Monday, November 24, 2008

What else is important?

Anwar's motion on economy rejected.

"I am rejecting the motion to discuss, although it is specific and of public interest, it is not necessarily an immediate concern.

"Already during two different instances - the Trade Minister Muhyiddin Yassin on Oct 30 and the parliamentary committee on Nov 20 - have already dealt with this issue," said Kiandee.

See Kiandee, as long as it is being debated, I am sure the issue has not been dealt with comprehensively, and we are talking about an issue that will plague ALL Malaysians maybe with the exception of cronies.

What else is more important then???

Banning yoga... making tomboyism illegal... snooping on couples rather than catching criminals? Well maybe that is... in Murder is a Lesser Crime than Sodomy.

TIME: How does Islam perceive homosexuality?
Abdul Kadir: Homosexuality is forbidden in Islam.
It is a crime worse than murder.

Wow.... I am speechless. So, blowing a person up with C4 is a lesser crime than playing with another consenting butt?

TIME: What about those who say that people have a right to choose who they want to be with?
Abdul Kadir: What right are you talking about? This is a sin, end of story.

This Kadir fler... playing God? But somehow from this interview, I get the feeling like he is talking pretty much like the Mamak Zam during his interview with Al Jazeera and that Al Botak in his interview with BBC Hardtalk...

TIME: What about gay women?
Abdul Kadir: We have never arrested lesbian women. There are no complaints, maybe because it is difficult to gauge who is a lesbian.

Now, who says Islam does not discriminate women? Maybe they do not understand them enough to not discriminate them.. maybe its an advantage eh?

Now for the jewel in the interview...

TIME: What happens when gay men are arrested?

Abdul Kadir: We charge them in court, but before that we put them through what we call Islamic counseling sessions. They recite the Koran everyday and we will tell them they have committed a grave sin.

TIME: Do these people change?

Abdul Kadir: It is difficult to make them change; it has to come from within. I know there is very little effect. Out of 100 people, only one will change.

TIME: If your approach is not working, then why not abandon it?

Abdul Kadir: No, we have to tell these people they are doing something very wrong in the eyes of Allah [God]. It is a major sin. Gay people think being gay is a fashion.

We can't change them, yet we are doing it.... what he is not telling them is that its money down the drain.

Secondly, these mofos do not have any other ideas to educate the people who are being "fashionable". Don't you think that this interview makes him look.... Utterly STUPID? Any word to describe?


Anonymous said...

As far as I am concern, these people are just picking on women... probably did not screw enough of their 4 wives... needs to feel manly to manage erection... *growl* that explain why they banned tomboys. Look, here... there's a women who went through mastectomy and completely bald because of chemotherapy... she look suspiciously like tomboy... now wud, punish her for looking like one? BULLSHITS!

fergie said...

Hi there Kevin n Cleff .. i say, non-muslims have been told off "do not comment on or interfere in muslim affairs la. Fatwa concerns ONLY muslims so we have to be careful and keep our noses out LOL. As for Anwar's motion denied .. sigh .. when have they ever allowed a motion by the opposition??? What's the point of the opposition attending parliament when they get shot down all the time by people with tunnel vision. Malaysia sure Boleh!!!!!

Malaysian Joe said...


True, it concerns only Muslims... That is why I did not bother commenting... its for the Muslims to comment.. :).


haizzz..... LOL.. 4 wives... I really do not understand... to manage 1 itself is soooo difficult.. 4???

Calvin Soo KJ said...

cant find a word to describe him. i am speechless. undescribable.....
a word could not comprehend the stupidness of this fler, i think a million words also not enuff. i think the reporter from time is laughing at us, being nerdy and all.

Anonymous said...

=.= I have Muslim friends, and some of my family members are Muslim through marriage, etc. Hence, I want to be a loudspeaker, I felt that they are abusing the rights of my family and friends alike.

First off...religious matters are under the King's jurisdiction,and a bill have to be passed before an edict is implemented, is it not? What happened to the King's power, or is it the Fatwa people are saying that they know better than the King, and the King should just shut up when they made an edict that has to be followed like a king's decree before even submitting their plans to the King? This is not just about banning certain things in Malaysia in the name of religion... this is also about the people abusing their so called power to trample the weaker ones and also undermining the power of the sovereign.

Second off, there are non-Muslim who are interested to convert(though I have no idea why they would want to do that in Malaysia). By doing so, by telling the non-Muslims to shut up and mind their own business, interest on the religion would be turn off, and disgust and discrimination would be replaced instead. Isn't this a bad thing? Anyway, that's not how Islam supposed to work. At least, such thing is only happening in Malaysia...'MeMalayukan Orang Islam' and not 'Mengislamkan Orang Melayu'.

4 wives is ancient story. :-P These days, 4 wives, still got a lot of gf and mistress wan la. Siao wan.