.

Whatever it is, we have one month of sheer class soccer to look forward to. Maybe more droopy heads at work but hey, its once every four years... well.. yeah yeah.. World Cup is once every four years too... so is the Olympics but I guess we footie freaks could be forgiven for our over indulgence.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Will PR do it better?

With the wound of the recent price increase still fresh, PKR's de-facto leader, Anwar Ibrahim reiterated that his government if given the chance will reduce the price... impressive! But, is that logical?

I mean, its true Malaysia is a Net Oil Exporter. Its true that we are one of the most EXPENSIVE amongst oil exporting nations. Its TRUE that Petronas's profits belongs to the people and Hassan Merican has no right to ask the Government to remove subsidy.

But its also true that oil is a limited resource, soon Malaysia will be a net importer. Then what?

I also hope Datuk Seri Anwar will look at the bigger picture instead of playing to populist whims and fancies.

We should look at improving:

1. Public transport infrastructure nationwide. Not only in the cities although it is most necessary in the cities, we should ensure that the roads in the country are well maintained and economically affordable to all Malaysians.

2. Education. While subsidies will ease the burden for a short period of time, a good and free education system would power the country into the future. With more universities and scholarships, we would be able to ensure our next generation have the best of opportunities to build their knowledge and skills regardless of color. With the savings in subsidies, the government will be able to hire the best minds and build the best universities for our children. Continued existence in excellence.. isnt this what we wanted? Or was it just a pipe dream concocted by our government for the last 50 years?

3. Improve competitive edge in automotive and high tech industries. Removing the need to support the National car's project would allow the government to allow cars of better quality to be sold at a much cheaper price to the public. On top of that, foreign car makers would be tempted to set up plants here in Malaysia. After all, we are S.E.A largest automotive market. That will also benefit all the supporting automotive industry. While it will dispel notion that the loss of jobs in Proton will instead translate into more jobs should the industry flourish under free trade.

4. Malaysians should be allowed to take their community off TNB's power grid. For those people who lived where they can harness the wind or sun.. btw.. we have sunlight 365 days a year, I do not see a problem whereby we provide for communities to build and generate clean power for their consumption. Any excess, they can then have the option to sell it back into the grid, basically to TNB. Malaysians can then be masters of their own destiny and not being held ransom by TNB should the tariffs increase. Instead they may find their effort in producing clean energy being rewarded! Alas, our government in wanting to ensure TNB's survival will never allow this to happen.

5. Medical facilities can be further enhanced. The wait and facilities in public hospitals normally leaves a bad taste in the mouth. It is high time with the amount of money poured into healthcare, this be made priority.

6. Welfare handouts to retired citizens. This need not be alot but, I think if we can administer this as how the government administer the pensions of government servants, it will be a good way to say thank you to those who have put in the effort to bring our country to where it is today. RM200 a month may not be a lot but I think as a token of appreciation, they can have some small luxuries in their golden years. Not all retirees have successful children who can care for their old folks.

While I know, BN will not read nor act on this, nor anyone for that matter. But, I hope someone comes in and make good use of their time in government to make something meaningful of it. We have only ONE country, and we have only TODAY to make things right. Lets not screw it up and leave our children without much to build on.

So Datuk Seri Anwar, I hope when you decide on the fuel subsidy, should your government come into being, I hope you decide with tomorrow at heart. I hope you decide as a Malaysian and not as a leader trying to gain brownie points today with liabilities tomorrow. I hope you will have the foresight to do the RIGHT thing. I hope you will be a Prime Minister for ALL Malaysians should you come into power.

But to our current PM, its not lost yet really. You just need to go the final mile and right the wrongs. Merely saying you will undertake steps to alleviate the burden is not enough. We want to see action. People generally would not mind being burdened if they see good coming out of it at the end but today, I can only see the billions saved going into some politician's coffers. To Malaysians I think they think that is one HUGE PILE OF DUNG!

Just Go....

The man who came to Manchester United as a young precocious talent, whom today is regarded as the best footballer in the world. Cristiano Ronaldo. His skills and speed dazzles fans and opponents. His step overs, his dazzling array of dribbling skills, his physics defying free kicks..... he is simply blessed with great skills and rightfully so to that Manchester United is rumoured to be more than willing to offer him a 200k per week... and that is Sterling mind you! But, I think he is worth it if his performances in 2006/07 is any yardstick.

But what I cannot stomach are the news of him wanting to leave the club and being reluctant to commit. There may be more than meets the eye with all the news reports but, for me is, if a player is not willing to play for the team anymore, he should just GO.

Much as I would like Ronaldo to stay at Manchester United, I cannot accept that the club that I love would be held ransom by one man. With his family pitching in to fight his cause, I think the only logical thing for United to do is to sell him to Real Madrid. If that is where his heart is and we can make a bundle of the sale and bring in the likes of Micah Richards, Roque Santa Cruz or Jan Klaas Huntelaar... or maybe... just maybe... Karim Benzema? All for about 80mil... that would make good business sense.

Ronaldo should know better, Real Madrid is not the place for a player to further develop, its probably the end of the road.... for many at least. I can only wish Ronaldo good luck... and to Sir Alex Ferguson... SELL HIM.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Ever Changing Lifestyle....

Or is it? Now the King has also joined the bandwagon calling for the people to change their lifestyle.

Sigh... is there an end to all these charades by those who uses the subsidies more than others?

Would the King now move around without having a horde of outriders? Lead by example they say? King should love its subjects?

And our dear PM still has the gall to tell its people...

KUALA LUMPUR: Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said he hoped the people would obtain the correct information on the global fuel price increase phenomenon so they could understand what the country was facing.

Hey PM, we got our information right. We are ONE of the cheapest in the region, but amongst net producer of oil, we are THE MOST EXPENSIVE.

PM, our cars are also amongst the MOST expensive in the world... our toll is cheaper than Japan! Our democracy is more alive than in Myanmar! Our nation's income is actually much higher than those in Africa. Our public transportation is amongst the best too if you compare it with some countries in Africa. Yes, PM we have our facts right.

I think I have said my piece on fuel subsidy and I promised not to say anymore besides what have already been said. I am disheartened that the government has not the will to go the distance in addressing the subsidy issue and they have indeed lost the plot.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Petrol Subsidy - National Spin

Malaysian government are very good at spinning the yarn when it comes to comparison. Malaysia, whatever it is will strive to compare itself selectively.

Prior to this, and prior to the election, we had our ex-Information Minister in an interview with Al-Jazeera comparing Malaysia to Pakistan and Myanmar on "freedom of speech" during the crackdown of BERSIH rally. Donald "DUCK" followed suit in a forum in with PJ residents when he said Malaysia is better than Myanmar.

Really wonder if it does make Malaysia look good when we compare ourselves with much inferior countries in that respect. Do we want to equate our development against the region's best or the region's worst? And if you could not find one equitable nation find one in the world. Samy Vellu at one time was justifying our toll to those in Japan. I really wonder if he considered the income per capita in Japan makes Malaysians looked like dwarfs.

Today, under heavy pressure and scrutiny, all MSMs published the prices of oil in the region. Thailand, Singapore, India, Indonesia.... interestingly Indonesia is the ONLY country whose fuel is cheaper than Malaysia. What they fail to understand is, Malaysia should be comparing its fuel prices against other "OIL PRODUCING" countries and not its neighbours who are not oil producers!

I have maintained that I have no problems with removing the fuel subsidy altogether. It will be good for the country, as we would once and for all bury the uncertainty of subsidy. One thing is for sure, 56bil worth of subsidies, I wonder how much are we paying on behalf of the Thais and Singaporeans who pump at our stations!

Before we remove the subsidies, Govt must ensure that public transportation, vehicle prices are comparable to the market. They must not, because of the need to sustain the national car project, burden the rakyat with astronomical vehicle prices. With that removed, Malaysians will be able to buy more efficient cars at lower prices and savings gained would improve the quality of live all round.

With subsidies removed, 56bil! saved can be utilised to fund more scholarships! 56 bil can be used to build more universities to give our children more quality education. 56bil could give our kids free education! 56 bil could give the nation better medical care! 56 billion can eradicate poverty once and for all. 56 billion! We can even give our retired people some MONEY!

Petrol Panic

As I was going home yesterday, I saw queues as long as one kilometer towards the Shell petrol kiosk near my place. It was in short - Pandemonium!

Look at some mathematics again, if your tank is almost empty I can understand the need to fill up, but if your tank is half full, you will probably save RM20.00 to RM30.00 for that miserable tank that will probably last you a week or so or maybe less. To wait in line for half an our or more to save that RM30.00 would have cost you more in terms of time and wear and tear of your car.. would it not?


Then, I re-evaluate the subsidy provided by the government and the framework that has been presented. That gives rise to many questions which I hope the government will addresss:

1. How many subsidies will a person be entitled to? What if the person owns 3 cars and 5 motorcycles? All of which qualifies for subsidies. Does that mean he gets 3xRM625 and 5xRM150 worth of subsidies? Is this one loophole? Can a person then be buying 10 kapchai and keep at home to earn the subsidies? These bikes are after all..... real old bikes whose road tax is free... :).

2. It seems that this policy is only valid for one year. (1st April 08 to 31st March 09) I sense more changes and uncertainties ahead.

It is highly probable that the most affected segment of the society would be the working middle class. Adjustments to their lifestyle will be enormous! I will take from my family's point of view. Electricity cost will increase 20% or so hence I will be paying about RM50-RM100 more per month for electricity. Fuel I should be forking out an extra RM100 a month. Rice would be RM20.00 more. What about the groceries and other goods that I will be paying for? We are looking at a cut in other expenditures by close to RM1000 per month to ensure the basic necessities of the family are looked after!

In terms of usage of the car, for a family from KL, I should be amongst the least affected as one tank can take me approximately 2 weeks, but that in itself would cost me RM100 extra, imagine about other cityfolks..... but electricity and groceries, I think we should all eat less, stay home less, go parks more often... lady folks to have shorter hair that will use less water, shampoo and electricity. When eating out, make sure its air suam or bring your own water! What other money saving activities we could do? Advice?

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Fuel Subsidy Mathematics

RM56,000,000,000 (billion that is) subsidy expected to be paid out this year.

27,000,000 (million that is) the population of Malaysia.

Any person who holds a calculator will be able to compute that each Malaysian utilises RM2074 worth of subsidy per head! Regardless if you own a car or not, whether you are a newborn or you are an old folk or handicapped or the homeless! This is the amount of subsidy each Malaysian utilises per year.

Assuming an average Malaysian travels 4000km/month @ 18sen/km (@1.92/litre), that makes his petrol bill to be RM720/month. Bringing a grand total of RM8640/year for his petrol bill. Now assuming this guy has a wife and 2 kids... this family is entitled to 4xRM2074 = RM8296 worth of fuel subsidy.... Would you like to arrive at any conclusion at this point? Imagine if the family has more than 2 kids? For the subsidies alone is enough to pay for this family's entire fuel consumption!!!!

Now someone out there is benefitting BIG time from the fuel subsidies!! We want to know who! Proposing to give cash back and bring petrol to market prices is if any a knee jerk reaction to solving an issue. The long term issues should be resolved. Who are the beneficiaries of the subsidies???

While I know the computation is crude and stupid as the subsidies goes into transportation, fishery, farming etc but.... isnt it ironic?

Hard Cash for Subsidy?

The latest to come out from the cabinet's meeting on petrol subsidy is rather disturbing. Although it was one of the ideas I espoused with my friends, giving cash back to Malaysians can be easily abused!!! What about the dead folks?? While in the report by Malaysiakini only state that cash will be given back to Malaysian Motorist who owned motorcycles and small cars..... errrr...


So what about those that ride bicycles or own neither? What sort of cars are considered small cars??? Seriously.... what about those truly hard core poor????

I am not going to gripe but.... electricity tariff going up??? Is the government going to ask us to change lifestyle once again? Use candle ah?

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pump @ Market Price in August?

Malaysians! Be aware! More subsidy money is going to be diverted into Other People's Pocket if we do not scrutinize the framework that will be put in place from now till August.

Sharir told the press that the PM will announce on "indication" where we are going in terms of fuel subsidy.

OMG! What is Sharir trying to tell us? They have no idea?? Why must it be just an INDICATION and not the first roll out of the framework?

Shahrir further said that the details and implementation method of the new subsidy scheme would be thrashed out by August, when the full plan is scheduled to be in place.

Err... are you not going to table this for full discussion in the Dewan? Don't the people have a right to know what the hell you are going to do from now till August???

Shahrir said the new subsidies would be a needs-based system, rather than the current arrangement which lowers the cost of petrol for all users no matter what their income.

I mean, fair enough if you have a plan. Table it! So, if your focus is on the lower incom-mers. What about we middle incommers who are starving today to make ends meet? Never mind the rich, majority of Malaysians will suffer!

I do not mind taking away the fuel subsidy in total... I do not mind taking away all subsidies in TOTAL. BUT

Please also take away the high taxes of foreign cars so that ALL Malaysians can benefit buying safer and more fuel efficient cars available today.

Please also provide higher child allowance (for the first 2-3 kids, we do not want to finance the entire football team, would we?) as well as personal allowance in income tax.

Please for God's sake Please improve your public transportation system throughout Malaysia. Its a SHAM really when the BN government promised IMPROVED public transportation the last time they increased pump price saying that they will save 4billion. Now, where did it go? All I see are a few RapidKL buses on the road.

You are saving 56billion from this exercise. How are you going to give them back to Malaysians?

Fuel Price to Go UP?

The government will announce new fuel subsidy on Wednesday..... Here

Will there be an increase? We all know that crude oil has surge past USD130/barrel of late. While the last increase, crude was in the region of USD60-70/barrel.

It was also reported that the government will be paying RM56billion in fuel subsidy this year. While all the steps that the government has taken to date DID NOT really address the issue of subsidies going to the right people but merely causing inconvenience to alot of people.

While it is right to say that Malaysians buying Singaporean cars will also fall under the category of cars not allowed subsidized fuel, but I feel the ruling to prevent these flers as well as genuine foreigners from pumping subsidized fuel will result in a "side" business coming out of this. This government is not addressing the issue! They are merely creating more roadblocks and generating many more undesirable business elements. I am sure, many petrol pump operators will then turn to be illegal pump operators storing fuel by the drums off a location and sell to foreigners at a higher price reaping higher profits. What mechanism are they going to implement to ensure that Malaysians enjoy the fruits of their land??

What framework will it be?? Creating laws to stop people from selling will create new selling avenues! There is still the mykad to control but...... maybe they have in mind the millions under project IC?