Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lets Go For A Holiday!

Many of us would dream of a lavish holiday... yet to many it is just pipe dream.. lavish.. where one can take the entire family to not one Disneyland but TWO! Having a recon team to "check" out and ensure the itinery is perfect.. Ah... I would love to have one... wouldn't you?

The icing on the cake however, is to have the holidays paid for by the people who dreams of having such holidays... wouldn't you be pissed? Here you are dreaming of one.. yet unable to have one and YET, you are paying some arseholes for one...

State Agency Funded Khir's Disney Tours...

'State agency funded Khir's Disney tours' Syed Jaymal Zahiid | Apr 1, 09 12:18pm

Former Selangor Menteri Besar Dr Mohd Khir Toyo along with his family and other state officials spent almost RM1.6 million on two overseas trips which included a tour of Paris and Orlando Disneyland.

The expenditure list included a 2004 visit to the Disneyland Paris and a four-day transit stopover at Dubai.

This was revealed by an inquiry being conducted by the state's Special Select Committee on Competence, Accountability and Transparency (Selcat) today.

Among the other revelations on the overseas trip which took place from Dec 17 to 24, 2004 were:

  • Joining the trip were Khir's wife Zaharah Kechik, their three children and a maid.
  • The official delegation spent a total of RM416,000 for the trip.
  • A 'reconnaissance team' which went to make arrangements for the trip spent RM366,000.
  • The four-day stopover in Dubai cost the state an additional RM10,000.

All the expenses were covered by state investment arm Perbadanan Nasional Selangor Berhad (PNSB) revealed its chief executive officer Khairiyah Abu Hassan at the inquiry today.

When asked by committee chairperson, Selangor state assembly speaker Teng Chang Kim on the objective of the trip to Morroco and Paris, Khairiyah said the trip to Morroco was an exposure visit to study the architecture in the country.

“We wanted to see the architecture there as they reflected the glory days of the Islamic empire and we had wanted to try and adopt it here in Selangor,” said the PNSB CEO.

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Read the Star today on some obscure column... it says RM1mil.. Read The Sun it says RM1.7million front page headlines. Thats the reason why I have stopped reading BN goon's Chun Wai's Star anymore...

Further on, the inquiry revealed that no outcome from the visits... and more importantly, if you are leading a state delegation to Disneyland for a "Study"... don't you think it is only appropriate that you actually have a series of meetings and not bring your entire family for the trip?

What came out of it? ZILCH!

This botox-ed arse just screwed rakyat's money for his family's pleasure!

It is also revealed that for the same purpose, Khir’s entourage spent another RM648,841 of PNSB’s money for a nine-day trip to Honolulu, Hawaii and the Disneyland in Orlando, United States from Dec 23, 2007 to Jan 1, 2008.

Out of the total sum, about RM110,000 were spent on Khir’s lodging alone while RM171,000 were spent on six single supplementary rooms with some of them housing Khir’s children

HAWAII? For what??? Learn how to turn Bagan Lallang into Surfer's Paradise?????

And how much more irresponsible is this botox arse? He and his wife refused to attend the inquiry.... just need to see how much more he wants to defend his actions now. By the way, Pakatan would be waiting in vain for AG to prosecute Botox's wife... and while they refer Botox to Priviliges Committee.. may I recommend that he be suspended 2 years without pay and his assets is Selangor frozen to facilitate investigation as to the origins of his wealth.



K L said...

Can you imagine if the MB seat is still hold by him ? I think Selangor will go bust in no time ! We have all made the right choice !

Malaysian Joe said...

Yes KL.. I could not agree more with you. With this piece of news, I think BN can kiss their arse goodbye to running Selangor for a long time coming.

cleffairy said...

kevin, you should rephrase it. That man is not just botoxed. But he's a nip and tuck feller as well. i met this cock sucker in person, In Boulevard Hotel, Midvalley at around 10pm last mth. Got nip and tuck scar leh, this feller! i wonder how much he spend on the surgery table.

This feller spend and spend and spend. I think all of us can guess where his monies comes from. takkan his money comes from doing part time modelling at a gigolo club at night pulak?

having his assests frozen while investigations are ongoing is a great idea, but then again, one can be in UMNO and escape anything, including genocide! Do you agree wif me?

Malaysian Joe said...

Yeah clef... he wanna look good.. LOL.. Mat Tempe have swindled us big time and if this were to be blown to every corner of Selangor... BN can very well say goodbye to running Selangor for as long as Mat Tempe is in scUMNO.

And yes.. they can escape genocide.. coz they are dUMNO ma..

Calvin Soo KJ said...

in addition, could i ask that his penis be extracted as well??

K L said...

Selangor's Khir Toyo = Taiwan's Chen Shui Bien
Selangor's Zaharah Kechik = Taiwan's Wu Shu Cheng