Monday, November 10, 2008

Polis Raja.....ahhhh?

Polis Diraja Malaysia ka.. Polis Raja di Malaysia?

Sure, the fracas at the field in front of Amcorp Mall tells the story....

Looks like they have not learnt... and never will learn that the people they are dealing with are also peace loving Malaysians. Let alone that the excuse you gave was they did not apply for permit... but the question here is did they get unruly?

I am sure someone there has evidence that the police came in while they were singing Negaraku... I thought nobody is suppose to move while the national anthem is being played? If there are evidences showing the police bearing down on the crowd during Negaraku, this must be shown! Otherwise, I will take it that the police has given respect to the national anthem. But, did the situation warrant them to drag and wallop the crowd? Err... according to this news report that there is indeed a video showing that the police bore down on the crowd while Negaraku is being played.. but in the CPO's own words.. "I AM DENYING IT" Show the video! Prove that the CPO is a LIAR!


What more, the FRU has got no respect whatsoever for the national anthem! Watch it for yourself, HERE and HERE.

When I see these sort of showing of force by the police, I really wonder why there are still people blowing up ATM machines... robbers, rapists and murderers walk free when they are sooooo powderful? On top of that, them shifting out their beat from Chow Kit.....

On a separate note.. BOTAK now getting a bit smart.. he claimed he knew nothing of the antics of the Police last night... Eh? He also claimed that he did not sign the papers to arrest RPK under ISA the last time eh? So... he lied?

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cakapaje said...

Salam M Joe,

I dropped in from Cikgu KTN. Perhaps, just as the Monggolian Govt is taking the case to ICJ, so should we Malaysians as time and again, any Police abuse and wrongdoing are played down by the authorities.

Btw, do join our bloggers meet at The Curve, this 29th Nov.