Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Concerted Effort to Discredit PKR?

The events that unfolded since GE12 seems to point to that direction... aint it?

1. First they say Anwar sodomises Saiful...
2. Then PKR unveils PI Bala!
3. Then scUMNO make PI Bala make a U-TURN.
2. Then they say PKR reps in Perak makan luit....
3. Then they tell these PKR reps that has corruption hanging over their heads to join scUMNO.
4. Then they label Arumugam of Bkt. Selambau a bigamist... and make him defect.. but PKR acted faster.. make him resign..
5. Then they probably paid heaps to this jilted ex-bf of Eli Wong to hand over pics of her sleeping naked... (That makes me wanna check with all my ex-gfs to see if they still have nude pics of me in their posession...)

Notice that they target PKR reps?

Have you ever wondered why?

My 3sen... well inflation la... 2sen cannot survive... need 3 sen now... worth of thoughts.

PKR is the lynchpin that holds DAP and PAS together. GE12 has been a revelation of sorts for PKR and with their strength, they seem to be the glue that holds DAP and PAS in a cohesive force and BN knows fully well that a cohesive Pakatan spells trouble for them. So, instead of taking out DAP and PAS.... which may prove difficult unless they can find a sulker who wants a Camry badly... they would probably will not find it easy to tempt people in these two parties... moreover, breaking DAP or PAS would only "weaken" Pakatan.. but if they succeed in taking out PKR... they will bring Pakatan down. So, BN went about their simplistic idea that with MSM in their hands, they work tirelessly to discredit PKR leaders in the eyes of Malaysians....

So far, I am afraid they have failed..... MISERABLY.. not unless there are converts out there who would now believe BN lock stock and barrel that they are the best government, they are the cleanest and the most righteous choice now that PKR leaders are prone to be easily corruptible and have "loose morals". But before these people come up and tell me.. "see... these flers.. hopeless..." Lets just take a short trip down memory lane...

1. The former MB with two Mohd to his name... with MILLIONS of dollars in Australia...
2. Toyo with all the "gifts" from PKNS.
3. Former Malacca CM's sex scandal..
4. Current Malacca CM who believes that scUMNO alone is enough to govern Malaysia.
5. KerisMudin keris act...
6. Soon to be PM, bathe blood in keris act.
7. Soon to be PM explosive scandals with a Mongolian, Scorpene, Sukhoi...
8. Soon to be PM who is a sodomy expert..
9. Soon to be PM who became Choi San before CNY in KT..

list are endless...

So.. have they succeeded in any way to paint PKR as a not so viable alternative?

It has not to me.. most unfortunate to BN.. but has it changed the perception of others? That I would like to know.

I do hope to see a by-election at Bkt Lanjan and would love dearly to see BN fler roundly hammered by the learned voters of Bkt. Lanjan.

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