Monday, November 3, 2008

Err... Have faith you say?

Now he is pleading for us to have faith in nation's ability?

I thought he said that we were "insulated" from the current crisis? But now he said he cannot deny the fact that we cannot escape the turmoil.

Geez.. isn't he a bit slow?

How can he expect us to have faith? When all they wanted was to pillage the EPF... buy Eurocopters at exhorbitant price? Invest in 13billion Broadband? And while the "incoming PM" conveniently sees his buddy being acquitted of murder of one Mongolian beauty? On top of that, you have a whole entourage of people screaming for the head of PKNS to be of a certain skin color. Have faith you say?

Other countries may just have to contend with economic turmoil.... here in Malaysia, we have to contend not only with the economic turmoil but also judiciary turmoi and racial turmoil. Have faith you say? What plans have you got Abdullah? For us to have faith?

Abdullah we had faith in you in 2004... see what that landed us into... and.. Have faith you say?


TheWhisperer said...

I have more Faith in my dogs than this forked tongue mother-fxxxxr.

Malaysian Joe said...

dogs are very faithful creatures... unfortunately we are equating MIC, Gerakan and MCA to these fine creatures which I think they do not deserve that form of equation.. :)

eugene said...

I dont like Najib, but sad to say UMNO us too strong, and the most detrimental thing a leader can do, is to influence the judiciary, if you know what i mean, man

Anonymous said...

Faith? Wud faith? Come again? Cleffy's faith has long gone on airasia and took a very long vocation in the Dead Sea!

Malaysian Joe said...


Najib is a liability to Umno. And as you have said it, Umno is too strong.. well I think only in BN for now. He has said nor done anything to rally the masses back to BN. His talk about ending NEP is all talk and no substance. Its bad for Malaysia for the next 4 years but I hope by then its not too late to rescue the country. The best Najib can do is to seek a new mandate.. :).

Malaysian Joe said...

Cleffy... I noe its Dec soon.. thinking of holidays on AA? Thai Airways Rm300 to BKK! I think its a good deal!