Thursday, November 6, 2008

What are Police for?

A few days back, Botak made another blunder.... laughable?

Yeah.. he talked about the closure of the police beat at Chow Kit was due to fear of criminals and contagious diseases.... As usual, his stupidity earned him loads of "attention".

I forgot where I read the news before but as usual back then I was too busy to write about it and I forgot all about it until today. Malaysiakini carried the news that he has come out to "explain" that he had made a mistake!

A MISTAKE???? Heck! Botak! Seriously if you made a mistake saying what you said, you truly do not deserve to be in the government. Are you telling us that we have MORONS running the country?? I doubt any other idiot out there would give such an excuse to close the police beat down. In the very first place, Chow Kit should by now be a very safe and clean are because of the presence of a "Police Beat" but, I must say, the Police Beat itself is a nest for the transvestites to ply their trade!

Maybe then sir, your fear that your honorable and fearless cops to catch the contagious disease could be true as they could be... no?

Now lets go back to the news report. Did he actually made himself look smart when he apologized for his mistake? Lets read the statement ya?

Asked if he would retract his statement made in Parliament, Syed Hamid replied: "I think I have fixed the mistake. The statement I made was based on a written answer and the officials had given me the wrong information."

Honestly, his answers really had me in stitches! The bolded statement shows that Botak just read the statement without processing the information through his head to find out if it is logical or not!... Maybe it did go through.. just that there were no brain cells left to process the information.

The minister also blamed the media for confusing the public further over the matter.

Now...the best way to not make me look stupid is to blame someone else for it. Yeah! Blame the media for confusing the public by reporting EXACTLY what he said?????? Excuse me?

"Some of the information in the written answer (in Parliament) was right, some of it was wrong.

"The media played a major role in confusing the people by giving the impression that the police are scared of criminals. If they are, then we would all will be in trouble," he said.

Well.. okay... some right and some wrong answers... this shows that those dungus working under you are actually dungus... and you are the BIGGEST dungu for not vetting through the information.. and ahh yes.. reinforce the fact that the media confuse people yet again for reporting EXACTLY what you said....

Hey Botak... I have an idea! Please protect them (the media) because now they are under threat by the police for making them look stupid... May I suggest ISA? Its the best tool to protect the innocent. Right? If you have forgotten, then may I remind you of one Miss Tan Hoon Cheng?

As for the bolded statement, WE ARE ALREADY IN TROUBLE. Look at the rocketing crime rate. Everyday, I hear of people having their vehicle hijacked.. some lady losing their belongings to a snatch thief... and where are the police? Shifting out of crime infested area?



He's a moron who thinks he's smart. Think even the PDRM feel embarrassed by his actions.

Anonymous said...

OMg, that mofos! Who give stupid statement about closing the Chow kit police station in the first place? that moron wud! Why now he's blaming the media for painting bad picture about the force? Stupid feller!

Calvin Soo KJ said...

one of the biggest screw up for him and his cronies. oso kesian the police for having such a bad repo in the public's eye. all thanks to baldy.

Malaysian Joe said...

Wangsamaju, PDRM can voice their displeasure but they did not... and they allowed botak to make them the bad and stupid guys all along. Thanks to Musang.

Clef and Calvin... maybe we just ask the people in his constituency why they even voted this asshole... how much $$$ was dished out? how many undi hantu??

Anonymous said...

Holloween is not over yet... obviously malaysia banyak hantu! Semua hantu raya! LOL... oh, marilah mari, pergi mengundi, jangan lupa kewajipan kita bersama... oooooo(omg, so offtune!)

Malaysian Joe said...

Aiyo.. pls do not ruin that nice song by Zainal Alam... another Penangnite.. a mamak but does not behave like the one that calls others pendatang.