Saturday, March 21, 2009

What would you expect of Najib?

I know.. I know.. I have been away for far too long... well, not too far away really. I have been reading keeping abreast, and the only reason why I was not writing or blabbering as much was due to the fact that the events that unfurled since the hostile takeover of Perak has been too nauseating.

In Parliament we have the Deputy Speaker Ronald Kiandee saying that the Speaker has wide ranging and absolute powers! In Perak, MACC is investigating into the Speaker's abuse of power... and the State Assembly Secretary seem to have wide ranging and absolute powers...

In events whereby an innocent tree or rather a plaque placed under a tree has been vandalized... by one would expect to be from you know who... and the "friendly" MB from BeeEnd had wanted to chop down the symbolic tree...

Then you have those in UMNO that deem that money politics is not corruption... and while racist Ali got what he deserved.. well, read RPK's reminder on what this monkey said during a PPP's event in Melaka.. that UMNO can rule Malaysia without their partners and that PPP can get lost from BN. Well, if Kayveas is reading.. I can tell you KV, its a bloody good advice! Too bad you are too chicken to say no to your master.. :).

While KJ has been given a "warning!" Wow... I am a wee bit confused.. are we saying that the quantum of money politics determine whether one gets suspended or a warning? And Toyol been found "not guilty". This is a wonderful country... really.. look at the sandiwara, the shadow play and all.. FOR FREEE!!!!!

While not forgetting, Karpal Singh being abused by a bunch of hooligans... the cops just watching.. compare that to when Hindraf organized a give the PM flowers event, you have thousands of FRU lined up the road leading to Parliament and peaceful gathering of anti-ISA vigilers in PJ getting harrassed but the police seem oblivious when their "paymasters" do the harrassment.. wonder when will they ever learn that scUMNO is not their paymaster.

Yeah... I have been babbling about all the events which I did not write or care to write as I was too disgusted with the turn of events but I have so far cleared my head and did some soul searching and found that I need to write to warn PR of an impending chain of events.

Rightfully, many people are concerned with Najib taking over the helm of the country. Some claim that we are descending back into the dark ages... some are more optimistic in saying that he is the end of the legacy.. a prophecy propagated by our first PM.. the name RAHMAN.

Look back at the events... when the Bota super frog hopped over to PKR, Najib took over the helm, he bought over some YBs.. the corruptible ones of course and promising one biatch more than a Camry... he took over the state on the technicality that his government now has majority in the house.

That was Perak... when he took over Umno leadership in Perak. Imagine what he would do when he becomes PM? More frogs? More corruptible MPs hopping over to give BN 2/3 majority? Why are people talking about 13th GE? There won't be ONE! We won't be seeing the 13th GE... while those that prophesy that its the end of a legacy... maybe they should take it one step further... the end.. kapish?

Aiya... don't la be so gloomy.. maybe its not Armageddon.. but for what he has done in Perak... do you for one moment think that he is not capable of doing just that at national level?

PR.. watch out.

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cleffairy said...

we're fucked....or rather... C4ed!