Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spin after Spin

Wonder how many of you watched the TV after the election results were announced at about 10pm last night? Well, I just scan through the channels, favoured amongst which I watch 501.. not Levi jeans la... Astro Awani, 502 Bernama TV and 101... the ULTIMATE.

The spin and excuses came in fast and furious, but I must congratulate Awani for being the LEAST bias.. although they came up with alot of reasons chief amongst which was highlighted by DPM Muhyidin Yassin which was quoted in the Star today. "Maybe they are not used to the new leadership."

Hmm... trying to blame SPR? Lets see, if the election were to be held right in the midst of their Umno election.... See, SPR, I am sure you are happy being the lackey of BN and take the blame and big fat cheques for it. The spinning has just gotten more and more vicious, isnt it?

Lets start with Bernama TV, a caller from Pahang called and gave his honest opinion... chief amongst which he said, the voters at Bukit Gantang was clever but less smart.. in his words, Pandai tapi kurang cerdik.. now, this guy hails from Pahang and the state of you know who telling people of Bukit Gantang that they are stupid to fall for the talk of Pakatan. He went on to say that Malays must unite under Umno as ONLY Umno can champion the cause of Malays... now.. where did I hear that before. I switched over to TV1.. the "Premier BN Organ".. and they lived up to their name... the moderator asked the guest what does he make of BN's defeat at Bukit Gantang.. and lo and behold he rattled at machine gun pace the following: (Let me just give the gist of what he said in point form) mind you, he said all these in under 2 minutes:

1. Bukit Gantang does not represent the voice of Perak.
2. Nizar fished in murky waters and garnered sympathy votes.
3. Pakatan played news that is nice to the ears... I really wonder if Instant noodles isn't better news?
4. Its an isolated case where Pakatan fielded a giant while BN fielded a minnow and the increased majority isn't impressive.
5. People still do not understand the new administration as the by election was held right after Umno election so they were not prepared.

I switched back to Awani right after hearing all those excuses.

I would not comment much but suffice to say, BN can ignore the signals of the two bukits at their own peril. You decide if those "analyst view" in your opinion is accurate. But for me, I hope BN believes him 100%. After all, they won Batang Ai, didn't they? With bigger majority! That is a BIG endorsement for BN and people in Peninsular as noted by the caller to BRTV, is not as bright and smart as those in Pahang.. particularly in the Pekan constituency where they are all clever, smart and enlightened because they voted BN!

While as long as we are more developed and progressive than the caller, I would not mind be called less smart... call me anything! Coz I will have the final laugh.


Calvin Soo KJ said...

i think that guy is genuinely kurang bijak lor.....jatuh muka orang pahang!!! cis!!

Malaysian Joe said...

LOL.. I forgot u are from Pahang... of course he is only one la... sadly they air his perverted view. Free world though, he is entitled to his and me to mine.. :)