Saturday, April 4, 2009

We have gotten ourselves... a SAINT!

Upon being sworn in as a PM, he (Najib that is) announced that 13 ISA detainees which include 2 Hindraf leaders to be released... lifted the ban on Harakah and Suara Keadilan as well as announcing that ISA will be reviewed!

"I would like to announce that the government has decided with immediate effect to remove the temporary ban on two news publications, release 13 detainees from ISA detention, and conduct a comprehensive review of the Internal Security Act," he said in his first act after taking office today.

"These decisions are timely as we move to enhance the confidence of our citizens in those entrusted with maintaining peace, law and order," he said.

In one swift sentence, he turn SAINT.

So now... who is the bad guy?

Abdullah of course... he was the mofo that sent the Hindraf flers to ISA... he was the one who instructed Hamit botak to ban the two publications...

Think a bit before we jump into the bandwagon and said Najib is the PM... he is my MAN! ONE MALAYSIA.. wow! Its a new concept and we should embrace it wholeheartedly now.. UMNO is no longer the racist party they were, they are now all encompassing, compassionate and understanding of the whole Malaysian psyche!

Wait... Abdullah knows he is stepping down... he knows that even if he released those Hindraf boys, it won't win him anything.. so, my take is this, Najib needs Abdullah to be the fall guy.. to do all the bad things just before he leaves office, so that when he take over it will look good on him when he undo the tasteless acts done by his predecessor...

But has anything changed? My answer my friends is a vehement NO!

Since March 08, Abdullah is a lame duck PM and with him at the helm for the last one year has been through Najib's grace. Najib has been calling the shots... Hamit Botak is just a pak turut.. so is Abdullah. Whatever being asked to do.. they did it like what all good dogs do... OBEY. So now that Najib has taken power, he smell like rose but trust me, a bunga tahi ayam will never be a rose.. it will forever be bunga tahi ayam.

Sure, it will hoodwink alot of voters in the 3 by-elections.. and it has gotten tougher for PR to deny BN a clean sweep at the by-elections. BN surely is now holding the upper hand as everyone would be so pleased with Najib for saying all the right things.

But before I go, please consider what Param Cumaraswamy noted... I concur with him wholeheartedly.

Param Cumaraswamy, constitutional lawyer/ former UN special rapporteur

Najib's statement calling for the release of the 13 ISA detainees is similar to what Dr Mahathir Mohamad did when he came to power.

He released 22 when he took his oath of office in 1982. In 1987, he used ISA to detain 106 (under Operasi Lalang).

Lets forget what others say and just dwell on this statement for sometime.... Who is behind Najib's ascension? Who has been calling for AAB to step down and let Najib take over.. and who will go down to the grounds to campaign for BN? Eerie similarities? or merely co-incidental?

All these are taken from HERE.


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