Wednesday, May 20, 2009

D Day for Nizar

Tomorrow, the Appeals Court will hear if Nizar is still the rightful MB of Perak after the illegal MB Mamak manage to get a stay on the High Court decision that ruled in Nizar's favour within 7 hours.. but poor Nizar will have to wait 10 days for his case to be heard.... welcome to Malaysia.

Many Malaysians will be hoping for a miracle tomorrow... whatever it is, Perakians suffer. I however do not hold out such hope.. knowing fully well of the capabilities of our judges... well, I would not generalize, lets just say majority of our judges... learned? Impartial? I reserve my own views on them.... when the former Lord President can't even seem to get it right what would you expect of people in the frame like Auguswine Paul?

Lets have a snap election for Perak! Lets have the frogs stand in their respective constituency under the banner of BN.. since they are BN friendly.... and since they have done so much for BN, BN should use their machinery to help campaign for them! And not shun them like lepers!

Najib must head the whole election task force for BN and not "delegate" it to his deputy. This is because he was the architect of the coup.. therefore, he should face the people and seek their mandate. Zambry... well he can be the kopi boy la for all I care.

Let the people of Perak CHOOSE! and END this madness ONCE AND FOR ALL!

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Anonymous said...

What to say? this is the case of double standard at it's best! Perak ppl can go berak lah! U think they will let the citizens choose easily without doing damage to pakatan first? I think not. and where the fuck is our bapak sodomy in all this? Dam the bastard, din say anything about this oso.