Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Petrol Down Again...

Is it good news? RM2.00/liter?

Ever wondered if this is about the lowest it will go? Sharir says that they will cap the lowest price to RM1.92... remember that?

Now, does this sound like deja-vu?

Meanwhile, petroleum dealers said they would feel the pinch with the latest fuel price reduction.

Malaysian Petroleum Dealers’ Association acting president Abdul Wahid Bidin said: “We hope this reduction will be the last. Otherwise, we won’t be able to plan ahead and doing business will be very difficult.”

And how could they feel the pinch???? hint.. hint... when the price it at its highest... they were reaping huge profits!!!! Now their profits are down due to lower prices! Bloody profit swines! These buggers just want to make huge profits regardless of situation... selfish rent seekers!

I wonder how would the plan and doing business be difficult when in other countries where market price mechanism is in place? They will just have to plan within the context of volatile prices... if they are unable to do that, then they CANNOT be business folks.. Imagine these are the buggers that complain that credit card commission is eating into their profits when prices are up.. now they are freaking complaining when prices go down... And are they the only ones that is having difficulty doing business???? Geez....

So, do you all think that even if crude goes down to USD40/barrel, they will cap the price at RM1.92?

Wait, before that, lets look at how our DPM and soon to be PM spins on government keeping to promises to reduce price...

He said the people would be angry with the Government because prices of goods were still high.

“The Government had kept its promise but traders are not doing their part,” he said.

My my.... my... my... Its the freaking government's fault in the first place that the prices of goods today remain high! What is there to blame the traders??? Remember dear Najib, traders work on demand and supply.. as long as there is demand.. why should they reduce price? The government in their stupidity has allowed the traders this opportunity to increase price. Don't they know that prices of goods are sticky.. it won't go down after it has gone up? Was he just born yesterday????


Anonymous said...

Ah, heck! I really can't help it... come here first before doing work... :-P

Humph! Price down so wud? The price of other goods are still damn high! And guess what? today i went to refill petrol, and I have no idea why the increase of petrol in my tank doesn't make much difference-almost no difference! *gasps* WTF, am I being scammed by the petrol station?

Anonymous said...

Erm.... obviously that feller dunno that this kinda thing is not like people's dick... once go up, sure nid to come down wan.... this kind of thing, once go up... want it to come down ah? tang kuku ahhh!

Malaysian Joe said...

cleffy... 15sen makes a small difference ah.. one tank prolly saves you 1.5 economy rice meals... hmmm... nowadays whre to find economy rice? yestd had one Rm3.50! I think my choice still my roadside mamak.. got one whole drumstick, drinks and veg for RM4/-

fergie said...

LMAO .. Cleff is "in the mood" today. The idiots running the country dun know nuts .. everything at their whim n fancy .. what's the use of lowering petrol price (summor mebbe twice this month??) when they know darn well that the prices of our daily needs are NOT gonna come down. They take us all for fools ah? They no problem mah .. we support them financially .. meanwhile who is supporting us? Geram la!