Tuesday, March 24, 2009

When dark times get Darker...

In my previous rant, What would you expect of Najib... I guess, I underestimated this C4 Champ... indeed, with the start of this man's reign.. dark times can only get DARKER.

A hypothetical situation whereby I equated his coup in Perak could lead to a 2/3 majority in Parliament as he set about spending 60bil of our money to buy over his 2/3 majority.. I mean, after having successfully enticed 2 crooked and greedy PKR men as well as a DAP lady who is most obsessed with owning a Camry together with a "super frog" that goes both ways and singing different tunes on both occasions, I thought that he would start his reign with buying over MPs.. Never in my mind that this fler can be more cruel and filthy than the filthiest shit hole in the whole wide world.

Lets see lately what he has done:

1. Suara Keadilan and Harakah BANNED!
Here and here.

According to Botak, they were punished for spreading hatred against the government... gosh, botak.. oh botak... you spray these flers with chemical laced water and tear gas them at their events and you expect them to love you? Reap what you sow botak!

From malaysiakini.

Two opposition newsletters that have been banned for three months were punished for inciting hatred against the government, Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar said.

According to Syed Hamid, the party organs had threatened the stability of the multiracial nation, particularly with their reporting on a struggle for control of Perak, which erupted in January.

And threaten the stability... wonder which idiot carried out the coup-de-tat there?

Certainly it is to muzzle the information disemmination on the crucial events of Umno election as well as the impending 3 buy-election by BN la... botak.. you think we stupid meh?

2. If its not enough... they fired tear gas at a PKR rally in Bukit Selambau, a constituency where a by-election is about to be held...

Now if you haven't yet noticed the heightened level of intimidation by BN on their political foes.. but we cannot fault them.. really.. Bukit Selambau (N25) is a state seat in Kedah with only 35,000 voters. Expecting a turnout of 80%, one could be looking at 28,000 voters at best.

Read this news from Malaysiakini

Volleys of tear gas were fired into the crowd minutes after Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim took the podium in a ceramah tonight at Bukit Selambau, Kedah.

ccording to eyewitnesses, the police fired tear gas and unleashed chemical-laced water on about 5,000 people who had gathered in an open field opposite the PKR election operation centre for the ceramah.

The ceramah, which kicked off at 9.30pm, was to feature a number speeches by top Pakatan Rakyat leaders including Anwar.

“After a 10-minute introduction, Anwar went up on stage and in less than a minute after he started speaking, the police fired tear gas and doused the people with water,” said Saiful Izham Ramli, who is Bukit Selambau PKR election director and party’s supreme council member.

Saiful said that no warning was given by the police. The crowd began to disperse soon after but at least 19 people were arrested.

They fired the teargas, before Anwar took the podium... and later it was also reported that no warning was given by the police. I mean, can you imagine their fear? 5000! 5000 people were at the ceramah.. certainly there cannot be more than 1000 outsiders.. rite? But for a constituency of 35000.. heck, 15% of population was out there wanting to listen to Anwar? Must be a records of sorts... now, I really wonder how many would turn up if Mr. C4 or Botak were to show up... maybe they can get the crowd if they were enticed with free dinner and an ang pow to go with it.. eh?

Level playing field BN.. if you have the guts.. why not fight the contest like a MAN! Stop using your puppets in the police and FRU to do your dirty job for you.

Those events.. my guess is that its just the tip of the iceberg of what Mr. Dark Times can do... within his party, he has exercised his power in reducing some potential powerbrokers to by-standers.. one racist Mohd Ali Rusty and another upcoming cahort of current PM, Norza.. probably dealt the death knell on Azalina and Khairy... it is a procession of all the coming PM's men come this Umno election. Do you have the guts to live through these dark times? Its just about to get darker... gee.. talking about taking a roller coaster ride in total darkness...


Calvin Soo KJ said...

politics, politics.......they're are all blabbering shitless junk. but then again, what do you expect of trash anyways. :P

Anonymous said...

Since when Bn fight like a man? They will never fight like a man, becoz in truth, thay are barbies!

Malaysian Joe said...

Calvin: does it not worry you that they are more inclined to suppress their opponents than to manage the slipping economy? And with these kinda shit coming from the government just makes me angrier.

Clef: Barbies? Babis?