Wednesday, May 20, 2009

From Mat Cemerlang to ....

Police have said it. HERE

Mat Rempit are no longer Mat Cemerlang... instead they have a less glamourous name to go by... Samseng Jalanan... or road thugs.

How fast things have turned around... is it a good thing?

Well until I see these "road thugs" being cleared off the roads on weekend nights, I will still think that all the police do is cakap only.. and the best they can do is hide at one blind spot and catch motorist who committed a very very minor traffic offence... easy ma... no need to chase.. just step out and STOP!

While I still see these "road thugs" still rule the road with impunity.... while Police cars drive idly by.. I am yet convinced that the cops are hell bent on eradicating this menace. In fact, they are more prone to arrest opposition politicians holding candlelight vigil than to go chasing after thugs. Easier ma.. no need to chase... oops.. am I repeating myself? Well, the signs are ominous.. look at their belly!


Anonymous said...

Well, get rid of Kj, the bapak of all mat rempit, then mat rempit will be samseng jalanan lorr... good riddance, these suckers still got support. *points to the film industry*

Did you see anything? I think our film industry is being supported by these thugs and co lah! Just see Rempit, impak Maksima, Bohsia... all feature all these rempit buayas and their chic!

JASON said...

their mentor ald kena demote