Thursday, November 27, 2008

A day's silence...

Much as I would like to comment on what is happening in Malaysia, I think I would like to reflect on what is happening around the world today and what Malaysians are doing or are going to do to face the impending doom... if it ever happens.

India is the latest country now be ravaged by terrorism. More than a hundred were killed with scores other injured. Thailand... paralyzed after demonstrators took over the airport. The financial crunch is crippling Europe, America and the world over...

Well, one can say that we do not have any terrorist attacks wut.... well... yeah... but isn't the ease of attacks by these small pockets of militants drive fear into us? As cities grow, the need for security and the cost of it escalates exponentially if we are to ensure that our way of life is not being threatened by this phenomenon. The question is, who is going to bear the cost of it?

An attack on Mumbai is probably just a reminder of how vulnerable these places are. This come after a similar attack in Pakistan... prior to that, Bali, Indonesia. I guess, the question now is.. where are these terrorist going to attack next? How well are we protected against all these?

As if the economic quake is not bad enough, we have to grapple with the fact that there are a group of people who will stop at nothing to inflict more misery upon others regardless of color or creed. Where is the unified voice of the world in denouncing this? Where is the voice of moderates who claim that they form the majority? What would they do to prevent these perverted acts of carnage from happening in the future?

My heart goes out to the families of those perish in Mumbai. Whether its the government that has been unfair does not justify such acts of cowardice. This and other acts of terrorism are nothing more than acts of cowards. Show yourselves if you dare... stand for elections if you dare. Let the people judge you.

While all this is happening, I do hope that the Indian authorities do not conduct another slip shod investigation and point the root of matter to Kashmir militants. That seem to me has been their favourite punching bag all these years.

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Anonymous said...

No one dare to attack Malaysia, because all will get sumbat into ISA first before anyone dare to do anything.

My prayers goes to all the Mumbai victims.