Thursday, October 23, 2008

Between Alor and Kejora

Sometimes I wonder where these buggers put their brains when deciding to change the names of roads. While it is right to change a colonial name to a name that represents the country, but many a times when the road name is changed... it is from a very simple name to something so bloody complicated and long... Why can't they just do away with all the titles of the person when naming the road? Datuk la.. Tun la.. what la.. this la.. that la...

Then recently there was a huge hue and cry when they changed the name of Jalan Alor to Jalan Mercury. I mean Kejora. Sometimes these mofos do not understand the gravity of changing the names of roads... it breeds confusion,.. it costs money!

Wait a minute... some thing sounds familiar here... Money!!!! New roadsigns... new tourist maps by Tourism Ministry... some event to celebrate the name change... its all in the money?

While DBKL cannot make money from dubiously priced helicopters... they are looking elsewhere eh?


Anonymous said...

Must be got money involved somewhere lah! If not, our ppl where got so hardworking so so many lecehs things? I call this buat kerja bodow! Jalan Alor is already famous and have a reputation to begin with? Why change the name and makes Jln. Alor 'normal' again? Issit because Jln. Alor got more chinese, that's why they want to kill the chinese punya business?

Malaysian Joe said...

I smell money.... :)