Monday, May 19, 2008

Dr. M's last Hurrah

Dr. M showed his hand today when he announced his resignation from UMNO Baru, the party that he formed in the aftermath of 1988. It is ironic that he said this, "He said Umno now was no longer the same party that was formed 62 years ago on May 11, 1946. Then Umno fought for the Malay interests, rights and privileges."

Is he trying to tell us that the UMNO that he formed is the same UMNO of 1946? So is it desperation or genius at work? Is he being forced to play his last ace? Does he have any more aces up his sleeve? Although many will quit UMNO as a result and force Abdullah into calling for another General Election, this may play into BN's hand as they will harp on the insecurity should we "rock" the boat further... would it? Or would we now see fit for the tadpoles to turn to frogs QUICK.. PRONTO!

Dr. M for all he is worth would think that he is sacrificing his Queen for a pawn in order to force a cheqmate. Will Abdullah bite? How will he retaliate? To me, Dr. M has lost a lot of credibility, from Lingamgate right upto yesterday's racial card that he played, I would like to think of it as Dr. M is a sinking ship... but then again its a galleon with hundreds of cannons which will not go down quietly.

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