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Pak Lah Understands???

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'Thank you, point taken': Pak Lah to voters
Andrew Ong Mar 25, 08 4:29pm
The plunge in support for the Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition in the recent general election was a strong reminder to the government that it had not fulfilled its reform pledges, conceded Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.
Abdullah pledged that in his second-term as prime minister, there will be a "bold agenda" to address the people’s concerns.

Wow... after 4 years he realized that people are not stupid. Do I think he will be different? Probably give him 2 months.... by then he would probably be gone.. maybe that is a good thing.

The premier touched on this issue when delivering his keynote address at the Invest Malaysia 2008 conference in Kuala Lumpur this morning.
It was his first major public address since the March 8 polls which saw the opposition taking 82 parliamentary seats and storming into power in four additional states apart from Kelantan.
"The result of the elections was a strong message that I have not moved fast enough in pushing through with the reforms that I promised to undertake.

Mr. PM, we gave u message every now and then but you teargas them and throw those poor flers into jail and worse Kamunting. How can you have heard us when you have yet to release those 5 HINDRAF boys? As a matter of fact, you were very gentle on yourself when you said you have not moved fast enough, the fact is you HAVE NOT MOVED AT ALL!

"I thank the Malaysian people for this message. Point well made and point taken," said Abdullah who was reading through a seven-page prepared text.

You definitely do not know what you are reading as the words do not come from yourself but a prepared text. Need I say more? If you really really have the people at heart, the words will flow from your heart, no need for 7 page text.

'Reform cabinet'
The prime minister said that the new government was already in the process of "rejuvenation" with the formation of his "reform cabinet" last week.
"Half of the cabinet comprises new faces - a number of them are independent personalities appointed to key portfolios," he added.
With the new cabinet in place, Abdullah stated that his main priority now was to support lower income groups who are suffering from surging prices of consumer goods.
"Firstly, we aim to mitigate the impact of rising world prices for lower income households, and limit the wastage and losses caused by subsidies.
"Secondly, we will review the implementation of our economic plans to ensure that its benefits will touch the lives of those who need them the most.
"Thirdly, we will continue our work towards reducing income gaps between and within ethnic groups, while ensuring fairness for all Malaysians," he said.

I dont see much reforms in bringing back the politicians who are long passed due dates.. and what economic plans are you talking about? NEP? I thought for the past 40 years and to be more relevant last 4 years your UMNO have been yelling rabidly that they have divine rights to be guardians of NEP... are you now saying it is flawed? Speak simple language PM.. simple to understand please... "reducing income gaps between ethnic groups?" This one reeks garbage... it should be reducing income gaps in every strata of the SOCIETY damn it!
New and renewed pledges
Abdullah also pledged to "drastically" reduce the crime rate, tackle corruption aggressively, support judicial reform and ensure "a fair number of places of worship for Malaysians of all religions."

Now this one makes me laugh so hard I do not know whether to cry or laugh... I hope I will live to see this. Drastically reduced.... do you need to be reminded that your PDRM is only good for slogans?

"These were the major issues that resonated with voters regardless of ethnicity, background, gender or age," he said.
While anti-crime and anti-corruption campaigns were part of Abdullah’s election pledges in 2004, his pledges on judicial reform and places of worship are fresh.
Opposition parties have been nitpicking on Abdullah’s previous administration based on these issues during the general election campaign.
Meanwhile, Abdullah also pledged to continue federal-backed economic corridors and signaled that discussion with non-BN state governments were in the pipeline.

He has to doesn't he? If those corridors projects are cut off, so do all the contracts to his cronies... and funds for his "re-election" dries up. He cant afford that.. can he?

"I remain, as I have always been, the prime minister for all Malaysians. Our manifesto has clearly stated our commitment to reduce the gaps between regions.
"Therefore, we intend to have productive working relationships with all state governments to ensure that the corridor plans will be successful," he said.

PM dont just talk.. we have had 4 years of crap... Walk the talk. We know you can talk but for 4 years we know you talk when you are awake. Walk!! WALK! For God's sake... WALK the TALK! But I really wonder if you can be for ALL Malaysians after all the threats leading to the election and way before that... when you squeak of nothing in the wake of body snatching cases, apostasy cases and using the term "Allah" etc.

Fuel prices to go up?

At a press conference later, Abdullah said details on his policy on low-income earners will be unveiled in due time.

I guess he has yet to consult those 4th floor flers for ideas since he failed his statistics paper, he will have no idea how to tabulate the poor, the rich and of various ethnic groups... since he still wants to play communal politics.

To a question, Abdullah hinted that price control mechanisms may undergo drastic changes. This includes the possibility of scrapping subsidies for certain goods.
"There are limitations to price control (mechanisms). Of course the market would be the most important determinant," he said.
Abdullah was also non-committal when asked if his administration would maintain present fuel prices.

Actually what he meant to say was, "It remains if my 4th floor advisors tell me to keep it that way, until they squeak, I think it will remain."

"We have to live with the present prices. When we make the announcement (on fuel prices), it is hoped that the situation would have change," he said without elaborating.

What he meant to say was, "I hope another 10 MPs hop over to give us 2/3 then we will raise the price. By then you guys can do nothing but to shut up and pay more."

New Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Shahrir Samad had on Sunday called the current price controlling mechanism "a joke" and has signaled sweeping reforms to come.

Of course it is a joke... coz he is the one laughing now that he has returned to the cabinet. But in all sincerity, Sharir remains one of the more dignified personality whom I believe can make something good out of it for us Malaysians. Still keeping my fingers crossed for him to make the difference.

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