Monday, March 31, 2008

Dont Stop The Penang Ferry Service!!

I read with horror from Star Online that Port Authority of Penang wants to close down the vehicular ferry services. Not only horror but anger as I grew up using the services to commute to college back in the days before and after the great tragedy of 1988, the collapse of the ferry terminal in Butterworth. It was still pretty vivid that fateful day when over on the mainland it was St. Anne's feast day while over on the island it was some festival on Kuan Yin. The decks were packed to the brim and the terminal gave way... many perished that evening. I was on the island and was contemplating making my way back to my parents home and decided against it to avoid the traffic chaos.

The ferry services was indeed an Icon as said by Lim Guan Eng, ( I wonder how come it took a Malaccan to tell the Penang Port Authorities just that) it has been synonymous with Penang since the time I remembered. Till today, whenever I make a trip back home, I always make it a point to use the ferry services and the memories just come flooding back on each and every trip I make. On top of that, I tell my kids the stories of the ferry and how I, as a kid made it a point to remember all the names of the ferries. From the old Pulau Pinang right up to Pulau Labuan for the passenger cum vehicular ferries of old and from Pulau Undan to Pulau Payar/Pulau Pinang of the new supposedly 100% vehicular ferry.

Back in those days, the current ones in use were 100% vehicular and I use to wish each time to go on the upper deck as I love the feeling of the wind blowing in my face.... ahh those good old days...

PPC please do not take the ferry services away! I am helpless but I hope Penangnites will rally behind the Chief Minister to keep the services. Please do not let the authorities take away the pride and icon of Pearl of the Orient, instead to spruce it up and make it more appealing to the masses.

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cili said...

NoNoNoNo ... they cant do that. I'm KL gal but the ferry services mean so much to me. Bring back yester year memories with my family and friends. NOOOOOOOOO !!!!