Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Will PM Quit?

He is to make the announcement today.

But I doubt he will quit.

First and foremost, he would not want to go down as the PM of Malaysia that has failed. His predecessors have all earned a good name for themselves.. well at least in the annals of the country's history. He would like to at least wanted to be remembered doing something good for the country. At the moment, the only thing that he can do is to push ahead with at least the judicial reforms.

Will write more on this later today...

And I was proven right! Hah! Next date to look forward to 13th Oct 2008.... Anwar is so silent about the frogs... wonder if they will ever hatch... but before that 9th Oct... there may be an umno implosion? explosion? self destruction?

Then I WAS PROVEN WRONG!!! What a flip flop...

Now, will we see Najib becoming PM? Will we be comfortable with him being PM? He has yet to apologize for his bathing his keris with chinese blood.. has he? Will umno close ranks? Or will it break and dissipate even further? Are they even capable of reforming themselves? Let alone the nation?


Calvin Soo KJ said...

our malaysian politic is like one stupid movie.....lots of clowns fooling around. pm talking crap, his 2nd man brushing his shoes, anwar also cakap tak serupa bikin.....damn frustrating.

Anonymous said...

All tak guna wan, cannot trust wan! *shakes head* *shakes head until head want to come off frm my neck*

i am definitely not comfortable with a man who have rumours about himself C4ing people to death... definitely not. Do I hear massive explosion out there?

Malaysian Joe said...

Guys, we can only moan.... :)