Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Great! We pay more for fuel!

Is that it?

Sharir says that Govt has ceased petrol subsidies!

Adding salt to injury, he says that the government is making "some money" if fuel is at RM1.92. (ie the already increased price before the lunacy of the government brought the price to RM2.70/liter).

Now see if this statement made any sense.

At present, the cost price of RON97 is below RM1.61, said the minister. This means that consumers are currently paying 39 sen above the actual price.

Shahrir said even after considering the 19 and 12 sen revenue per litre going to the energy companies and kiosk operators respectively - the government can still marginally profit from pump prices at the RM1.92 per litre level.

Moreover, the energy companies and kiosk operators pay the government in the form of taxes.

Now... government realized that they are going to lose revenue from Petronas due to lower prices.. but aren't they saving on subsidies already? How much was it last year? 50+ Billion (or was it RM7bil? The number changes to suit their fancy? Anyway, from my archive of articles I have noted that the reported subsidies were about RM56billion! Anyway... Fine... Fine.. they are paying back in cash to Malaysians this year... how bout next year? So, isn't taking out the burden of 7bil sufficient in covering the shortfall in taxes from Petronas? Why do they want to make profit? Are we going to get better medical facilities? Better universities??? Better schools? Better public transportation??? Didn't they say that by increasing the fuel prices they will give us better public transportation??? Have we seen any improvements??? And this nitwit has the gall to tell us that they now want to make some PROFITS????

Now... get this.. the noted statements in RED! Petrol Kiosk operators are paying in form of taxes... and please read it in conjuction with my article yesterday...

Meanwhile, petroleum dealers said they would feel the pinch with the latest fuel price reduction.

Malaysian Petroleum Dealers’ Association acting president Abdul Wahid Bidin said: “We hope this reduction will be the last. Otherwise, we won’t be able to plan ahead and doing business will be very difficult.”

Why is our dear Sharir trying to "protect" the profits of these folks? I am sure if these people find that the business is not rewarding, some other people would only be too glad to take over. Anyway, who are the operators of the petrol kiosks?

They pay taxes????? You make me laugh Sharir... these are all Sdn Bhds.. and do you know what people do with Sdn Bhd???? Its an entity for individuals to evade taxes... wait.. let me rephrase that, evading tax is an illegal action... MINIMIZE taxes...

So Sharir, tell me... you are helping some mofos to keep their profits at the expense of the rakyats??? Is that it? So, we poor rakyats who earn so much more lesser than these petrol station operators, have to pay higher fuel charges so that these mofos can maintain their "profits" so that they can PAY taxes back to the government???? Can you now provide us rakyat with the amount of taxes paid by ALL the petrol stations in Malaysia???

Are we Malaysians so gullible and stupid to even believe Sharir and all the nonsense he is telling us???


Anonymous said...

Our government is probably the richest in the world, kevin, I have no doubt of that. :-( just look at them... never once they said 'rakyat rugi' but they always say 'kerajaan rugi'.

Calvin Soo KJ said...

i feel like spitting at someone....*ptui!!* arrghhh!!!!