Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What next?

Many names have been bandied around for the new party to be formed. While Dr. M could be credited for bringing UMNO down in 1988, he was also credited for forming a new UMNO Baru which hoodwinked all into believing that it is the OLD UMNO.

Yesterday he quit the party he formed. I really wonder what he will do next? Form another party? What will he call it? While I wanted to write on this earlier, I found Anil Netto beat me to it here in the name of the party. While Netto says its UMNO Baru Baru, I think Dr. M would be more keen to call it UMNO Terkini, to give it a flavour of authority now commanded by Malaysiakini.

While his S46 nemesis now ally... why I am not surprised! Politics can turn sworn enemies into allies and back to enemies in matter of minutes, swore to stay in UMNO and challenge for Presidency, Dr. M is urging those not in favour of AAB to come out. Like it or not, both their actions cancel out each other, and I would see the winner to remain AAB albeit a much weaker UMNO.

Dr. M will not bow out quietly. Over the next few days things will become clearer as to what is going to happen but ultimately, I think, the longer the nation gets stuck in this situation, the worse its going to be for the people. With escalating prices, food crisis, oil crisis, economic crisis... I would rather have a government that is seriously doing their job rather than playing the blame game and fighting for their political survival.

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cili said...

worse .... even the office ppl are following our leader foot step by playing the blaming game 'sigh'.