Friday, January 9, 2009

What Double Standards?

According to the police... NO ILLEGAL GATHERINGS.. NO CANDLE LIGHT VIGIL... NO DEMONSTRATION... or so they say...

Demonstration against the Zionist... HERE.

Whether Israel's current clobbering of Palestinians and Hamas is right or wrong, I do not think I would like to get myself sucked into a never ending discussion. It will be a whole lot easier if these two bickering group take their war to the moon. I think, the world then would be a much more peaceful place to live in.

Now, 5000 started their march from Tabung Haji building.... towards US Embassy... no FRU? no water chemical laced water cannon? no senseless clobbering of demonstrators?? Key word I found in the article

This group was largely made up by Umno Youth members from the Titiwangsa division.

Then the article shows the picture of burning of flag.. which is symbolic of anger... its okay to burn Israel, US flag... but not Umno or BN... I now hope that the police come out with guidelines as to what we can demonstrate against illegally and what we can't.

Then we have the freaking old hag of an ex-PM calling upon Malaysians to BOYCOTT! yeah.. BOYCOTT US made products as these buggers are said to be supporting the Zionist cause... GOOD! BOYCOTT! But why stop at McDonalds, Coca Cola and Starbucks? Think further.. what else is American? Intel, AMD, IBM, HP... boycott also Astro Channels.. most of them are American anyway... do not use.. Google, Yahoo, MSN.. gosh.. throw away your computers as it is using Microsoft OS and programs and please delete your profile on Facebook!

Why stop at McD? Poor old uncle Ronald... and why not KFC? A&W? Ownership of the brands? I just wish that the old man would just ease into his retirement gracefully .. has he not forgotten that he paid a Jew to be photographed with his arch enemy, President George Bush Jr? A man with an elephant's memory does have selective memory loss at times...

Okay, I have completed my rantings... I think I shall go out later and get a coke from a 7-11, then I may adjourn to Starbucks for a frappuchino and surf the net on my Acer (isay.. Taiwanese brand) which uses an Intel core-duo processor operating Windows Vista and using my trusty wireless logitech mouse... then for dinner, I might just pop into McD for a Prosperity Burger with Coke! While having dinner, I might call up my wife (who works in an American Bank) with my Nokia (yeah.. its Finnish) running on Symbian OS... After all, CNY is around the corner.... and I shall not patronize any mamak stall that does not sell my favourite beverage! Made in Malaysia's COCA COLA!


cleffairy said...

No way I'm gonna boycott coke... Coke is my life... LOL... anyway, no demonstration my ass la... Hishamuddin wants to use schoolkids to demonstrate... WTF

Malaysian Joe said...

Tat keris weilding fler needs to get some of the limelight.. since he will be vying for arm-no veep post... since he can't raise the keris no more, he thinks it is appropriate to use kids without parental consent.. wtf.. just becoz he is education minister.