Thursday, April 2, 2009

And I thought this was HARAM!

They have such strict codes for TV programs.. everywhere must cover.. but read here.. Garb in miniskirt and fishnet stokings... with Dacing background.. and all these while we were led to believe that they are really people with high religious morals.. well, once in a while in desperation, one is however allowed to turn to the most despicable and crooked means of garnering support.

And guess who is the leader that is "enjoying" the show?

Malaysiakini has this to report:

Among the top leaders enjoying the show was Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, the newly-elected Umno vice-president and Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department in-charge of Islamic affairs.

Also present were Gerakan deputy president Chang Ko Youn and BN candidate Ismail Saffian.

So, I guess if to win an election, they can do the most Haram-est of actions? ah?

Read on, it says this:

Food and hot women are not something new in BN by-election campaigns.

At last year's Permatang Pauh battle, MCA organised a series of free dinners across towns which featured lucky draws and scintillating dance performances by beautiful girls.

It was also reported that PPP had held a similar dinner on Tuesday for 50 tables, which included even sexier singers.

Why was I never present when such shows are on? Well, I do not think my wife will allow me the pleasure of watching it anyway.. :).

Back to the topic... not to be outdone, PPP goes a step further.. :).

Well, Zahid must be enjoying himself immensely as he said this:

When pressed on whether such performances would translate into votes for BN, Ahmad Zahid said that they were a "part of the Chinese tradition."

"In my constituency, we did not win by holding such performances. However, we also respect Chinese customs. In fact, we should respect the customs of all races.

KONON! Respect customs of all races... are you saying then that Chinese tradition is to have skimpily dressed women singing on stage? What the fuck are you talking about customs? If you respect customs then for a start, stop stealing dead bodies from families!

RETARD! Chinese tradition... What the fuck do you know about Chinese custom... or are you merely talking about MCA contractors custom?


Anonymous said...

Fuiyohhhh!!! So dahsyat ahh! All these bastard have the holier than thou attitude la. Pretend that they are so damn good,but in fact, they are the wolf in sheep's clothing!

Well...if it's a real Chinese customs to enjoy having sexily clothed ladies singing on stage... I think that is nothing to really be ashamed of.

What's really should be ashamed off is having up to four wives at one time, and proud of their orgy escapades!

Malaysian Joe said...

orgy escapades.. hmmm.. are you privy to some information??? (wink)

I have actually.. while hubby go europe on a screwing tour.. the wives go to Jakarta for a to be screwed tour... but then again... (not substantiated)(wink) rather no HARD evidence to prove the "heresay"

Calvin Soo KJ said...

and all these screwing tour were paid by the govt?? condoms anyone??

K L said...

It is OK as long as the girls are not from Mongolia.

Anonymous said...

LMAO....Malaysia is definitely screwed up. Depan belakang, atas, bawah, semua susah hancurrr! LMAO... and no amount of condom could prevent unwanted STDs... kekekeke.

Malaysian Joe said...

@KL, Mongolian girls.. hmm... if they come, Zahid wont be getting front seat... it will be someone else who has "huge" appetite for a blast of time that will be sitting in front.

@Clef, STD? Wont die of STD... its more efficient with C4.