Wednesday, November 5, 2008

8% Deduction? EPF?

As usual, when the country's leaders is putting their hand into the nation's coffers, they would then ask Malaysians to spend more to safe their arses! While EPF has been screwed.... I think its a good thing that they seek to reduce the deduction.. and what right thinking Malaysians should do is to put aside the 3% removed from the hands of EPF into something more rewarding than to follow the government's call for heightened spending.

While the call to build more low cost houses is lauded... I really wonder if the ones really in need of these houses will get them... As I travel around the low cost apartments in KL, I do see some fancy cars being parked at the parking lot.. err.. for me, anything apart from locally made cars and the rebadged toy cars are considered fancy.. especially so when the houses that they are staying in is only 1/4 of the price of the cars they are driving!

One way of solving this would be to instead of selling the houses, the government should enforce renting it out to the needy and these people will have to move out upon them owning a car of sorts. If one can afford even a Kancil, he/ she should be able to afford a low-medium cost house by then with prices ranging from 60k-90k... these people must vacate their property. Easier said than done when enforcement is always an issue in our country where corruption is rampant.

The whole winding up speech talked basically on two things:

1. Hammering Anwar
2. Screwing EPF

The other side shows are nothing more than adding salt to the sea..... don't you think?


Anonymous said...

EPF is a scam! Screw it's asshole inside out!

Malaysian Joe said...

Clef, EPF being a scam aside.

Already the issue of insufficient funds for old age is a pressing issue.. and to save their bacon, they institute such a regulation.. imagine who are those poor mofos who would opt for 8%? Tie it back to who will be the ones giving social problems when they retire?