Thursday, February 19, 2009

Smart Move (2)

Perak Speaker suspended Zambry and all his exco cahoorts... :).

So? How now brown cow?

Here (suspension)

Here (Prof Aziz Bari's take that Speaker has suspension powers) Not difficult to figure as BN has done this umpteenth number of times in Parliament and other state assemblies.. so why cry foul now? Wanna be like this Former Parliament secretary crying foul? HERE.

Some mofos are crying out saying this is high treason that Pakatan does not respect the Sultan's decision.... well, for a start, if they all like good boys follow the constitution and dissolve the state assembly and call for snap election.. then I think the quagmire that Perak is in today could have been averted.

So, what can we Malaysians do?

Sit and wait la... what else can we do?

Aiyo.. don't have to wait long... Sleepyhead has spoken! "They have DISRESPECTED the Sultan!" Fierce... fierce...

The move to suspend Perak Menteri Besar Zambry Abdul Kadir and his six executive councillors can be regarded as disrespecting the sultan's decision, said Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi today.

"The speaker cannot do it (suspend the seven) - the menteri besar and excos were appointed by the Sultan legally. This kind of action can be regarded as not respecting the sultan's decision.

As elected assemblypersons, they have a right to be in the Dewan (state assembly)," he told a press conference in Putrajaya.

Abdullah also urged the Perak BN government to file a police report over the latest twist to the political turmoil in the state.

"We know their (Pakatan Rakyat) tricks," he said, adding that by suspending the seven, Pakatan Rakyat will have the majority in the state assembly.

The prime minister also disagreed with the suggestion that a fresh elections will be the best solution to resolve the deadlock.

According to him, the best solution is for the BN state government to continue ruling Perak to ensure stability.

What a bunch of crap... and expect BN and their lap dogs to go running to the Police to make reports and trust the police to be ultra efficient in discharging their duties...

According to Perak Umno Youth chief Zainol Fadzi Paharudin, the police report will be filed under the Sedition Act whereas the MACC report will be on Sivakumar’s alleged abuse of power as speaker.

Now... what gives him the bloody idea that BN government can ensure stability? How can a party that was REJECTED by people of Perak ensure stability?


Anonymous said...

OMG, Kevin, slow down many articles ahh... wait ahh... lemme read all of these then only I bitch properly about all these bullshiets. LOL...(been busy .... i can barely write these days. Sad ahhh... =(

TheWhisperer said...

They fucking created all the instability and turn it around saying BN government ensures stability. Read the hidden meaning here.. Umno is not going to stop creating havoc till they fucking rule back Perak. And now, that is threatening, judging from the way they continue to pull in the Sultan.

Thank god, people are more mature and aware now.

Calvin Soo KJ said...

nothing's new in malaysia. all sux!!!