Wednesday, November 26, 2008

No Liquor? No Problem.

It seems that Pakatan is having a problem... Alcohol Ban!

Wow... must be something serious... But on the flipside, I think its a wonderful proposal. For one, if you flip through your newspaper on a daily basis, one can see that there are many licenses issued for the sale of liquor to individuals... I do not think that they cannot sell, but, there must be a place and location to do all these businesses.

How many times you come across a drunkard while having your dinner or supper at a coffee shop? I have... many times... and with kids around, its definitely not a pretty sight. And, is it good for the economy??? Well, making such stuff easily available certainly makes some money for some people.. but at the end of the day... is it good? I think not except for those people that sells and make money out of it.

While I am not a drinker, I do drink occasionally. Not beer but I love a good whiskey or red wine. Certainly I do not like to do this in a coffee shop. A pub or club or bar would be nice but definitely not a coffee shop. So was PAS really wrong in proposing that? I think they have done reasonable homework to come up with this. If we go through the BM version HERE... there are exclusion clauses..

Bagaimanapun, tambah sumber-sumber, semakan semula ini tidak melibatkan premis lain seperti hotel, kelab malam, kedai ubat Cina, pasaraya besar dan jualan oleh pemborong.

To a certain extent, I like that ruling... it makes sense. Bad news for drinkers though... a good rule to help them kick the habit... make the roads safer for all... and with that in mind, I also hope that the state government do something about the Mat Cemerlangs...


cakapaje said...

Salam MJ,

Its about time to curb the menace of alcohol. I personally think that compared to cigarettes, alcohol pose a greater danger. In fact, the US once imposed a ban on it in an era known as 'The Prohibition Period'. The ban was withdrawn due to increasing pressure from the industry and, needless to say, drinkers, where the disease is firmly rooted.

So yes, I stand in agreement with the proposal.

Anonymous said...

Eh? Surprisingly, i really have no objection to this>>>> points to alcohol selling ban at certain places. Like you, Kevin, I also hate to see alcohol being sold easily at kopitiam and stuff, den there are drunkards talking loudly while you're eating at cafe or kopitiam! I kinda applaud this suggestion. They can sell it, but at certain premises. This, I really agree.


Malaysian Joe said...

Many Chinese and Indians would see this as curbing their rights, but, this is more for the people at large than the Chinese or Indians.

Its a good rule, but, to be fair to all, it has to be implemented with the right objectives in mind. That is my advise to PAS. No ban... just curb the sale of liquor from certain places. These ppl after all needs their watering hole to keep their sanity after a hard day's work.

Malaysian Joe said...

Salam Bro,

My thoughts the same. Drinking for leisure and compulsive drinking are two different things. Well, I may be guilty of doing the latter in the earlier part of my life but I was never addicted and being a horrible drinker I am, I was normally KOed before the night is through and I will be sleeping it off and by the time these flers are about to close, I am already sober... then again, its more of places where these spirits are sold.