Friday, October 10, 2008


Well, its been sometime since I last posted something on my blog but, work and other issues took up most of my time, but I hope I will be back for good! I mean writing and yacking here... :).

Happy am definitely not... not with the situation in the country... the news of Abdullah's flip flop was definitely consistent of him and talking about flip flop... he has "promised" "I WILL COMPLETE MY MISSION"statement where he says he will fulfill his promises on reforms... I was like.. heck, he has 5 years to deliver and he has failed.. now he want to do that in 5 months? That is after even his de-facto Law Minister Zaid Ibrahim quits on him? Another flip flop??? BETCHA!

If there is more to be dismayed, was news like Najib being hailed as The Man to do the job of reforming Umno, BN and The Man to take the coalition to newer heights... well, to me he could well be THE MAN to take them all to newer lows... Here, we have a man, who has C4 hanging all over his head... and the man, whose dad so famously did a "coup" on then PM, Tunku Abdul Rahman... now here is the man who is about to do the same to the current PM.

Now, if that is not bad enough, we also have news that the man with two Mohammed to his name, a man that cannot understand english and who tried to smuggle millions out of Australia has been nominated for No. 2? Does anyone for one moment think that Umno is ever capable of reforming itself? Do they even realize that reforms is not mere rhetorics and words? While, we have Umno trying hard to potray that by having a new captain is a miracle cure? True, Malaysians treat panadol as the cure all pill but do they know that panadol over a long period is detrimental for health? They have been taking panadol since Dr. M's days!

While Umno was busy posturing and "renewing themselves", we have Donald "The Duck" of MCA singing a tune of a progression.. somewhere in The Star today when he said he will go for MCA No2!.... A man who just months ago, compared Malaysia to Myanmar and Pakistan is speaking of reforms in MCA! Bravo! He is indeed going to benchmark regressive reforms to Myanmar and Pakistan! I do hope MCA will realize that Donald Lim is indeed the man to take MCA to newer LOWS!

Anyway, I have been away for sometime and I think it will take sometime for me to collect my thoughts and write about it.. there are alot more to write... just in my friend message me on this!
Prosecution in RPK's trial admitted to "doctoring!" and here. And, would you believe it, reading today's newspaper, a so called prosecution investigating officer noted that the explosive used was NOT C4! But it is somekind of plastic explosive! And he did not know how the explosive was placed on the woman's body... I mean, you are the bloody investigating officer.. and if you do not know what other plastic explosives are there and what explosive is being used.. then the heck, you are a STUPID investigating officer... and how can he conclude the investigation when he is clue-less as to how the murder was carried out? Stupid don't you think?

Am I dismayed? You tell me...

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Anonymous said...

I also hope you will be back for good, Kevin... my bitching mood for politics has somehow been dampen without you. LOL. Tak ada orang teman me to maki hamun ppl. LOL.