Friday, May 30, 2008

Chor Chee Heung - You Think We Are Stupid?

Excerpts from Malaysiakini report titled: Chor justifies police action at BMC Clash

Okay, I shall go easy and see where is the issue:

"Deputy Home Minister Chor Chee Heung (BN - Alor Star) explained that the police initially did not interfere with the scuffle between Bandar Mahkota Cheras residents and alleged thugs because they were waiting for back-up."

In event of situation turn bloody are the police going to continue to wait for backup? Chicken?

The few police personnel present were managing traffic and were unable to act due to their numbers.

"They only managed to get the district police chief to send more enforcement to that area. By the time the FRU (Federal Reserve Unit) and police officers showed up, the scuffle had already ended."

Scuffle ended? Why then the FRU surround the car like thugs? I will get to the juicy part later.

"All they could do was to issue warnings and told the crowd to disperse. In the confusion, residents were beaten up by unidentified thugs and they decided to use more force by using a car to knock police officers over."

So, it was all "confusion" that residents decided to use a car to knock down police officers... it was all the thugs fault for causing this confusion. It was also the thugs that caused the FRU officers to be "confused" and started attacking the car maniacally? Why 20 against 4? Why not against the thugs?

"Based on the report given to me from the police, two police officers were hurt - one on the hand and one on the thigh from falling down after being knocked by the said car," he said.

"I did not receive any news or report about police using too much force but I assure you that the police will always act in accordance with the law," he summed up.

Right! Two policemen were hurt one on the hand and another on the thigh.... and it justifies that 20 of your guys hammer the poor fler into ICU?

Chor, we were not there... you are so right. But we hear both news and as well as eye account and funnily it tallies... what does not tally was your report.

Why then would they jubilate when the wall came down and they hoist Kajang CPO in appreciation? When it was only the day before they were so critical of the force? Because he allowed them to tear down the wall? Part of it, but more so that the police then under the eye of MB did the right thing! Maintain order without fear or favour!

So if you ask me who was ill informed..... Mr. Chor - YOU ARE....So do something right for the people for a CHANGE.... STOP BEING A PRICK!


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