Thursday, March 27, 2008

Why England?

Its always refreshing when you are taking a break from commenting on politics. Its getting.... tiresome. Those monkeys are performing the same tricks again and again... and again... well more of that next time but today I want to talk about my favourite pastime - Soccer.

I fell in love or rather grew to like football way back in 1976. Gosh, it was the last century and co-incidentally it was the first live telecast on Malaysian TV. The FA Cup Finals between Manchester United and Southampton. Yes, the result was a shocking conclusion, the supposed giant, Manchester United fell 1-0 that night but I became an instant fan of Manchester United. Back then, not many people supported Manchester United, Man Utd fans were the butt of the joke each time a topic of soccer surfaced. It was the glorious years of the other red team from Merseyside. Yeah, Liverpool with Dalglish, Clemence, Kennedy, Hughes etc were all dominant and yet, there was I and a small band of Man Utd supporters gritted our teeth each time Liverpool raise cup after cup.

Today with Man Utd winning regularly, I do not have any "opponents" to gloat about the success except for occasional class reunions on an annual basis that the "small band" of Man Utd fans can rub salt into the wounds of those so called Anfield faithfuls. But it is never the same when back then it was a daily gloating affair.

Yet, I guess its by default that one's love for an English club translate into support for the English national team by default. Not that I have great belief that they are a good team but somehow there is soft spot for them in every game and tournament that they are in. Geez... thats the topic I would want to dwell in today. Yes.. yes.. do not remind me of Ribery's goal in Paris that tainted the 100th cap of David Beckham. It does not matter really. But why England? I still cant find it within me why I can support England? My only guess is I support England by default as I am an ardent fan of Manchester United. Can any of you identify with this crisis? Certainly when on a global stage, I always find the Samba boys to be always exciting, the French to be fluid footballers and the Dutch to be great entertainers and lately my love for Argentina's brand of football. Yet, it is still very much an England's game that interest me. I just wonder why?

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