Monday, March 24, 2008

Government to be Blog Friendly?

When I visited Rocky's blog today, I got a shock of my life. Just as I am getting into blog and be more vocal on what I got to say, there we have it!

PM to be more blogger friendly. I was like... WTF! But, I am not saying the Govt cannot change their stand. At least they know now where they lost it. But, are they genuine? Since they say no Katak in Parliament are they going to throw some $$$$ and have katak hopping all over the blogsphere?

Okay okay.. I am a small fry.. nobody reads my blogs anyway.. its just a ranting page for an average Malaysian family man with 4 hungry mouths to feed and am not actually happy with the current lifestyle.

But, in all sincerity I hope the government do not engage the bloggers but engage the PEOPLE. Bloggers are PEOPLE dishing out news and if the Government is sincere in addressing the issues affecting the people, do something for the people and the bloggers will write about it. I do not see how appeasing bloggers can be equated to appeasing the PEOPLE.

Anyway just my two cents.

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