Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Now .. This is Funny

Malaysiakini and a few others were "not given passes" to cover the Umno election... however, to clarify the matter, they were NOT BANNED... just not given passes... (GRIN)

Go on.. click on the GRIN for the news in Malaysiakini.. I laugh so hard I cried reading the news.. then I thought to myself if I was actually crying.. well, to those who are soooo stingy and did not subscribe to Malaysiakini.. here are parts of the news.

Online media have been barred from covering the ruling party's annual conference, a day after the government suspended two party organs for three months.


The opposition has said it fears a media crackdown is under way, after action was taken against the two political newsletters for "inciting hatred" against the government.

Inciting hatred... I wonder why is Utusan being let off the hook? Oh.. I forgot.. Utusan only inciting hatred amongst races and stirs up religious issues.. they are however not inciting hatred against the government but against the opposition..

Five news websites told AFP that they had been denied access passes, including prominent news portals Malaysiakini and Malaysian Insider.

Umno executive secretary Husainay Hashim said the decision was made was because their coverage of previous Umno meetings was "not friendly".

"From our experience with Malaysiakini for instance, they are not too friendly with us, they are not helping us. You have to report based on facts, not distorting the story," he told AFP.

"We just don't give them the passes, it is not a ban. They can get information from elsewhere."

Get this... This is Umno's maths... NOT FRIENDLY will get you BANNED!!! ooops.. Not given passes la.. not banned.. LOL.. but wait.. Ku Nan was more forthright...

Party secretary Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor gave a clearer explanation later during a press conference by party president Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

"They are banned for irresponsible reporting. If your report responsibly, we will allow you to come.

"The way you report about our leaders (and) our party is 'sickening'," he added.

He gives a clearer view on what is NOT FRIENDLY... its in their view.. SICKENING and IRRESPONSIBLE REPORTING... gosh.. let me see... how twisted your mind is on what is defined as irresponsible reporting.. by reporting the truth? Yeah, let me remind you that Botak once send a lady reporter to Kamunting to some really irresponsible reporting on the pretext of ensuring her "safety" after she reported one racist from your party who was spewing racist remarks at the Permatang Pauh by-election... so, I presume your meaning of IRRESPONSIBLE REPORTING = REPORTING THE TRUTH?

I trust and believe that these mofos in dUMbNO still do not get it... but I guess its good that they are still living in denial.


Anonymous said...

We're doomed. That piece of shit KJ just won the bloody Youth shits...

Malaysian Joe said...

On the contrary Clef... he is the best of the 3... serious... that shows the dearth in quality eh?

Anonymous said...

I hate mat rempits.... and since KJ is encouraging it, I hope somebody will C4 that feller! No kidding!

Malaysian Joe said...

Need to ask permission from Mr. C4 to borrow some leh...