Friday, March 21, 2008

My Entry into Blogging World?

I have wished to start blogging for a long long time, but have never found the time to. It was mainly down to the fact that I have been active in reading other people's blogs and ideas. Although I have penned many ideas in there, I now feel it is time I raise my own voice which I hope will also be the voice of others sharing the same ideas or contrasting ideas are also welcomed to be shared.

My desire to start a blog for the last two years was spawned by my desire, to see a Malaysia that has great future with their abundant resources and wealth for me as a citizen and for my kids who are growing up to have a great future. It has all somewhat dimmed greatly since 2004 but, 8th of March 2008 brought back the glimmer of hope that there is still hope yet for Malaysia.

It is with that in mind that this blog will evolve. This blog is about what an average Malaysian like me makes sense of what is happening in and around the country. Occasionally take a peek at the world around and within my family and how we cope with the changes. Its a struggle which I believe is shared by many Malaysians and people the world over.

I also hope you guys be patient as I grapple to be more IT savvy.... :).


Jackie said...

It's a cliche but yeah, never too late to start comrade. We may refer to our blogs in diminutive terms but bloggers are attention-seekers at heart. So celebrate your first comment by breaking out the bubbly and watch that hit counter grow baby!

Kevin Phang said...

yeehaaar... thanks Jac!