Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Change is About to Come to Malaysia!

Sorry for my long long silence... firstly we have the friendly IRB team coming in for a field audit right before year end and then I have a bunch of relatives deciding to come back home from all over for holidays and then its Christmas.. and then.. its new year.. and then its all budget meetings for the new fiscal year and then school reopens! Yeah, busy is an understatement.

So many "and thens" have taken so much time and it is difficult to gather my thoughts and pen a decent article down... so I thought then that I should not write something which is half baked. (I call it procrastination). But having made my new year resolution to continue to yak about all thats gone wrong in our country.. I intend to keep to it.. at least crystallize one of my resolution and for good measure too...

Since my last post, Sime Darby has since abandoned their idea of buying a stake in IJN despite government saying that they are putting it on hold... I hope that ends the "interest" of Najib and co to sell IJN and make a tidy profit after the failed Euro-cocked up deal.

These days, I guess the focus have shifted to East Coast, Kuala Terengganu to be precise and blogger Zorro has called on the boycott of MSM. I second that any day! Reading them make me puke! So BOYCOTT! I have been boycotting MSM since long before March 8... so it makes no difference to me, but I would like to sincerely call onto others to do the same. Reading lies and enriching the people telling them is just the most horrible thing we can do as human beings. So, boycott it is! I will take some time off today to have the logo displayed.

Zorro talked about the crowd during nomination (and here) but I think Pakatan should not get too over confident and cocky right now. They have to ensure another win for Pakatan and further reduce BN's thin majority in Parliament. Maybe its the encouragement they need to have those undecided froggies to decide that its time to hop. With that in mind, I also share Harris's thoughts that Najib should not be PM. Kuala Terengganu voters should not be bluffed into thinking that the so called "rift" in Pakatan (i.e the recent spat between Manicakvasagam in PKR and Santiago in DAP) to be manipulated into a crumbling Pakatan. If there is any if you ask me, I think it is healthy that all the disagreements are discussed and debated and solutions sought unlike in the past where Umno practised the You Must Not Object unilateral decision making where they lord over the kuncu-kuncu in MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PPP etc. Instead as Haris rightly pointed out that the so called "rift" is actually democracy at work!

Kuala Terengganu could be the last nail in BN's coffin if the decision is overwhelming, it will just go to show that the tide of March 8, is not a one-off but a growing tide that will sweep the country..... eventually... I hope. It is not that I think Pakatan will be the choice of government, but, I would think that they can do no worse than BN. So, my fellow Kuala Terengganu voters, this is the time to send another message to BN. They have failed to "listen" during March 8... and they thought Permatang Pauh was a one off since it was an "Opposition Stronghold". Now, lets send a loud and clear message through the "Bastion of BN" in the Kuala Terengganu by-election that Change is about to come to Malaysia!



Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if Pakatan will win in KT this time, Kevin, seems like the BN are playing the Hudud cards to scare both Muslim and non-Muslim voters away.

Malaysian Joe said...

Hudud or none, one thing must be made clear, the distinction between muslims and non-muslims. Laws in religion are always good, its the fracking implementation and the people who implement them who makes it look fracking bad.

Anonymous said...

As I always say, in Malaysia they are 'Memelayukan Islam, not Mengislamkan Melayu'...where Islam are used to controlled the Malays in Malaysia, and the laws that's imposed on Muslims are not so fair in comparison to what civil laws imposed on everyone. But even if they make a clear distinction between the Muslim and non-Muslim, how could a Muslim agree to Hudud law? It's so oppressing and outdated. For an example,could you possibly accept that stoning an adulterer to death is an acceptable punishment? I never believed that adultery is a crime bigger than murder, but Hudud stated that.

If PAS implement Hudud, they will not only scare away the non-Muslim, but modern Muslims as well. There should not be such laws. Why can't everyone be under the same law, and not Islamic law for Muslim and Civil ones for the non-Muslim? Malaysia is a one screwed up country!

I honestly believe that laws and religion are ONLY GOOD WHEN IT'S NOT MISUSED to construe dictatorship!

This time around, if i am a voter in KT by-election, i would not choose BN or PAS. Would definitely opt for the party-less candidate instead. Whether he is capable or not, at least BN wun be given chance to boast for their stupid success and PAS won't be able to do the Hudud talks. Katak aside first. LOL.

Malaysian Joe said...

Cleffy, the debate on this will go on and on and on.. its the issue of choosing the lesser of two evils... :). After seeing BN, I think I trust the angel from the deep blue sea... my take is, they may not be any worse than BN is today.