Thursday, November 6, 2008

Euphoria of Obama

With his win in the recently concluded US Presidential elections, many hailed it as a breath of hope. Indeed... the son of an immigrant who married a local is now the Chief Executive of the world's most powerful country. Ironic that many Malaysian leaders from both the divide hailed his victory. I hold no grudges against Obama, but, I think he comes on at the most challenging of times to lead the country and the world.

Interestingly too, the congratulatory message from McCain... who rallied his supporters to back Obama in his speech and called upon his association with Obama, the American which is most valuable and held in the highest esteem. Note that he did not relate Obama as an immigrant (Pendatang) nor as a Black but as an American. McCain being a staunch military man would know that he was well and truly beaten and his discipline held up in his respect for his opponent. I laud McCain for that.

Now... if only those buggers in the Ketuanan Melayu issue will take a leaf out of the events that happened in USA. Mind you, Obama isn't even the 3rd or 4th generation! He is ALL (100%) American. Yet some nincompoops here in Malaysia still regard others as pendatang even though we have been here for more than 3 generations. I wonder if these people know any shame.. while lauding Obama's victory.. wouldn't they at least look themselves in the mirror and question themselves if they have been even half of what McCain is?

Yes, Obama has transcended racism and religion... now... can Malaysia do the same?

Looks like the commentators in Malaysiakini has also commented in the same breath as I have and some has even given a good analogy of how much US has progressed and how much Malaysia has progressed or (regressed) in areas of racialism.


Anonymous said...

That's one thing Malaysia tak boleh! Which is getting rid of the racial card play. :-( Well, at least when the UMNo bastards is still around.

Malaysian Joe said...

All we need is an Obama in Malaysia...