Wednesday, November 5, 2008

US Election... Obama? Mc Cain?

Contrary to many favourites.. they liked Obama... I just thought that he projected himself as too perfect and did not really hold on to his ideals.. that is if he had any. As at present, Obama is leading in Electoral Votes 102-34.. but interestingly.. he is behind in popular votes... 7.63mil to 7.68mil that of Mc Cain... wonder who would win.. :).

I know its too early when projected voter turnout to be 140million.. :). Less than 15% counted but interestingly big time Blue Obama states have reported in their leads while Red Mc Cain States have still to report.

Its like a very exciting basketball match... (in the end... hehe.. it fizzled out!)

Obama pulling clear again... :). I think our Malaysian GE next time round will be just as close.. :)


True... like what Cleffairy commented below... United States became color blind today as Obama took the US Presidential Election by storm today... blowing away the challenge of John McCain by taking some traditional red states away from the Gops.

Obama then proclaimed that Change has come to America.... I reserve my judgement on that whether will the change be good or bad. Personally, I have no favourites but over the period of a year that we saw the battle, I am just inclined to think that Obama pretty much like Anwar.. played along the populist line without really having a clear direction on what his policies are... be it on taxes or the security of US of A. While I never liked Bush's foreign policies, many assumed that McCain would perpetuate and carry on what Bush has done but Obama?

Any way, congratulations President Elect, Barack Obama. You will have your work cut out not only to care for your country but also the world at large. I see you as a well and truly crafted politician, from your gestures and speech... but I pray that above all, you will be a President for all Americans and a leader to all mankind. May God guide you in all your ways and decision and I ask of you to allow that to take place. The world may have been made more hostile by your predecessor.. the world may have just started to experience a great economic turbulence, courtesy of your supporters at Wall Street, but I pray that you will act fairly on all to bring peace and prosperity to mankind in your 4 year tenure as the President of the United States of America.


Anonymous said...

Today the Americans became colour blind. Obama won. LOL.

Malaysian Joe said...

I never liked democrats... except for probably Kennedy... and the sexually active roving Clinton...

Anonymous said...

oh, Clinton. He's the man! I wonder if we can find some certain 'specimen' on his office our political womenfolk learn from his wife alot... "I'm hurt, bla bla bla, but we will stand together during this hard time as family".

Calvin Soo KJ said...

change in the u.s. is it good or bad. never really would know until her really step in office. but at least the americans know what they want. unlike ours. cakap tak sama bikin.....probably of their freedom of speech. ours, you talk too much, i'll arrest you under i.s.a.

Malaysian Joe said...


Yes, we would not know if its good or bad. But, the good that comes out of this is the way Americans see Obama. Although a son of an immigrant.. he is seen as an American.

Try to drum that into the thick numbskull of those in the govt.

Malaysian Joe said...


You may still find some. As they say, DNA are real hardy stuff... can last for years! Maybe an easier way is to ask Miss Lewinsky for any soiled clothes she may still keep. I think it will fetch a tidy profit at Sotheby.