Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Why BN lost....

Sigh, this topic has been discussed over and over again and in many cases, many people point to the fact that Malaysians are maturing... they are voting OUT of the racial lines or are trying to convince the masses that indeed we have matured. My question is "have we?"

Even after the election, the appointment of an MB right up to the composition of the State Exco is so racially driven. Of course we can all point to UMNO as the main instigator but I believe all the way up the rank and file of PKR, PAS and DAP this has been the point of contention. So, I would still think that Malaysians are still not ready to vote out of racial lines. They are doing it this time round for different reasons really. But, then again its only my thoughts.

The Malays. Well, BN thought they have this segment all wrapped up and that their votes are forgone conclusion. But what BN failed to see was their 4 years of price increases have caused many to be disillusioned. From the excesses of sending a Space Tourist and to the ever increasing cost of living have had an impact on them. Its not that the opposition, in this case PKR has any possible solution to this phenomenon, though they claim they have, can do anything about it but they manage to stir the imagination of the Malays in that they are capable of reducing the burden by increasing subsidy by reducing corruption and curtail excesses of the administration, which I think go down well with the masses, especially the Malays. Hence a chunk of votes gone awry for the ruling party.

The Chinese. I guess, this is the most disenfranchise segment of people who really believed that they have nothing more to lose. MCA is like whipping dogs for UMNO while Gerakan has failed to make their presence felt in BN. 4 years of being bullied may have taken its toll. From arrogant calls to Get lost and cases of religious intolerance by UMNO have given cause to the Chinese to note that it will be no different under PAS, hence the fear that PAS will impose Hudud for that matter makes no difference. They are basically fed up with UMNO's arrogance and MCA's subservience to their bosses together with their perception of sluggish economy and the empty promises of the ruling party is just too much to stomach.

The Indians. To be honest, HINDRAF was very myopic in thier demands and stand but it manage to galvanize a section of the population to finally see daylight. The matter isnt going to disappear anytime soon not with the prolonged stay of MIC's head honcho. This may be the permanent shift the opposition are looking at and it bodes well for the country to have a two party system. Indians in this case pretty similar to the Chinese voted out of feeling of disenchantment.

Now put all these 3 together you get a concoction of a Perfect Storm and it did on 8th March 2008. Many can feel the strong winds blowing except BN. What nobody expected was the extent of damage caused by THE STORM. Now that the storm has blown, the damages assessed, Malaysians will have to take stock on what are the criterias that they will vote the next round.

If BN perform admirably well this term, will it be due to the fact that:

1. They have learnt their lesson and are now more all encompassing?
2. Because the opposition have done well in monitoring and curtailing the administration's excesses?

Will Malaysians still vote in for more check and balance? or will they give the ruling party another landslide in GE13 and to let the whole charade of 2004 replaying itself?

I think if BN perform poorly, the answer is pretty much a foregone conclusion would it?

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cili said...

Babe, when you said you are going to write more about politics, i didnt imaging you will go this intense.....keep up the good work.