Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dei.. Police.. Nothing better to do?

A couple of days back, we read of news in Penang that the police are now checking for pirated CD's or DVDs in vehicles at their roadblocks...

I was like.. eh.. no better thing to do ah? People getting mugged.. house being broken into... snatch theft on the rise, rapists are lording the streets and even their own are using C4 to blow people up. I was pretty disgusted really when I read the news... but today, they got better!


No joke! No need warrant! They knock, they barge in, find more than 3 DVDs and they fucking fine you and take you to jail!

Well, Malaysians.. do you want to unite and tell these flers to FUCK OFF? If they are really intent on making this their rice bowl, might as well, we, 99.99% of Malaysians surrender ourselves to the good folks of PDRM... as we all would have in our posession a few dozens of pirated DVDs and CDs. Only the good folks of PDRM will buy all original discs based on their honest day's work paycheck.

If the police were to arrest any Malaysian for this crime, I ask if any other fellow Malaysian will stand up and offer themselves to be JAILED as we too have sinned. We bought a DVD because the price of an original DVD is sooooo FUCKING expensive that I cannot afford to get the originals!

Just because they cannot curb the seller.. they come after the buyer... and knowing the police that have no balls to face the felons are picking on docile Malaysians like you and me now.

PENANG (April 14, 2009) : If you think it is harmless to keep a few copies of pirated discs at home, be warned. The police can knock on you door anytime, China Press reported today.

Penang police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Wira Ayub Yaakob (pix) told the daily police are discussing with copyrights holders and relevant units on steps to be taken to crack down on music and film piracy

He said police can launch a crackdown anytime.

Ayub said police have been carrying out raids on sellers of pirated discs but are unable to stem out the scourge.

He pointed out that where there is demand there will be supply regardless of the number of raids.

This is giving police a headache, he said, adding that the only way to solve the problem is to deal with the consumers (to stop them from buying pirated discs).

Read the news and get really pissed... I am.. are you? For me, if you carry out your tasks of ensuring that the streets are SAFE and Malaysians feel SAFE, then you can work on putting other things in place... when you can't even get your fucking act together... don't come and give us this piece of CRAP!


Anonymous said...

I find it a farce the police find it so difficult to catch the suppliers/sellers/manufacturers of the pirated dvds. The irony is now they have added another source of income to their kitty!!

Malaysian Joe said...

Exactly... they cannot hunt those that pay them neskopi money regularly... so they need to find new source of neskopi money.... what to do... ekonomi merosotla... if you ask them.

Calvin Soo KJ said...

if we try knocking on their own doors, im not suprised to find tonnes there too :P

Anonymous said...

I second Calvin. probably they use it for their own pleasure. LMAO. Sorry bro. My line is down. Susah wanna visit!

Pete said...

Ha ha, for those who have pirated CDs, its' time to open a counter in Pasar Malam to sell them lorrr before police knock on your doors! LOL