Monday, March 24, 2008

Shabby Singh?

Firstly, as a Manchester United fan, I am happy that we manage to silence our perennial rivals Liverpool for the remainder of the season, 2007/08 that is. A comprehensive 3-0 victory at Old Trafford was something to savour. Of course it will not be a match of intense rivalry if the match is devoid of controversies. Last night's match was full of it, from Javier Mascherano's sending off and an odd goal from Wes Brown to Cristiano Ronaldo's phenomenal goal scoring record this season.

However the match was tainted not by the red card to Mascherano but more to the moanings of ESPN's pundit, Shabby Singh. Known to be one of the worst pundit, his rantings about Mascherano's sending off to be harsh and what not does not explain Liverpool's inept display. They were completely outplayed even when they had 11 players. Yes, it would have been an icing on the cake should Manchester United hammered Liverpool 11 on 11 but that was done earlier in the season at Anfield. Today is about Mascherano and Shabby Singh.

Mascherano for all his qualities seems hell bent on getting himself sent off last night and Shabby for all he is worth seem to defend dissent. How could he defend a player that has been attacking the referee since his first yellow card? I am sure everyone and Steve Bennett included would not be able to take the kind of harrassment dished out by Mascherano. Yes, it spoilt the game but it was his own doing and I am of the opinion that should Liverpool fail to take fourth spot this season, Mascherano should shoulder most of the blame. Firstly, for gifting the match to Manchester United and secondly denying Liverpool his services for the crucial Merseyside derby with Everton next week.

Nothing to quibble really, Liverpool was on overall second best in both the encounters and they can whine all they want about their luck good and bad of it. But the truth is Liverpool is at best good for fourth. This season however, I think Everton is more deserving of Champions' League action next season.

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KH Leow said...

Shebby may be wrong but he's just doing his job as a pundit. For me, pundits need not be right all the time. It's their charisma that drags us to stay tuned and even bother listening to those halftime talks.