Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hippety Hop Hop

I am not too sure about other countries, but, Malaysia is a country where after elections actually co-incides with the spawning season of frogs. Many MPs (in this case Member of Parliament) and one should not mistaken it with MCPs, will then be compelled to ditch their cause and their principles for the glimmer of money. So hop hop and away.... they will for their own political survival and to have the needs of their greed fulfilled.

My reaction is KNN! We elected you to be our voice in Parliament la... not to.... (heck I was too naive to think that these flers would actually represent me). But nowadays, these hoppers just dont know where to hop.... hop to Barisan Rakyat, heck.... what is gonna happen to them? Hop over to Barisan Nasional (BN)... what is going to happen in the next 4-5 years? So now we have a party (PKR - Parti Keadilan Nasional) claiming 23 MPs wanting to jump... now they claim 16. My question is.. FOR WHAT?

Then you have these flers in BN pressing the panic button sending the MIBs to snoop on these would be frogmen... and then you have those flers who are said to be frogmen shouting back.."Oi.. you dont trust us ah?"

All these charade, I can only deduce a few things:

1. BN are afraid of their own shadow now.
2. The frogs dont know when to don their frog suit.
3. PKR will embrace the frogs just to be the government, in any case if they dont get it, all are screwed.
4. DAP is too busy trying to undo the NEP that breeds corruption and cronyism.
5. PAS is trying to procure more oil to fan the turmoil in Terengganu and Perlis.
6. BN... poor flers... they might as well give up the whole thing and walk into Kamuting.

For all matters of intent, BN got the government, let them rule the country while you others go and rule the other states and make it HAPPEN! I am sure, if Penang, Perak and Selangor in principle is being run well, the people will give you the mandate the next round. Not unless Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim cant wait.

Then again, me think the frogs are mere pawns in the game of political chess.


Cili said...

My dear, impressive writing .... welcome back to the world of blogging. Now that you are back, you will see more often of you me ^o^

Kevin Phang said...

Thanks Peyt... :) u are indeed the voice of great support!

Carlo P. said...

Keep blogging dude...The keyboard is mightier than the sword...well at least in the cyber world.