Monday, March 31, 2008

Mat Tyson's gonna KO those that attend!

Rocky Bru's Take on Mamat Tyson's warning " Matmat Taib's WARNING: Attend the forum and we'll take you down!

Mamat Tyson gonna give those wanting to attend "the KO punch" lor!!!!

My suggestion to Mamat... "Get the FRU and water canon and tear gas brigade ready! Pound them properly with the full arsenal.. then send 5 of them to Kamunting for "suspicion of organizing terror activities."

And this happens after Pak Lah said "Point taken." What point la??? That people cannot disagree??? Now I am confused.... even more confused when Rocky posted the message that Jean is Missing! We had 1000 police officers looking for Sharlinie... so now? I still wonder what is happening now to the case...

Yeah.. this post is very haphazard coz I am confused.... sorry, but my intention is to confuse you guys as well!

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