Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Royal Pain

Perak. Probably one word describes them all.

But I think the issue has gone beyond that and it started way way before the fiasco in Perak. Lets for a minute digress from the fact that Hee was sulking that she did not get her Camry.. lets for one minute forget the fact that the "Super Frog" can switch his allegiance in such simplistic manner and also lets forget the fact that the two "tainted" PKR reps was looking after their own arse.

After all the hope.. with Royalties giving speeches of righteousness.. has really whet our appetite that we the downtrodden rakyat has something to look forward to. A monarch that really knows and understand their subjects but I guess all that came to ZERO after the Perak fiasco. Today, we have the King shortcircuiting the process by asking Abdullah to have a smooth transition of power... What the fuck? What transition? Abdullah is only stepping down as head of UMNO.. he has not said that he will quit as PM of Malaysia! Has he? No doubt by virtue of being head of UMNO becomes PM, the 12th GE specifically picked Abdullah as the PM and not Najib! Is the King now working hand in glove with Najib to force another coup at Federal level?

Abdullah has one last throw of the dice, that is to dissolve Parliament and to call for a fresh election and I call upon him to leave a legacy of of Bapa Reformasi Malaysia!

Now back to the sulking frogs... the media was trying to paint the hopping culture as being started by Anwar Ibrahim and equating their coup in Perak just as that. Damn MSM... why did they not point out that Anwar promised an election 6 - 12 months after taking power? After they have cleaned up the electoral rolls? Najib meanwhile make Taking Perak as his no.1 priority after taking charge of Perak UMNO.. tunjuk garang ka?

Then fate has it that there would be two by-elections... hereby nicked.. the tale of two Bukits.. one Bukit Gantang and the other Bukit Selambau... Bukit Gantang is a direct battle between PAS and UMNO.. one which UMNO would play Pakatan's "derhaka" to the fullest.. lets see what garbage they will dish out.. "If you love your Sultan, you should reject those misfits who has durhaka your Sultan!"

Bukit Selambau meanwhile with a huge disgruntled Indian population, its very dicey for BN but.. VOILA! A few million from the "STIM"ulus package will do the trick... "Lets have a few Indian independents to join the fray to dilute the support for Pakatan!" Read today's Sun, at least 20 aspiring Independents! Wow.... all believe they can do a better job than V. Arumugam?

Meanwhile, my call to Pakatan is, lets unite and be viable. I do not support Pakatan, but I believe they are definitely a better alternative than the critically ill BN.


Terrassie Lau - the Rising Phoenix said...

after giving you a 10 course dinner, then comes the dessert- the bitter wong lo kat

Malaysian Joe said...

Aiya T! Wong low kat? We have been having that since March la... belum habis detox coz these mofos from BN keep feeding us GMO stuff.