Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Flip Flop Country

Many of us have been complaining about our country's leaders doing loads of flip flops.... it all started with the crooked bridge but lately the flip flop viral infection has also infected the rocket scientists of DAP. The symptoms were there since before the election when Fong Po Kuan, DAP's cili padi, sure win candidate for Batu Gajah who made an about turn after saying she will not contest the 12th GE for reasons now known only to her and the leaders of DAP.

Yesterday, we saw the quickest flip flop ever done by a politician. Merely hours after announcing his resignation, DAP's Buntong state assemblyman, A Sivasubramaniam retracted his resignation after some hours of serious "discussion." My fear is Malaysian politics is now going through a period of uncertainty where certain segments of the population is now asking for more political clout than that they represent. It is most shocking to see now that our dear Sam is saying they are not well represented in the new state government. Err... dei... please check your Pahang state government before you comment la.. ok?

Back to the topic. The MSM seems to play up more of the storm in the opposition held states that that of theirs as well as federal. I feel that all is not right up in Putrajaya, now with PBB joining in the chorus of more representation in cabinet. Now, this is worrying.... "Its my seats that put you in power. Now reward us!" Gee.... I guess thats politics.

Have we, after the 12th GE reverted back to the racial politics of old? What happened to the breaking racial barriers claims? What makes you think that a Malay, Chinese or Indian reps will do less for the community not of their skin? Or were we just kidding ourselves that Malaysians have at last matured? Is BN right to say that the votes against them was a vote of protest rather than rejection?

For me, representation should be for the people who can serve and will serve the people irregardless of color and creed. He should serve ALL Malaysians. BN has failed in that sense and I hope the fragile PKR led coalition with PAS and DAP will not join the ranks of failure. Yes, the opposition got in by the spirit of "Makkal Sakti". Live it up! Let it burn bright! Let the spirit thrive! For 40 years you have fought hard for this day, do not let it slip through your fingers due to your petty differences. This day will never come again.

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I like flip flop shoes 'wink'